10 Creative Ways To Make A Snowman

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This is definitely the season for snowmen! Check out these cute and creative snowmen shared by members of the Grillo Designs Home Decorating group! ! They are super fun and an easy way to brighten up your house this wintry month. Dont forget to save your favorite snowman to Pinterest for a rainy day!


Creative snowmen


1. Snowman Wreath

This cute little guy was created by Peggy Bond using deco mesh and drain pipes! She has an awesome video tutorial sharing how she made him here




2. Pan Lid Snowman

This snowman was created by Elizabeth Stevens using thrift store pan lids! She painted the pans with chalk paint and drilled holes to create the face.




3. Cup Snowman

Wanda Buchner shares how she made a snowman out of plastic cups! That’s literally all you need, cups and staples! Check out her tutorial here.


Creative snowmen



4. Hat Box Snowman

Tammy Serviss from Crow Hill Country Crafts and Primitives created this snowman out of round boxes and painting them! She added accessories to give it the snowman look!




5. Candy Dish Snowman

This cute little guy was made by Dakota Marie using candy dishes!




6. Snowman made from wooden spindles




7. Snowman Family

This little family was created by Maurtia Forbes using pallets and wrapping paper.





8. Snowman Door

Audrey Vetter used construction paper and tape to make a snowman on her door.




9. Sock Snowmen

Petrina Missons made these snowmen out of socks and filled with rice to fatten them up


Creative snowmen


10. Gourd Snowmen

Tammy Serviss from Crow Hill Country Crafts and Primitives created this snowman out of gourds! How cute are they?




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