Becci’s DIY Tyre Seating

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Submitted by: Becci Louise Powell (Group Admin)




Original Grillo Designs Project it was inspired by: KIDS TYRE SEATING


Becci's Tyre Seating




Becci's tyre seating



Clean tyre thoroughly with hard brush & rag. Leave to dry

Spray tyre (plastikote). Leave to dry, per can instructions

Place circular mdf board (bought pre cut from ebay, 12mm thick, 45cm diameter) on to foam seat padding (50cm sqaured, 2inch thick from ebay) Trace the circle shape using a marker. Cut foam to shape with a Stanley knife

Place foam on top of mdf, cover with fabric, staple to the mdf with a staple gun

Cut off excess fabric with fabric scissors. Place seat on top of tyre

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  1. How adorable! I like that blue color too .

  2. That is really cute. Is that something that is purely for decoration or are people able to sit on it? I assume it is just for decoration because of using foam but didn’t know if there is something solid under the foam to make it durable enough to sit on it!

    1. Becci.P

      Hi April, The seat is for sitting on, there is a circular MDF board underneath the foam 🙂

  3. Such a great DIY and it seems pretty simple too!