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Sunflower wreath




Materials Used: 

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How To make a Sunflower Wreath:


First cut out using your rotary cutter, (you can use scissors but the rotary cutter makes this process more precise and so much easier), 7 – 12″ pieces of green mesh for the leaves.


Sunflower - wreath


Take two opposite corners, fold them inward, and then gather in the middle until you form a bow tie looking leaf, flip over and attach to the outward layer of stems on your wreath form.


Sunflower - wreath

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial


Once you attach your leaf, pull it together to the outside of the wreath to form it, and don’t be afraid to adjust it. Attach the remaining green leaves this way.


Sunflower Wreath Tutorial


Second, cut 34 pieces of your yellow burlap into 10″ pieces, (I generally cut the whole roll). You will then repeat the process with folding inward the corners and bunching it up to make a bow tie looking petal


Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial


You will attach to the outside rim of the wreath over top of the green leaves. This process needs two leaves on top of each other, twisted together.


Sunflower Wreath Tutorial


Continue this process until all of the stems are filled with a double layer of yellow petals.


Sunflower Wreath Tutorial


At this point, look at the wreath and take some of the additional chenille stems to add into some of the bare spots in the wreath.


Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

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  1. Vicki

    How do you finish off the pipe cleaners?

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      Tuck them underneath the wreath frame, I like to twist them onto another wire to secure it even more.

  2. Janice

    I did not see the instructions for using the stiff plastic canvas or the brown burlap, I assume to make the center. Please advise.

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      Hi Janice,
      If you go to the next page of the tutorial it will give you the instructions. This has two pages to help you see all of the steps.

  3. Kim Robinson

    What is the length of the BROWN burlap

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      I used a 10″ roll of poly burlap the same as the yellow and green. The actual length depends on how much you need to achieve the desired look.

  4. Sherry

    I love this thank you. I used mesh as it was locally available.. also found that zip ties were easier on hands and faster

  5. Amanda

    I was wanting to make a couple of these, I’m so excited. Questions, about how many centers can I make with 1 roll of 10″ brown Poly Burlap? – Thanks!

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      I would say 3-4 centers out of one roll.

  6. Victoria

    Can this be made with an 8″ wire wreath? If so what changes would I make to the size of the burlap?

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      Absolutely, you will just decrease your number of petals. I use 4 sets of two petals on the outer, middle and inner ring of your wreath form.

  7. tammy long

    Is there a red/green version that might look like a poinsetta?

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      Yes, you can definitely do all sorts of varieties with this flower. The only difference I would suggest is to make a grid with chenille stems and attach more petals and then add a center like ornament bulbs in the middle. If you check out my etsy shop you will see where I did this julieswreathboutique.etsy.com

  8. Jeana

    Where did you buy the burlap from?

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      Craftoutlet.com or Trendytree.com, you won’t be able to find poly burlap at your regular craft store.

      1. Jeana

        Thanks! Do you happen to know what color of green and tan you used? The link for the yellow takes me to craft outlet but the others go to Amazon and they aren’t the same size and the green is a different color. Thanks for your help!

        1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

          Lime green and neutral brown I believe.

  9. Lisa Nelson

    I am a little confused-do I attach the yellow on top of the green so there are three pieces of material in one chenille tie?

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      Yes, the outer rim you will attach the green leaf plus two of the yellow petals on top of the green leaf.

  10. Kathleen Marks

    Love this tutorial! Can you tell me how many yellow and how many beige chenille stems are used, please? Your materials list seems to indicate that the wire form comes with stems already attached, but the Amazon link does not seem to be the case.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Julie's Wreath Boutique

      If you don’t use a wreath form that does not have the stems on it you will need about 15-20 yellow and about 4 brown stems that you will cut in half for the center.

  11. Charlotte

    I bought a wreath like this and now after being on my door for several months it is floppy. What can I do to stiffen it?

    1. Tammy

      I used spray adhesive when I made mine, so I used my hairdryer to heat up each section and straighten them back out. Hope this helps.

  12. Cheryl Miller

    You can get it from craft outlet.com
    I got my order today can’t wait to get started

  13. Ashley

    That is beautiful! Can I ask where you buy your supplies from? I am having trouble finding the kind of burlap you use in that size and colors.

    1. Nicole Reily

      Me too, my mom and I want to make for mothers day but can’t find the burlap

    2. Connie Johnson

      Where do you purchase your wire frames from? I have not been able to locate the type that is pictured in the instructions.

      Thank You

  14. Pene Harrison

    Could I just order a wreath already made? Thank you.