Spring is here and it’s that time when we all scramble to get our spring cleaning done. These 9 spring cleaning hacks from Tiktok will make some of those chores so much easier

After being cooped up all winter long, it’s time to throw open the windows and refresh our spaces. There is something about the ritual of spring cleaning that is just…so…darn…satisfying (I’ve started deep cleaning my living room – check out my process here)

I think that once you commit to getting it done, you know that winter is really over and warm temperatures and sunshine are ahead. It’s a physiological thing really, obviously, we haven’t all been living in dirty homes all winter.

Whatever the reason it’s time to get it done and I found some awesome (and a couple of mind blowing) spring cleaning hacks you can use from Tiktok.

Spring Cleaning Hacks to Try in Your Home

1. Cleaning Your Windowsills from @mandykate01

Cleaning window sills can be so frustrating! Nothing ever seems to get everything out of the tracks. Try this spring cleaning hack and see how quickly you can get the job done!

2. Removing Hard Water from @livecomposed

Hard water is the worst, it builds up on your kitchen sprayer, showerheads, toilets, and tubs. If you have a glass shower door it’s horrible to keep under control. Here is a great spring cleaning hack to get rid of that hard water build-up on your kitchen sprayer.

3. Deep Cleaning Your Drain from @mbalisnhalaponhlapho

Your kitchen drain gets used a lot and lots of smells build up inside the drain. Deep cleaning is essential to keep odors under control. We all know that baking soda absorbs odors so this idea makes sense to me.

This spring cleaning hack uses baking soda and vinegar to rid your drain of those awful odors. There are lots of comments on this one cautioning against doing this and lots of comments that it works. Be sure to run plenty of hot water through after trying this so that the baking soda doesn’t clog up your sink.


4. Cleaning Your Mini Blinds from @simplisticallyliving

I’m mind blown over this spring cleaning hack! Dusting mini blinds is the worst job EVER! Tongs and a sock are all you need to make this job easier. I’m definitely using this one!

5. Cleaning Your Microwave from @lauren.clutter

Clean your microwave in just 5 minutes with this spring cleaning hack. One lemon and one cup of water are all you need to easily clean your microwave. Your kitchen will smell nice and fresh afterward from the fresh clean smell of the lemon.

While you’re cleaning in the kitchen you may also want to clean and organize your fridge. Be sure to check out my 6 Fridge Organization Tips You Can Try Today

6. Cleaning Your Area Rug from @kellennison4

Take your area rug to the carwash and clean it yourself! I would have never thought of doing this myself. It would definitely be quicker than using a carpet cleaner and less expensive than having it professionally cleaned.

Make sure to check the rug manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before trying this spring cleaning hack. Also, be sure that it dries completely before putting it back down.

7. Cleaning Vents and Exhaust Fans from @livecomposed

Don’t forget about dusting your vent covers and exhaust fans. Using your vacuum attachments makes it quicker and easier to reach above your head to get this cleaning job done.

8. Clean Your Cleaning Cloths from @tanyahomeinspo

Even your cleaning cloths need a good deep cleaning! Think of all the yuck and cleaning chemicals that build up on them, I often wonder if my washing machine really gets them clean. This spring cleaning hack will get them nice and clean and disinfectant will further help kill all that bacteria that can get trapped in the fibers.

9. Mopping Your Walls from @cleanwithmyka

Spring is a great time to wash down walls, but it can be quite a job. This spring cleaning hack uses a mop to clean walls. Why did this idea never occur to me? No more ladder to reach up high, no more sticking your hand in hot water and ringing out a rag. Genius I tell you!

There were a couple of these spring cleaning hacks that I had never thought of before. Tongs and a sock to clean mini blinds?! Mopping your walls?! Which one blew your mind? Which ones will you try?

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