How To Make A Floating Teacup

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Submitted by:Mandie Hopkinson


Mandie Hopkinsons floating cup


Member of: Grillo Designs Home Decorating and Upcycling Group


Materials used


Glue gun

Tea cup and saucer



How I did it


Use a cheap fork and bend it at the prongy part.



Put a good amount of glue on to saucer using the glue gun.


Diy floating cup


Press the prongy end of the fork into the glue on the saucer and then smother some more glue on top until it feels secure.


Next glue the cup to the other end of the fork on the inside of the cup (you may need to sand away some of the glaze on cup to help it stick)


I bought sprays of flowers from Country Baskets, pulled them apart and glued them on the saucer and fork.




If it doesn’t balance, stick UK 2 pences to the part of the fork that’s stuck to the saucer (or any small heavy coin if not from UK)


Floating tea cup


Here is another floating tea cup I made using a larger cup


Floating Tea cup





Mandie Hopkinson

I work long hours so my way of relaxing is crafting. I give all different crafts a go as can’t stick to any in particular. I’ve the attention span of a gnat lol. My crafts are mainly for around my home or for friends. Sometimes if I see something I like I give it a go and more often than not I succeed. I won’t be defeated no matter how long it takes me.



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  1. Colleen

    Hi Medina,
    I’ve made several of these tea cups. The last one I made, the cup fell off the fork, even though I used quite a bit of glue. Has this ever happened to you? I haven’t tried sanding the cup before gluing, so that will be the next step that I try.
    Thanks for posting your beautiful photos.

  2. Julie Kitchener

    Hi I love your work just gorgeous! thanks for sharing

  3. This is a really cute idea! Where did you get the inspiration from? I need to work on more interior DIYs- just finished a cushion tutorial to be published tomorrow πŸ™‚

  4. Cindy Via

    Very beautiful and perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any special ladies day. Love it, you don’t mind I would like to try. Thank you. Cindy

  5. I make garden art flowers that consists of plates, dishes and other glass items. The only thing I have found that keeps them together is epoxy. I use the Gorilla brand. You need to mix it together and work quickly as it does dry fast. My items are designed for outside use so they must withstand the weather. The teacups wouldn’t have that problem, but I would still use the epoxy.

  6. Anita Kackle

    Adorable! Definitely going to make a few of these cheerful, cup runeth over beauties. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Lovley so bright and cheerful. Doesn’t,t take up much room but sure gives lots of bang

  8. Karen

    I do alot of yard art all out of glass I find that E6000 works great and doesn’t fall apart