This easy DIY snowman wreath tutorial was submitted by Peggy Bond. Don’t forget to watch her two videos at the end of this post for more details. You can also follow Grillo Designs on Instagram keep up with our latest posts and ideas.

easy- diy-Snowman- Wreath

Materials used to make this snowman wreath:

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For eyes

easy- diy-Snowman- Wreath

How to make a snowman wreath:

I painted the eyes first so that they could dry.

I drew a carrot out of felt, sewed together and then stuffed. I then set this aside.

I took 2 wreath forms and put the smaller one inside the larger one then zip tied on 4 sides so they were tight.

easy- diy-Snowman- Wreath

I cut the mesh into 9 or 10 inch pieces. I did one roll at a time. When done cutting I took one piece and lay flat in front of me. I gathered in the center by walking my finger up from bottom. I used the pipe cleaner to tie and attach to form

I started and went around in a circle on out side first then worked my way in. I attached face and hat with hot glue gun.

I’m sorry but I drew the mouth and cut it out, without using a pattern. You can decorate the hat any way you want and attach with glue.

Tada done!


Peggy Bond!

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See below for video tutorial! This is part one.

Watch part two below!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about anything

-Peggy Bond

How to make a cute deco mesh snowman /grillo designs






Creative snowmen



easy-diy-pumpkin -wreath



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  1. Robin Bennett

    The video stops as she is getting ready to attach the mesh!!!!!!!!! On which rows? How many? HELP!?!?!?!??!?!
    [email protected]

  2. Rose Ann

    The first video did not show how or where to attached the netting to the wreath form, and the second one picked up at the hat.

  3. Are you attaching the mesh sideways and how many to a section

  4. Charlene Souza

    Hi Peggy having trouble with part of your video on the Snow Man Wreath can you send me the instructions, I would really appreciate it I just love it.

    Thank You

  5. What size hat and where can I get one

  6. Joyce leonard

    Hi Peggy, could you email me the instructions for the snowman… I can’t find the video & I love it!!!

  7. Just saw this today on Facebook but the part one of the video is missing. Can you please post again or send to my email at [email protected]. I’d love to make this for Christmas this year. Thanks!! Love the snowman. He’s adorable.

  8. Hi Peggy, this is awesome. I was watching part 1 and it ended as you were tying the mesh with a pipe cleaner. The 2nd part begins with you decorating the completed wreath. How did you attach the mesh to the wreath form ? Do you have another video or could you send me the instructions, please? I want to make this for my classroom door.
    Thank you,

  9. Karen Hill

    Hi Peggy, Ready to make this lovely wreath however part one does not show how to place white “stuff”. Would you please email me? Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful wreath!

  10. I was looking for your dress form tree tutorial and this came up. Although it is cute, not what I was looking for Where Id the tutorial located? Thanks

  11. Hi Peggy,
    This is the cutest wreath. I bought everything to make it and am ready to start. I watched your video and it ended when you were cutting the mesh into 10″ squares. The 2nd part of your video picked up with you already done with the mesh and working on the hat. I didn’t see how you attached the mesh to the wire and where to begin. Can you please email it to me? I checked youtube and same thing. Thank you. Can’t wait to make this wreath.

  12. Toni

    Love your video and thanks so much for sharing it! Can anyone tell me where you found the foam hat? I can’t find them ?

    1. pEGGY bought it from hobby lobby 🙂

  13. Amelia

    Love love your snowman. Where did you find the Styrofoam hat? Great job

    1. Peggy found it at hobby lobby

  14. Marianne Swenson

    Do you skip any rows putting on the mesh? Your first video is missing this info. Your snowman is truly the best. Thanks in advance. I can’t find another way to contact you

    1. Sorry Im not sure why the first video is missing, Ill ask peggy

  15. I can’t get the first video to show up and have been trying for over a week. Any suggestions?

    1. Im not sure why its missing, but ill ask Peggy 🙂

  16. Nandini

    Thanks Peggy, I just finished making one for work. I found organza ribbon 6″ wide that were just a dollar so I used that , 3 rolls and it looks great. I just sewed on buttons for the eyes.

