How To Make Wicked Witch Legs

How To Make Wicked Witch Legs:

This Wicked Witch Leg tutorial was submitted by Micki Hares from A Whim and A Prayer Custom CreationsMicki is also a member of our Home Decorating, Upcycling and DIY Facebook group. If you would like to share a project to be featured on this site, you can do so here.

How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


Materials used:


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How To Make these wicked witch legs: 


1. I first cut scrap chicken wire to the length of legs. Making sure to add extra for “knee bend”. I Then used scrap cardboard to create back section of the leg.


How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs

How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


2.I made my own modpodge glue with the below  recipe.


How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


3. I then used newspaper and old phone book pages to paper mache around the legs and then left to dry overnight.


How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


4. I also spray painted a pair of shoes I rescued from a church rummage sale


How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs

 How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


5. I cut a small scrap piece of wood to fit inside the shoe.


6.I then took the piece of wood, put it inside the foot part of the sock, put that into the shoe then pulled the sock onto the leg


7.I placed two pieces of scrap wood into the hedges and flipped the legs upside down onto the scrap wood stakes.


How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


They provided sturdiness and allow the legs to stay upright in position instead of falling into the hedges.

And there you have it! You can see more of my work at A Whim and A Prayer Custom Creations

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How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs


Here are some more inspiration photos of DIY Wicked Witch legs from members of the GRILLO DESIGNS HOME DECORATING, UPCYCLING AND DIY FACEBOOK GROUP (click the link to join the group)


How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs

By Barbie Mills Sparks

How- To- Make- Wicked- Witch- Legs





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  1. Anne Marie

    What would you suggest for waterproofing should the weather turn out to be uncooperative?

    1. Try an outdoor varnish/poly!

  2. Outstanding!!

  3. Hey sweety I love your page you do a wonderful job on your stuff,,it is sooooo cute,,I went and voted for you so i hope it’s not to late and i hope you Win,!!!!! Love your work so keep it up with new stuff,,thank’s,,,,Christy[p,,,,,

    1. Wow thanks so much for the vote Christy!

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  10. Susie

    As far as I care, you are GREAT and would love to meet you and go to your classes.

  11. Sonya

    I was just curious are these waterproof? Did you put something on the paperbacks?

  12. I love these!! And, I’m pretty sure it is exactly what my front porch needs.

  13. These are really cute! This would be the perfect Saturday DIY for me and my girls 🙂

  14. Oh my word! I love these! Super cute. I’ll have to dig at the thrift store for some fun “witch” shoes 🙂

  15. Love these! So cute and clever!

  16. That is seriously cool. I’ve seen stuffed socks with shoes looking like it’s coming out from under a house- but upside down in the bushes?? Above and beyond. Bravo.

  17. I am not sure why, but since I was a little kid, I have never liked the Wizard of Oz. With that said, I absolutely love your witch legs! My husband puts out a life-like replica of himself sitting in a chair with a mask on. It always creeps out the kids because it looks so real. Well done!

  18. Kim

    OMG….love this….one of my favorite movies too…so cute for Halloween

  19. Kim

    These are so fun! Thanks for the tutorial!

  20. These look amazing! I just might have to try it 🙂

  21. They look so cute. I love them.

  22. Omg so cute. How long did it take? I must do this for my house.

    1. Mlhares123

      These took only a couple hours of actual work time. I did let the paper mache cure over night before putting them in the socks just to make sure they were fully dry first.