Yup, apparently mannequin tree dress forms are a thing?

Scrap the traditional tree and just grab a mannequin form and some chicken wire. Oh and mix in a little creativity with some basic fashion styling skills and you have yourself a gorgeous tree dress (fit for any season or occasion I must add). Sounds easy enough huh? You bet! Click here for a full tutorial on how to make one

Or don’t click there.  Just be inspired.  Here are 20+ mannequin tree dresses shared by members of my Home and DIY Facebook group If you hadn’t already guessed,  they are a super talented bunch of people (which is why you should totally join too.. like now!).


Stunning mannequin tree dress forms for every room of your home/ Grillo Designs Blog www.grillo-designs.com


Prepare to be stunned by these gorgeous mannequin  tree dress forms!

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