  17. Brandi Waldman

    What happened to part one of the video? It was here the other day now it says it’s unavailable! ?

    1. I’m going to chase this up with peggy, sorry about this!

  18. Lisa Phillips

    On the snowman wreath made by Mrs. Peggy, is there anyway she can estimate how many “bows” for lack of a better word, was put on the outer ring of the form??? I think I’m trying to put too many because I almost finished with the first roll of mesh and had barely gotten finished with the second section. Is there a magical number per section??? Thanks so much for your help.
    Lisa Phillips.

  19. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the video! I love the snowman and plan on making it.

  20. This looks like a great DIY to do with the kids 🙂 Thanks Peggy 🙂 (And Medina- having fun browsing all the tutorials on this site- I love finding other DIY bloggers 🙂 )

    1. Glad you are enjoying the site 🙂

  21. Peggy– I can’t seem to decide on what size hat you used for the snowman. Hobby Lobby has various sizes online as do other sites. Did you use craft foam or felt for the hat. What size did you use. About how many inches in total is the edge of the left side of brim to the edge of the right side of the brim?

  22. Wendy

    Did anyone ever find a template for the nose and mouth?

  23. Betty

    Peggy Bond THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this wonderful and beautiful showman project. I have been looking for a year now for the supplies and finally have everything I need. I will be making it this year thanks to your kindness in showing us a video. Having a rough time with the shape of the nose and mouth and wish you had a pattern to share as at 80 I don’t think I will ever be a drawer. Guess I will make it work somehow. Do you have any other projects that you are willing to share. As I see that you said that you were giving lessons somewhere.

    I know some people are nasty and hurt your feelings.. . .but I for one appreciate your kindness and talent.

  24. Peggy,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to do the video on the snowman wreath. It was very easy to follow. You made a hero out of me when I delivered one each to my two daughters.
    You made me and my family very happy.
    God bless you and your family!
    Merry Christmas Peggy!

  25. Natalie

    Thank you for sharing your snowman with us, I hope I can make mine look like yours!
    It was very helpful to me!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  26. Patti

    Thanks for the idea! Four of us made one this weekend. It took about 6 hours. Over two days. Phew! Came out very cute! Made them using 18 and 12 inch frames. Saw your video after I bought supplies. That may be why it took a little longer. Although cutting the mesh and twisting the pipe cleaners took a while as well.

  27. Cindy

    Peggy bond YOU ROCK!!!! I just watched your video on the snowman wreath and can’t wait to make it! Thanks so much for making the video …… much easier to see it put together. Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing more projects. The snowman wreath is breathtakingly beautiful!


    Hi Peggy this snowman looked so great. So I just finished making one today.
    Thanks for the directions. It worked out so easy.I love it. You did a really great job in
    showing us how easy it is to make.

    1. Debbie Jolly

      Could someone please provide the measurements for the mouth and nose? Making one this week.

  29. charlene

    Hi Peggy. this snowman wreath is adorable!! Is there a possibility to get patterns for your nose and mouth that you made!. Love the way that you made them

  30. Dawn

    How long is the mouth? Have an artist friend that would do much better than me but don’t know how big to make it…..thx!


  31. Love this snowman wreath!! Made one myself

  32. Anne McCormack

    Just want to say THANK YOU…he is gorgeous….

  33. Mary Matty

    Peggy great job!! Just love it!!!

  34. Cindy

    Zip ties can also be found at Hobby Lobby in the craft section by the doll houses.
    You now have one stop for everything! I enjoyed your tutorials , thank you for your time doing this for us. I hope to make one real soon.

  35. janelle

    I made the snowman n turned out wonderful. Question…Did u cut out the mouth with sizzors? It’s real rough. or maybe that doesn’t really matter. I tryed a razor but that did make it a little smoother but dangerous. Any suggestions?

    1. Peggy Bond

      Thick poster board can be lightly sanded on edges. Will smooth out.

