New interior book for renters ‘Home sweet rented home’ is out now! Learn all the way you can update your home without losing your deposit.

Medina grillo sitting and reading her new book Home Sweet Rented home on her sofa

Guess what?

I wrote a book!

Yup. That’s a right.

A whole entire 192 page book!

Its definitely one of those running up the stairs, and pumping your fists in the air Rocky Balboa kind of moments (Yo Adrian, I did it! – and all that jazz). I assure you, I would totally fly to Philadelphia right now and do it, that is if I weren’t so unfit. So um yeah, my 13 step stair case will have to do for now.

Home sweet rented home book help up against a chalkboard wall

Mind you, I’ve always wanted to write a book. Very cliche of me to say I know, as isn’t that what every new Author says? It’s the truth though. I’ve got boxes full of scripts, unedited scribbles, and stories that never quite made it as far as a climax, (let alone an ending) to prove it.

Granted, they had all been fictional stories.

You know, the fantasy, sci- fi, teenage fiction kind. Completely different from the book I’ve written now.

Home sweet rented home placed on tip of a mid century dresser in a bedroom

But people change (or evolve if we are being really fancy here). I evolved. I guess sharing teenage angst no longer felt like a priority the older I got.


You might be wondering (are you wondering?).

If that’s a yes, then I’m going to assume that the title of this post, hasn’t’ already given it away. Ha!

But to answer the question, I’ve written a non-fiction book about renting.

Or rather how to to decorate a home that isn’t technically yours. This probably wont come as a surprise to many people, seeing as its a subject I’ve been bleating on and on about for a few years now (I even launched a monthly home tour series dedicated to renters and featured on BBC recently talking about it).

Close up image of home sweet rented home front cover of book on a dresser

I have rented for the majority of my twenties and still now as a 30 year old. I am married with a child, have a stable job but my housing circumstances still haven’t changed. I am still renting. I’ve found myself in this little grey area, right between those people who own, and those saving to buy a house.

But guess what? I’m OK with that now (even if it has taken me a while to openly admit that)

Because buying a house isn’t the be it and end all, so why waste precious time believing that it is? For a lot of working class people like myself, saving for a deposit to get on to the property ladder could take years – unless of course you have external help from family.

Medina grillo opening a section of Home sweet rented home book to show illustrated diy project

I used to be that person that wouldn’t tell anyone I rented because – oh the shame. And also, the why are you decorating when it’s not your home was a question I’d rather avoid answering. I guess those people assume that decorating has to be expensive. But that’s not the case – hence my book!



OK, maybe not everything. Just all the important stuff renters need to know when decorating their home (with the focus being on the word ‘home’) without losing their deposit.. Things like

  • how to decorate your walls if you aren’t allowed to paint
  • Things to consider if you ARE allowed to paint
  • Beginner Renter-friendly DIYS that won’t cost a fortune to make
  • Easy hacks to transform a bland wall or floor space
  • How to accessorise and update exciting furniture.

And lots more!

Medina grillo preparing to create a diy project from home sweet rented home book

I kept my writing through out the book, light and friendly (if I’m honest, that’s usually the way I like to write). I also included small excerpts of real life conversations between my husband and I at the start of every chapter. I didn’t just want this to be your average interior or DIY book you see. I wanted it to be relatable to everyone, a memoir of sorts.

Home sweet rented home book opened on the first chapter WALLS on dining table

I also talk a lot about home being a ‘feeling’ in the book. There’s a quote in the book that sums it all up ‘Contentment within your home is something you can find now, not in a far-off, home owning future.’

Home sweet rented home is OUT now – to buy, read, review! You can find at all local book stores like Waterstones, WHSmith, Foyles if you are in the UK. If you do happen to pick up a copy (which of course I would truly appreciate), please leave me a review! And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @grillodesigns