14 Gorgeous Faux Fireplace Ideas

Faux fireplace ideas; whether it’s rented or new build or you don’t want the hassle of a real fireplace upkeep, these ideas will inspire you.


Do you want the architectural appeal of a fireplace mantle without the actual fireplace? A faux fireplace might be just the thing you’re looking for. They’re perfect for new build (builder grade) homes and/or rented homes that lack character.

Faux fireplaces can be done a few different ways. You can build one to hold an electric or gas insert, around a wood stove or you can have one that is just decorative.

I recently bought a mantle from Facebook market place and it got me thinking of creative ways to incorporate it into my home. My house has a 1950s new build feel; it has low ceilings, no alcoves or fancy moulding so a lot of the time its up to me to add interest! I’ve added in features like built-in bookshelves , a wood slat wall, and wallpaper to give give my home a little more character.

a large wicker light shade is centre top of the photo. Gerberas which are white/cream with a black centre stand at different heights, spaced out in glass jars. They sit on a faux fireplace mantle which is wooden. A hessian bunting with white printed letters reads Ramadan and piles of books sit bottom of the photo. A small green plant is bottom right.

My mantle has been another way to add a bit of character to our home, but I’m still unsure were it will go long term. I did love it in our dining area where I styled it for Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

Below, I have rounded up some of my favourite faux fireplace ideas in the hopes you you’ll find one or two…or more that you will love! If you do give them a go, please do share with me! And please don’t forget to check out each creator I’ve linked below!

image collage of four faux fireplace ideas with text overlay "14 Gorgeous Faux Fireplace Ideas"

1. DIY Faux Fireplace and Mantle from Twelve on Main

Twelve on Main cozied up their master bedroom with this gorgeous faux fireplace mantle and surround to house their wood burning stove. I imagine curling up in a chair with a good book and enjoying the crackling fire.

faux fireplace with wood burning stove against a shiplap wall

2. Arched Faux Fireplace from Fall for DIY

When a living and dining space is combined into one room, add a faux fireplace to create a focal point and break up the space. This modern arched faux fireplace is easy to build, has clean modern lines, and is built-in so it looks like it has always been there.

Built-in arched faux fireplace with decor on the mantle

3. Easy DIY Faux Fireplace from Making it in the Mountains

Here is another great faux fireplace idea for the master bedroom. When installing a fireplace isn’t an option, this easy DIY will do the trick. I love that the back of it is painted black and I can imagine sitting enjoying a cup of tea with the candles burning.

fake fireplace with inside painted black and two armchairs sitting in front of it

4. Moveable Fireplace from The Merry Thought

How about a moveable fireplace? It’s perfect for those of us that like to rearrange our rooms on occasion (doesn’t everyone, though?). This faux fireplace attaches to the wall with screws so you can take them out and move it wherever the mood strikes you. A fake log insert is used in this faux fireplace so you still get the look and feel of the real thing.

faux white fireplace with wood mantle and fake log insert

5. Faux Fireplace with Painted Wall from Harlow and Thistle

This may be one of my favorites from the list. The power of paint is amazing! I did a similar painted arch accent wall in my office space. The great thing about paint is that you can change it anytime you want for a different look.

faux fireplace with light peach painted arch

6. Herringbone Tiled Faux Fireplace from A Beautiful Mess

Yes, you can absolutely tile a faux fireplace! The pink herringbone tile surround of this one really makes you wonder if it’s real or not. Adding a hearth adds to the realistic look and makes this the focal point of the room.

pink herringbone tiled faux fireplace with wood mantle

7. Faux Fireplace with Gas Insert from At Terrace Place

Not all fake fireplaces have to be decorative only. This one was built for a gas insert to make this an actual working fireplace. I love the angled faux chimney look and the simple wood mantle of this one and what a great bonus that you can even use it to warm the space.

white modern fireplace with gas insert and wooden mantle in livingroom

8. DIY Fake Brick Fireplace from Woodshop Diaries

A faux brick fireplace makes a great addition to any space. You don’t even have to use real brick. You could leave the brick red, or give it a treatment like this one to make it look more modern.

faux brick fireplace with white mantle

9. Decorative Faux Fireplace from The Proper Blog

In certain climates, you don’t need a fireplace for warmth, but you definitely want to have one to decorate with art and hang stockings on at Christmas. I love how simple this one is and the subway tile on the inside is the perfect finishing touch.

fake fireplace with subway tile interior and potted cactus sitting on the hearth

10. Green Faux Fireplace from A Beautiful Mess

I love the green on this faux fireplace! It’s so fresh and inviting. The trim detail on this one gives it character and makes it the focal point of the room. I really like the logs stacked inside. When I see fireplaces with logs stacked this way it makes me want to do that with my own.

green faux fireplace with logs stacked to fill it inside

11. Vintage Faux Fireplace from Lia Griffith

You can give old wooden mantles new life with paint. This faux fireplace mantle has so much vintage goodness. Painting it white gave it a refresh and made it look more modern. And there’s those stacked logs that I love so much.

White faux mantle with stacked logs inside

12. Wood Faux Fireplace Mantle from The Honeycomb Home

The great thing about a fake fireplace surround is that you get to pick the type of finish you put on it. You don’t have to worry if the materials are fire rated and all that other safety stuff. The Roman clay finish was the perfect choice to go with this mantle that was picked up on Facebook Market Place like the one I have in my dining room.

vintage wood mantle with black brick painted faux firebox

13. Modern Green Faux Fireplace from Harlow and Thistle

Remember the fireplace with the painted arch from earlier? This is the same one. I told you the power of paint is amazing! It got a new coat of paint in this gorgeous green color and the arch turned into a rectangle.

green painted fireplace with green painted accent wall above

14. Faux Mantle in the Bedroom from Love Grows Wild

Last, but not least, we have one final fireplace in the master bedroom. This vintage mantle with beadboard as the faux firebox creates a cozy place to curl up and relax at the end of the day. Even though it isn’t real, it still creates a warm vibe in this master bedroom

vintage mantle with wood candlesticks and candles in the faux firebox next to a settee

Whether you rent or own your home and you don’t have a fireplace, I hope these gorgeous faux fireplace ideas have inspired you to add one to your space. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Medina

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