3 Clever Ways To Use The IKEA STOLTHET Around Your Home!

Run, don’t walk to your nearest IKEA store…


Sharing 3 alternative creative ways you can use the IKEA STOLTHET chopping board around your home! 


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Run, don’t walk to your nearest IKEA store…

Because this new IKEA product, the STOLTHET,  is definitely worth the visit! It’s meant to be a chopping board (although, I have serious doubts about how safe it would be for someone as clumsy as myself to chop anything on a raised non slip surface) , but like most things designed by IKEA, it can be used in so many different ways.



I love how IKEA products allow you to reimagine how something can be used to match your style, your home and your needs. I think the STOLTHET has the potential to be as iconic as the ORDNING utensil holder or BILLY bookcase, which people have used in countless ways!!

Side note: Can you tell I’m a FAN? I’ve been singing IKEA’s praises since the day I started this blog. You can check out some of my previous IKEA content here

This is going to be a shorter than usual post but I haven’t seen anyone else use the STOLTHET as a bookend and you know how quickly things move on the internet these days, so I wanted to make sure you all knew that I Medina Grillo, did it first…. (and I don’t usually like to blow my trumpet quite so much but my TikTok just racked up over 7 million views, you can watch it here)


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It’s actually really effective and I personally think it looks great! 

I’m the kind of person who loves to have books by my bed but the mess of piling them up, can be annoying. With the IKEA STOLTHET you can just flip it and you have yourself an instant bookstand! You can paint it, or stain it depending on the look you’re  going for.


ikea stolthet styled upside down on a bedside table as bookends. 6 books nestle in perfectly and a vintage style lighting fixture hangs low on a half painted black wall


It can even be styled  on a bookshelf – just think bookends! There is truly nothing more frustrating then books toppling over on your shelf when you place them upright! 


ikea stolthet styled as bookends on a cubed shelving unit, with a green spider plant on the shelf above





The styling options are endless here – especially in the kitchen. So let’s look at a few set ups.

This is one set  up in my kitchen – for a Hot Chocolate corner. I used a mini drawer from eBay to add in some extra storage. You can buy similar from here. And if you’re wondering what that bronze gadget is. . .  its a velvetier! Literally one of my favourite things to use in the kitchen right now. It makes the most delicious tasting hot chocolate.


ikea stolthet used as a stand for a coffee/hot chocolate corner with the hotel chocolat velvetiser in copper in a white and wood kitchen


Also here is the STOLTHET styled near my cooker. I think it’s makes a lot of  sense  to have the things you use often all grouped together like this. The elevation of the chopping board just adds to the overall look and Interest.

ikea stolthet styled as a stand for kitchen utensils and condiments, next to the cooker



Umm… I’m not quite sure why this works so well , but it just does!

You can use this to give your laptop at little more height, making working away at your desk (or dining table or kitchen) more ergonomic,  OR  you can place your monitor directly on top, and your keyboard just under.


Ikea stolthet chopping board placed on a dining table and used as a laptop stand.



So… are you convinced yet? Is this not worth a trip to your local IKEA? ( I mean personally I feel like the meatballs alone are worth it – but picking this up is an added bonus)

If you’ve bought the IKEA STOLTHET already – and have any other ideas of how it can be used! Drop them below!



Pinterest image titled 3 creative ways to use the Ikea stolthet chopping board



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