  36. Elizabeth Lacumsky

    when putting the mesh on the wire do you connect the top 2 wires or one wire, this is so beautiful can’t wait to start mine thanks so much 🙂

  37. Kim

    Peggy loved it I was afraid to do one but now I am not thanks

  38. Janet

    I also wanted to know what size the hat is. I can only fine 5 inch hats. This is turning out harder that I expected.

  39. Janet

    Is there any possible way to have a copy of the mouth sent or posted to be printed out. I can not get the mouth correct.

  40. Sherry short

    More info on the eyes! What did you use markers or paint pens??

    1. Kim Skattebo

      I used a foam board…..much easier than painting

  41. Stacy

    What is the stuff Peggy used on the snowman hat / carrot that looks like snow?

  42. Heather

    Is there a trick to painting the eyes? I do not have very steady hands, so the easiest way possible would be greatly appreciated

    1. Peggy

      Just one wire.

  43. Mary

    About how much does it cost to make a snowman wreath?

    1. Hi Mary the cost will vary depending where you are but there arent a lot of materials needed for this project.. apart from the mesh, pipe cleaners and wreath forms 🙂

    2. Wendy

      Mary, I went to Hobby Lobby this evening and purchased 2 wreath forms, 1 piece of orange felt, pipe cleaners, and a foam hat. I purchased 21 inch deco mesh because they didn’t have 10 inch in the Christmas section and Christmas items were 40% off. I spent less than 25.00. I still have to get a few more things but I figured I’d make sure I did the other first, lol.

  44. Gracie Lanzillotti

    Love your designs please keep them coming.

  45. Janice Hines

    These are all so wonderful, thank you for shairing!

  46. Shehila

    what size of wreaths did you use?

    1. Misty

      She tells you in the video above 🙂

  47. karen

    Hi Peggy, question for you. I finished the outside ring, skipped one, started the second ring. I can see the green wreath form inbetween. Will that fill in as you continue or maybe it needs more mesh? I have 10 pieces each section on the first ring. Thank you

    1. Eva

      Did you finish your wreath? Can you still see the green?

  48. karen

    Awesome tutorial, I just did the first ring tonight. Hope I can find a hat. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  49. Monica

    What are dimensions of completed snowman wreath please?

    Thank you,

  50. Kristen Lewis

    Thank you so much for posting the videos for the snowman wreath! I finished one today and I’m in love!

  51. Sharon

    Peggy, I am so excited to get started making this adorable wreath! I loved the videos! I belong to an auxiliary that raises money to send kids that have been burned to a special camp, each campership is $750 and we send 3-4 kids every summer, so I will make them for the auction. Which size wood ovals did you use? There are so many. Thank you sooo much for this adorable project. I have signed up for your newsletter and can’t wait for them to be posted. Maybe there will be more projects to be made for the auction.

  52. Lisa Badeau

    Yesterday, 5 of us made this wreath. They came out awesome!!! Thank you for the instructions.

  53. Christine

    I just made this snowman… my mesh at Michaels…..35 feet on each roll & I did use all of the rolls. I found HUGE wiggily eyes at Michaels & used them. I found a black felt hat at Target in the $ section. I didn’t use a bow on the hat & it looks fine. I gloed the nose together & then stuffed it. I used 3 round circles cut from heavy card stock for the mouth….to look like coal I have used Aleene’s Super thick Tacky Glue in a jar for many projects & it worked fine for glueing the nose together. After I was done I put some LED (bright white….took the caps off) lights into the back. I really wish I could upload a picture….he looks so cool !.

  54. Elizabeth

    I love this. I wish I had seen this when I was doing my decor this year. My theme this year happens to be snowmen and snowflakes, but I will keep this for next year.

  55. Laura

    Thank you so much for the wonderful wreath idea. I had a couple of friends over last night and we had a blast making this adorable snow man. I wish I could post a picture of ours.. Thank you again ❤?

  56. Karen

    Please, please tell me where to find the white deco mesh…we have checked everywhere.

