DIY Bar Cart Makeover With Paint

Give new life to a second hand (thrifted) piece of furniture using paint.


This DIY bar cart makeover is an easy upcycle project you can do in a day!


image of painted DIY bar cart makeover with text overlay "DIY bar cart makeover"


I’m telling you.

Forget about eBay.

FB marketplace is where it’s at. People on there are mostly looking to get rid of stuff and seriously have no idea how valuable the stuff they are trying to get rid of actually is.

Unlike eBay, where everyone is trying to make millions by slapping antique or vintage in the description  for flat pack furniture that’s not more than a few years old. Yes, I see you!

But yeah I’ve found quite a few things on FB marketplace over the past few months (I’m feeling like I’m due to share a post about this soon). This vintage bar cart or tea trolley was one of them.


before photo of the wooden DIY bar cart


When I sent my husband to go collect it, I had actually hoped to leave some of the wood exposed and paint parts (like this dresser I made over) . But on seeing it in person, I realised that the wood wasn’t that pretty and the base of each tray looked quite cheap. So I painted the entire thing.

For those people who are anti painting … please don’t come for me. This wood needed covering up … trust me.

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DIY Bar Cart Makeover



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Materials used:


Paint tray, paint roller, and paint for bar cart makeover


DIY Bar Cart Makeover Tutorial

Lay a cloth down  to protect your floor

Sand the bar cart down with a fine-grit using a sanding machine (or by hand, depending on what you have available).  Once it’s all sanded, dust everything off.

Paint one coat of primer using the foam roller and the paintbrush (I’m a huge fan of the Harris brushes) for all the hard to get to corners. Allow the primer to dry completely.


bar cart with primer


The paint I used for this DIY bar cart makeover is from the Dunelm Decorate & Co-ordinate paint range (for a sponsored post on Instagram although this post is not a part of the collaboration), but feel free to use any of brand of paint you like. As long as its a matt, or eggshell  type paint for furniture, it should do the trick!



Paint on one coat of white Dunelm paint and allow to dry.  This paint dries to the touch in 1-2 hours.


bar cart painted white


Once dry, apply  frog tape to the sides of the top and bottom tray. Apply vertically leaving one painter’s tape width gap between each stripe to get even spaced stripes.


frog tape applied to bar cart after it is painted white


Next,  paint  the entire bar cart in the Old Gold paint (or any top colour) .

After the final coat, remove the frog tape straight away to prevent any bleed through (although there still was a little – I touched mine up with a small paint brush after).

Once dry, finish with varnish to seal and protect the paint.


DIY bar cart being painted with old gold colour paint


And done! This literally took me an afternoon to complete!


Bar cart painted old gold with white stripes

completed bar cart styled with glasses, beverages, and greenery


All that was left to do was to style the bar cart. I really love this green vase !

I should probably add that this is a non-alcoholic bar cart as I don’t drink ha!  This could also be used as a tea trolley too as I’m British and we drink tea like we drink water.



close up of DIY bar cart with lemons in a glass bowl and a vase with greenery

completed bar cart styled with glasses, beverages, and greenery

DIY bar cart with glasses and white decanter with a straw next to vase with greenery


What do you think? Have you ever found a bargain find on FB marketplace before?





image of painted DIY bar cart makeover with text overlay "DIY bar cart makeover with paint"


  1. everything you make is well done and well planned. So glad I found your account on IG.
    BTY, love the framed art above the cart, where is it from? 🙂

  2. Hello Medina,
    You know you have the Midas Touch. I have not seen any of your creations that did not look fabulous!! Keep up the good work. I expect sooner than later you will be starting your own business. Your followers are very interested in what you make over. You turn everything old into something new and useful. I hope you receive this email this time: last time my reply did not go through.
    I like the furniture you have given a new beginning and utility too.

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