How To Make A Flower Deco Mesh Wreath

This is my deco mesh flower wreath that I have been working on perfecting for over a year. You can play around with any colors that you like. They always turn out beautiful! This wreath is perfect for Fall! I hope you enjoy it and can always visit my Etsy store A Noble Touch to see more of my wreaths


A step by step guide on how to make a gorgeous autumnal flower deco mesh wreath . Video tutorial also included. 

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Hi everyone. It’s Michelle from A Noble Touch!

This is my deco mesh flower wreath that I have been working on perfecting for over a year. You can play around with any colors that you like. They always turn out beautiful! This wreath is perfect for Fall! I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to visit my Etsy store A Noble Touch to see more and/or purchase any of my wreaths!

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Materials used:

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How to to make a deco mesh flower wreath:

Deco- Mesh -wreath-supplies

STEP 1: Paint your foam center using your desired color.  Attach the glass gems with hot glue.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath
deco mesh flower wreath center

STEP 2: If you are using 21″ mesh, cut every 10″ and then cut in half at 10.5″. If you are using 10″ mesh, just cut every 10″. You will need 12 10″ Green/gold, 6 10″ Brown, 18 10″ Burgundy, 18 10″ Orange/Gold, & 36 10″ Ombre cuts for a total of 90 pieces of mesh.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

STEP 3: Fold mesh from corner to corner, pinch together in the middle and fold up, so they have a petal look to them. Then take second piece of mesh, fold corner to corner, pinch at middle, twist and fold over itself. Insert first fold into second fold and attach with a pipe cleaner.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Then attach the green/gold to the outer ring of each of the six sections on the wreath frame.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

STEP 4: On each of the six sections, second rung in, attach the burgundy and ombre petals together and attach to frame.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

STEP 5: On each of the 6 sections, third rung in, attach the orange/gold and burgundy petals together and attach to frame.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

STEP 6: Attach the orange/gold and brown petals together and attach in between each section on the second ring from the outside.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Then attach the burgundy and orange/gold petals in between each section on the last ring to the inside of the frame.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath
almost completed deco mesh flower wreath

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

STEP 7: Now that all the outer petals are in place, attach your center to the grid, using hot glue. Then turn over and cut some of the florist wire into about 1 1/2″ lengths and then fold and attach to the back of the grid into the back of your foam center to better secure it into place.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Step 8: Using your ombre mesh, do a single twist fold and attach closely to the center of your flower all around it. This usually takes 30 individual petals.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

Trim your mesh that might be frayed and you can spray with an adhesive to help it from shedding.

Flower- Deco- Mesh -Wreath

And thats the completed deco mesh flower wreath. I’ve also got a video tutorial for a similar wreath that you can watch below from my youtube channel

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By Michelle Noble (A Noble Touch)



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  1. Your wreaths are beautiful.
    I’m using the same brand of mesh as the 10” size.
    It frays a lot, like everywhere.
    Is there a certain brand that doesn’t fray so much?

  2. I love your work. My problem is how do you avoid rhe deco mesh from raveling. (Im not sure I’m using the proper term) but it shreads on the ends. (if I’m making any sense)

  3. I’m always wanting to learn new ideas and this flower wreath is so beautiful. I will be trying it out thank you for demastrating how to make it.

    1. I’d like to know this too… also when you are making the petals I’m not getting this right cause you don’t so fast are you actually twisting the mesh once ?

  4. Hi, As I read throught on how to make the flower wreath did I miss the directions on when add the center part that you zip tried to the center. The read was easy to understand but justhe miss read or missed that instruction. Thank you for your help

  5. What an awesome tutorial. I really like how the wreath looks. Definitely on my to-make list now! Going to share this to my blog audience as they love seeing new tutorials like this one. 🙂

  6. I made a flower wreath (my first flower ever) over the weekend for my aunt to give as a Christmas gift. Your tutorial was amazing. My wreath looks great! So clever… I already have requests for more! Thank you & have a merry Christmas!!

  7. My center is so heavy after adding the glass gems. Have you ever had it fall off from the weight even with the wire and hot glue?

  8. Could I make the center petals smaller and still get the same effect I want the ring right around the center to be darker than the other petals and smaller like a real flower often has. I do not know how I would go about doing this though. This tutorial made my day I want to make a sunflower one for my fiancé for our new place since sunflowers are his favorite.

    1. Yes. Add another piece of mesh or two? in the darker color, cut a third smaller than the original measurement calls for. Incorporate dark color into the sections you tie onto the last ring, working the darker color to the front, next to center.

  9. I was wondering if I double the size of the wreath, which means doubling the number of squares I cut of each color, will I have to buy more than one roll of any other than the ombré? I know I’m going to need at least 2 rolls of the ombré. In other words, how many squares can you get from one roll of mesh?

  10. I’m making the flower wreath with the deco mesh ribbon. Last night I hot glued all my glass stones to the foam but when I woke up they were falling off. Who do you keep them on? Also, I started using e6000 glue but it’s eating away the foam and now I think I ruined my center.

    1. Same thing happened to me ? I decide to just cover the styrofoam with dark brown burlap (I did a sunflower theme ?). Came out nice and now no worries about the glass gems falling off whenever they feel like it ?

      1. I’m on my second flower after seeing your tutorial and finally noticed this comment with the new cutting method. It works 100 times better to reduce fraying. thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Peggy – Need to know what type of wreath to use .. I was looking on Craft Outlet Website and I see three types – Box Wire Wreaths / Work Wreaths and Wire Wreaths … which do I use and what were the sizes you used.

    What is the size of the hat you used?
    What is the size of the nose?
    What is the size of the mouth.

  12. I love this wreath so much I had to make it myself but I keep having trouble with the gems falling off of the Center. Any suggestions how to keep the gems from falling off?

    1. Make sure your center is allowed to completely dry.. I usually wait at least 24 hours after painting it before gluing the gems on. Then I use Gorilla brand glue sticks with a hi setting on my glue gun. Hope this helps!!

  13. I love your beautiful wreaths as well. I would like to purchase the Deco mesh flower wreath, but I don’t know how to go about purchasing an Etsy gift card or how much to get. I figure at least a $25 and a $50; would that cover it? If not, I’ll get one for $100.00. Just let me know how. Do you accept any other form of payment…check…debit card…charge card?

  14. This design would make the perfect poinsettia wreath. Can’t wait to make it for my sister who is a “wreath freak”!!!! OK, I admit it, I am too. I love how beautiful, simple,
    & really inexpensive it is to make. This design will make gorgeous wreaths for all seasons & holidays!

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