    1. Peggy Bond

      Unfortunately they are sold out everywhere.

      1. Barbara

        I found some at Walmart in the Christmas isle. 36 ft decorative fabric comes in 2 roll packs. I’m just starting on the wreath so I’ll have to see if this works the same.

  57. JoAnna Pacilio

    Hi Peggy,

    The wreath is so cute and is just what I’m looking for! Have you ever thought about selling them? I am very interested and would love to buy one!! If not I will just have to get the supplies and watch your videos 🙂

    Happy Holidays !

  58. Lisa

    I started making this but not sure on how many you tie per section? Do you fill it tight from one point to the other then go to the next section etc. If so I think the 3 rolls won’t be enough? Or do I put a few in each section then skip down two rows?! Also do I tie pipe cleaner around the two wire rings in rows or just very top (single) rows. Hope I’ve explained it, sorry a little confused. Love this!!!

  59. Jerri

    Your wreath is beautiful. I truly appreciate you doing the tutorial. I will be making this in the future. Please don’t get discourage, I would love you to share other great ideas. Thank you again.

  60. Anne-Marie

    Well done. This is awesome..working on it now. Can’t wait until it is finished. Your instructions are easy to follow. Thanks so much!!

  61. Kay

    I just made this wreath for my 88 year old Mother who lives in an assisted living facility. It turned out really good and Mom and her friends love Mr Snowman. Thanks

  62. Brenda

    How many bags of pipe cleaners did you use??

    1. Peggy Bond

      I buy a jumbo bag.

      1. Deb L

        What kind of glue did you use for the nose? Thanks

      2. Anita R

        Dollar Tree has zip ties. Thanks again for sharing!!

  63. Amy

    I love this! What a lovely wreath! Thank you for sharing this.

  64. Mandy

    I cant find the deco mesh 10 inch any where here. There is a ton of tulle but no 10 inch deco. I have seen the 21 inch kind but ive seen people say it freys. Can u use tull in place of the mesh or no. Any other ideas? Thanls for the pattern its the cuttest thing ever

    1. Jocelyn

      I used the 21 “. I found a video on YouTube showing you how to use it. Basically you cut your 10” piece then fold the cut ends in so they meet. Then fold the entire piece in half, then at the half way mark again…is where you scrunch the piece together and attach you pipe cleaner. Hope this makes sense. 🙂 (look on youtube for inscructions)

      1. Mandy

        Thank u im trying it now

    2. Marci

      I found it at Big Lots.

    3. Kelli

      Yes it does fray wish I would of known this before I did mine!!!

  65. Will it stop fraying? I had to get 21 inch roll and 18″ & 12″ rings. Figured he would just be bigger. Now scared that I wasted money and about to waste this time doing it wrong. ?

    1. Peggy Bond

      When you cut down 21 inch it frays bad, I’ve never done so can’t really tell you if it will work,. I wish you luck.

      1. Debbie

        When I watched your instruction video it ended just as you started to decorate the snowman’s hat, where can I view the whole video?

        1. Debbie

          Never mind found it, thank you for sharing such a wonderful wreath! I love it.

      2. Lisa

        Where did you by the top hats?

    2. Jocelyn

      I could only find the 12 inch ring, I then purchased “stem wire ” to make a X in the middle of the wire wreath. I used the stem wire to attach my pieces too. 🙂

    3. Sheila

      Dont cut 21 inch down middle, roll it up like 10 inch, then double that,

    4. Anne-Marie

      Better to fold the 21″, cutting it will give you another raw edge and will continue to fray. Found that out the hard way. If you check Trendy Tree website, they show you how to use the 21″ to make a ruffle wreath.

  66. Trisha Sanner

    I’m going to make him.. It looks easy enough.. love snowmen.

  67. Angel

    Can I use a 6 inch and a 12 inch wreath ? I can’t find a 8 inch .. Thank you .

    1. Peggy Bond

      Yes use whatever you can find!

