The Best Places to Buy Temporary Wallpaper Online

Temporary wallpaper (also known as peel and stick or removable wallpaper) is a great way to add depth and character to your home. Here are a list of 14 online companies you can buy temporary wallpaper from! Renters, or non-comitters , this ones for you!


Temporary wallpaper is a great way to add depth and character to your home. Here are a list of 14 online companies you can buy temporary wallpaper from!
 The best online places to buy temporary wallpaper / Grillo Designs

Temporary wallpaper is here, my friends. And oh, isn’t it a wonderful thing?!

Also known as peel and stick wallpaper (or removable wallpaper), temporary wallpaper utilises a special kind of adhesive that makes it super easy to remove from your walls whenever you’re done with it.

In other words, its the perfect renter-friendly way to add colour, texture, and patterns to a space without all the hassle ordinary wallpaper brings! (I know I’m not the only one who has cried real tears at the prospect of having to strip a wall!)

And get this, temporary wallpaper can actually be used on places other than walls!

Like a floor perhaps.

Or to cover a fridge…

I kid you not.

God where is that heart emoji when you need it??


Here are the best places to buy temporary wallpaper:



1. DesignYourWall

This is the exact company I used for my entryway floor makeover! I just loved working with them to create this tile effect design (I still get so many people asking about it). You can find their gorgeous temporary wallpaper options under the contact paper section of their website!


The best places to buy temporary wallpaper / Grillo Designs


DesignYourWall currently ships to the US, Europe, and more countries.


2. Walls Need Love

Whatever your decor style is, I’m sure there are many designs that will be right up your alley in this store! They offer hundreds of whimsical, rustic, and modern prints all in one place, along with a nice selection of beautiful wall decals!

Here is a shot of their modern grid removable wallpaper styled by Taryn Witeaker


Buy temporary wallpaper in a modern grid style from walls need love / Grillo Designs
Image via Taryn Whiteaker


Walls Need Love currently ships worldwide.



3. Wall POPS

UK based store: Their speciality is a brand of removable Wallpaper called Nu! They haven’t got a large selection to choose from at present, but I’m sure that will soon change! One to watch!

They ship within the UK


4. Coloray Decor

I can’t get enough of the beautiful botanical and geometric wallpaper prints in Coloray’s Poland based Etsy store! They come in a variety of colour schemes, one of which is bound to look beautiful in your home!

I’ve been eyeing up this print for my upcoming stairs makeover


Buy temporary wallpaper for your bedroom walls / Grillo designs
Image via Coloray Decor


Coloray Decor currently ships worldwide from their Etsy store.


5. Chasing Paper

Out of the few hundred prints available in Chasing Paper’s online store, I can spot so many that would be perfect in a nursery or child’s room! This is on top of all the gorgeous patterns that would make for an amazing accent wall in a living room, kitchen, or master bedroom!

Chasing paper currently ships orders worldwide.</


6. The Lovely Wall

I don’t know about you, but I’m drooling over here just looking at these stylish artistic and hand-drawn patterns available at The Lovely Wall! I can’t even pick a favourite!


great places to buy temporary wallpaper / Grillo designs
Image via The lovely Wall


The Lovely Wall currently ships worldwide from their Etsy store.


7. Spoonflower

Struggling to find the perfect pattern of wallpaper for your home? Then you need to check out Spoonflower, because they allow you to print any custom design on their peel and stick wallpaper (fabric, and gift wrap material too!)


All the best online places to buy temporary wallpaper / grillo designs
Image via Spoon Flower


strong>Spoonflower currently ships to the US, Europe, and more countries.


8. Wayfair US / Wayfair UK

Farmhouse decor fans, you will love all the shiplap prints available at Wayfair! Although I have to admit there are so many other prints in their store that have caught my eye as well. They are all gorgeous!

Wayfair currently ships to UK, US and Canada.



9. Wallpaperie

Isn’t this octopus print by Wallpaperie so cute? Be sure to spend a few minutes browsing the inventory in their Etsy store, because there are plenty more quirky and classic prints where this came from!


Buy temporary wallpaper with an octopus design / grillo designs
Image via Wallpaperie


Wallpaperie currently ships to the US, UK, Canada, and a few more countries.


10. Murals Your Way

Not only does Murals Your Way have a wonderful selection of colorful and fun patterns in their store, but they also offer a service where you can get any print customized to your preference and the exact size of your wall!

Murals Your Way currently ships orders worldwide.


Buy Temporary Wallpaper in a marble designs from Murals Your Way / White Marble Design / Grillo Designs
via Murals Your Way


11. Inkmill Vinyl

Just in case you are nervous about using temporary wallpaper, wall decals can be a wonderful alternative that have the same effect! And there are some absolutely gorgeous designs in this shop by Inkmill Vinyl!

Here is there geometric wall stickers styled by Topology interiors


Buy temporary wallpaper with a geometric pattern / Grillo Designs
Image via Toplogy Interiors


Inkmill Vinyl currently ships to the UK, and international shipping information is available upon request.


12. Rocky Mountain Decals

I am loving the floral and watercolor designs in this shop by Rocky Mountain Decals! Also, be sure to check out their wall decals as they have some amazing options in that part of their shop as well!

Rocky Mountain Decals currently ships worldwide.


13. Street Workshop

The modern artistic prints in this Etsy shop are stunning! And I think they would especially look wonderful with a midcentury modern room design.


Buy temporary wallpaper with a cactus design / Grillo designs
Image via Street Work shop

Street Workshop currently ships worldwide from their Etsy shop.


14 Quadrostyle stickers

Now this company is a new discovery! They actually reached out to me when I shared my intentions to create this post on instagram. I’m so glad they did because their products are a renters dream! They sell a range of removable stickers for your walls, tiles, floors, stairs etc!

I know where I’ll be going when its time to revamp the kitchen!

A side note, but most of these companies are based in the US or Canada. It was a real struggle trying to find online places in the UK that sell this wonderful stuff . I know in a few years this will change, when the whole removable concept becomes even more popular

Just remember, you heard it here first!


**Thanks to all the companies that  gave permission to use their photos.


Which room in your home would you buy temporary wallpaper for?



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  1. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for temporary wallpaper and haven’t been able to find any I love- but now I have this fantastic list of new places to check out! This is so, so helpful- I can’t wait to start shopping for my living room!

  2. My wife bought some temporary wall paper from Simple Shapes for our water closet. Turned out really nice, very easy to install and move if needed. However, a plumber came and did some work in there and it’s so small that he had to use his foot to get leverage and scuffed up the wall. She used a wet rag with water only to try to remove the scuff….the print came right off the way. The company said it’s not made to get wet or be installed in wet places. So I guess it’s made to be installed in a place where one would never wash their walls….which is where?

    Point is, if you decide to buy some temporary wallpaper, test a corner to see if it can hold up to life before you spend the money and time to install.

  3. These are awesome choices. It really needs a heart emoji. These are amazing choices for so many reasons. I love the idea of temporary wallpaper.

  4. Wow I’ve known about removable wallpaper for a while now but I didn’t realise that the selection and the applications were so varied. I seriously need to investigate the offering of these companies more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Great post.. some serious wallpaper research here! Love the cactus wallpaper and am wondering if my daughter might like it in her room x

  6. I love that cactus print, and the other leaf print too. Gorgeous, I would love to put these in our house, I hate stripping wallpaper so they really appeal. Plus the geometric shapes from Inkmill are gorgeous too.

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