  68. Neena

    Anyone know if her Deco mesh had a sparkle to it. It seemed to shine. I like that look and most of the deco mesh I’ve seen is flat white. Thanks

    1. Peggy Bond

      Yes, it had a sparkle, but at this point, if you can find any 10 inch I’d use it..

      1. ginger

        Spray face when done with glitter glue for shine before adding eyes/nose/mouth. never know the difference.

  69. Cindy

    Thanks for taking the time to share this cute snowman. Very creative

  70. Donna

    I cannot find the deco mesh in 10″ size…only 20″ and then I end up having to cut it and it frays really bad, making a big mess. Any suggestions as to where to find the 10″ rolls? I”ve checked at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnnes…no luck. Thank you. Love the snowman!

    1. Peggy Bond

      I’m sorry, but because he went viral, it seems to be sold out everywhere. I wish I could help.

      1. Mandy

        I cant find the ten inch deco mesh anywhere can u use tule or something else?

        1. Megan S

          I couldn’t find 10″ deco mesh, but I was able to find 12″ iridescent white decomesh at Michaels. I am currently making the wreath right now (taking a break right now…lol) and the 12″ seems to be working pretty well. I just cant get it to stop fraying as I bunch it up.

    2. Stacy Ellis

      I use They still have the plain white, but the snowflake white is much prettier.

    3. I got mine at walmart

      1. The mesh at walmart

  71. Thelene

    I love the Snowman wreath! Thank you for sharing and the tutorial. I have no issues with it. Have purchased all of my supplies except the 10″ deco mesh. I can’t find it anywhere. Had my husband go 20 miles out of the way to a 2nd Hobby Lobby where they said they would hold 3 of the 10″ rolls. When he got there they were the 21″ rolls and they told him to have me cut them in half. I told him no, they would fray. Can’t find them online either. Suggestions?? Thanks!

    1. Anita R

      I used the 5 1/2 and it seems to be working great!

      1. Joanne

        With using the 5″ do you still cut 10 inch pieces?

  72. susie

    I love the wreath, I have to make 2 for my daughters, started one just having trouble with making the nose and doing the eyes, any chance of posting a way of getting the pattern for the eyes and nose to look like yours? Thanks!

  73. Joanne Martin

    Hi Peggy,
    Could you please get in touch with me? I really want to chat with you about your amazing wreath. I have left you my e-mail address above. Thx so much. Joanne Martin.

    1. Peggy Bond

      Hi Joanne, I can see no email left.

  74. DeeAnna Fox

    Thank you so much. I’m all about doing crafty presents this year and this is so darn cute. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday!!

  75. Rita watrach


    1. katie

      i used pipe cleaners and made a cross (more like a target) in the middle of the frame. make sure it’s tight. then used more pipe cleaners along the sections of the cross to attach the mesh to

    2. Darlene

      A suggestion for the center- I had used a cookie cooling rack in my center (2/$! Dollar Tree) I used pipe cleaners to attach it. It worked out great. Saw the idea on another tutorial where someone made a snowman

      1. Peggy Bond

        Great idea.

  76. Is there a reason you start on the outside ring and not in the center?

    1. Anne-Marie

      Wrapping from the outside in gives you better indication of exactly how much fill you have to do in the center of the wreath. I bulked up the outside and next row in, as Peggy illustrated, and by the time I got to the middle, I only had to add 4-5 pieces.

  77. Dee

    Thank you very much for taking the time to share the awesome videos and instructions regarding how you made your snowman wreath, Peggy. I greatly appreciate the selfless giving of your time & energy in order to share your design with others. It is adorable & I am excited to get started on making one! Thank you for inspiring me. Blessings, Dee

  78. Krista

    Thank you so much!! The video helped a ton! Going to get my supplies today and getting started! My house is Snowman themed! He is gonna make a great addition, I may even make him a girl?

  79. Roganna

    Thank you so much for the demo, I can’t wait to make mine!

  80. Shannon Keefe

    Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I am not crafty at all, but have followed your instructions and am well on my way to finishing. Can’t wait to make a few for family and friends!!!!

  81. Kelley

    I was just wondering if I was to just buy the mesh fro the fabric store (off the bolt) about how many yards would I need?

    1. Felicia

      She said 3 10″×30′ rolls so you need 90 feet.

    2. Peggy Bond

      That’s tulle not deco mesh.

      1. Pam

        How do you keep the mesh from fraying apart? Do you recommend spraying adhesive on it before adding the eyes etc? As I’m putting mine together I find a need to keep trimming the treads that are “unweaving”. Thanks!

        1. Peggy Bond

          It will stop doing that when your done no need to do anything to it. It will be fine

  82. Wow such a clever idea. My family would adore to have one of these to hang. Thanks for linking up with #CreateMakeShare.

  83. I see the material cost is around $25. How much do you sell them for?

      1. Rita watrach

        Grill designs, I can’t find the 8 inch frame at any craft store or nursery, do you know where else I could look? Maybe online?

        1. Donna

          Had to order mine online …No one had them

        2. Paige

          I’ve read that you can use foam tubing from home improvement stores in place of wreath forms, and that it’s puch cheaper. Just duct tape the ends together. Or you could use a pool noodle and cut it to size.

  84. Lisa Jenrette

    Thank you for the great video. The only question I have is about how long is your nose template? I don’t sew, but did you make two pieces of your template and sew them together or did you make one and sew that? Do you have approximate dimensions for the template? Thank you so much. I just don’t want a nose that is too short.


    1. Lisa Jenrette

      I watched the video for a third time and did see the dimensions. I’m so sorry to bother you.

  85. Diane

    Thank you for sharing your creative snowman wreath idea and taking the time to re-create the video … I thought you explained it well and can’t wait to purchase the supplies and get started making one for myself – Happy Holidays and, again, thank you for sharing!

  86. Betty

    Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing. As a SS it is hard to take classes when our funds are limited. Too bad others don’t appreciate your thoughtfulness in sharing your talents. .

    The video is AWESOME! I am a visual person and the video sure helped. I will be making this with my grandchildren.. I hope I will be able to find more of your ideas and projects.. Do you have a website?.

    1. Peggy Bond

      You are soo welcome. I enjoy creating things.

      1. Kristi

        Do you have a printable pattern for your snowman mouth

  87. Carrie

    Love this Snowman Wreath. Thanks for the instructions. One question…do you finish the back of the wreath at all or are all the pipe cleaners left exposed?

    1. Peggy Bond

      Just leave them.

  88. Thsnks so much for posting! I am NOT handy but definately have to try this…he is so cute. I am in the Midwest and cannot get the white deco mesh. It is white metallic…I think that should b ok…next…can only get the deco meshin 5.5 , all u DIY ‘s. ..should I cut it still in the 9 ,10 inches? Thanks for your input in advance!!!

    1. One more ? Is it poly deco mesh? Sorry I am anal I need it spelled out for me!! Lol t u

      1. What color white did u use…I am looking to order it online, can’t get it here

        1. Peggy Bond

          You can do any whit, I think this was white metallic

    2. Peggy Bond

      It it poly, yes what ever the size make your pieces 10 inches.

      1. Paula

        I LOVE your wreath and your instructions are wonderful!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us – I greatly appreciate it and can’t wait to make one!!! (When my family sees it – there may be more than one made!!!) Merry Christmas!!!

  89. Whitney

    How many pieces of mesh per section on the outside of the wreath did y’all do? 6? 10? 13?

    1. Peggy Bond

      At least one whole roll

  90. Patricia Bryant

    I’m having trouble finding 10′ mesh. I can find 21″ easily. Is it possible to use the 21′ and cut it in half lengthwise and get the same effect.

    1. Peggy Bond

      The proble with cutting down 21 in is it frays very badly, have you tried to order online?

      1. Patricia

        Thank you Peggy for responding to my first email about cutting the mesh in half. Luckily I found the 10in at another hobby lobby. I am not crafty at all but have gotten most of him done. I’m now trying to do his face. I like several others would like more detail on your patter for nose and mouth. Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed working on this

  91. Teresa

    Thank you so much for your step by step video. It was very informative, I am a show me person so that helps me a lot. Hope to make these for my family. I know they will love them.

  92. Helpful info. Lucky me I found your site by chance, and I’m stunned why this coincidence didn’t happened in advance! I bookmarked it.|

  93. Kathie

    Where did you find the black hat?

    1. Please watch the video – all the answers are in there.

      1. Sara

        Not everyone has Wi-Fi access to watch the video with.

        1. Renée Adili

          I cut the 21″ with a serated bread knife. All is good! 🙂
          Hat is @ hobby lobby, $4.99 – 50% today

        2. Tami

          Try a consignment store.

    2. I got it at a Hobby Lobby where they have different hats not in the Xmas stuff. Where are you getting the 10in white deco mesh….I have been every where in S. California and can not get it.

      1. Rita watrach

        Pam Dotson, I found mine in the floral section at hobby lobby, they have all colors there including the white I bought has irredescent running through it, and I just started working on it and it’s beautiful, they also have a gingerbread color I think I’m going to make a gingerbread wreath next,, got the wreath wire there too

      2. Rita watrach

        Pam hope you found the deco mesh where I told you….I found it in their floral section, not by the fabric…but when I bought the wire frames I bout what I thought was the 8 and 12 but it was 12 and 16, so now I’m having trouble finding the 8 inch ? But it is very pretty so far…

  94. Susie

    THANK YOU the video was very helpful

  95. Louise

    He is so stinkin’ cute! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  96. Lois

    I just love this wreath!! You did a great job making the explained it step by step very clearly!! The question I have is have you ever added lights, the type that are very small.

    1. Peggy Bond

      I have just use pipe cleaner to attach batteries to back.

      1. Kari Hill

        How many lights did you add to your wreath?

        1. Kari Hill

          And did you add it on as you are putting on the deco mesh or after you were done?

  97. janet

    do you have the pattern od the face .We can print out

    1. I think Peggy has shared quite a lot in the video for free considering she usually charges for her classes. There is no righter wrong to drawing this face – just imagination 🙂

  98. Tonya

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to show us in your tutorial video you’ve made, also for your hubby (I’m assuming) that recorded it. You did a great job explaining everything, if only some people would watch and listen to what you say in the video they wouldn’t be so quick to jump at you or ask stupid questions that you’ve clearly explained already. Just because you didn’t say “attach the nose….” in a specific way alone, you did state that you hot glued the FACE on and I would imagine that includes the nose, after all it is a part of the FACE. SMH, some people…..anyway, I love this snowman and plan to make a few of them (one for myself of course). Would love to see some of your other projects that you make, your very talented. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  99. Mitch

    How much total cost is in this? Do you have the nose and mouth patterns so we can print out?

    1. Peggy Bond

      I’m Serra I free handed the nose and mouth, it cost about 25.00 to make.

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    1. Karen Britland


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    1. Linda please watch both videos and you will be able to answer all your above questions. Thank you

      Grillo Designs

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    1. Jeanette

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      1. Sheri Weeks

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    1. Peggy Bond

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    1. Peggy Bond

      Skip to 3r row. It really doesn’t matter , just fill in to make him full. Have fun!!

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    1. Peggy Bond

      I have don that before. But thank you.

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    1. Hi Karen,

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    2. Peggy Bond

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      1. Mellissa

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    1. Peggy Bond

      Hobby lobby and in home. Southern Ca!

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    1. Monika

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  168. Peggy Bond

    For everyone that has liked this little guy Thank you, that’s what this wonderful site is for. Have a blessed Thanksgiving week!

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      1. Peggy Bond

        Hi Anita, I bought everything at Hobby Lobby. I hope you can find everything you need.

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    1. They gave classes that teach you to make wreaths, the cost is around 40 dollars, maybe you can look around and find one.

  172. Monica Tucker

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