DIY Kids Seating Using a Tyre

[Psst! Join me on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with my latest posts and ideas. Got a question? Join the discussion in the new HOME & DIY chat forums]   So today I am going to share one of my all time favorite DIY tutorials with you, a DIY Kids Seating using a (tire) […]


[Psst! Join me on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with my latest posts and ideas. Got a question? Join the discussion in the new HOME & DIY chat forums]


So today I am going to share one of my all time favorite DIY tutorials with you, a DIY Kids Seating using a (tire) tyre. It was one of my first ever projects and well received, as seen on my original posting on my Facebook page (back when I thought sharing a before and after picture was ‘blogging’…. turns out its not…but that’s a story for another time).


For my US readers, I know you’re probably thinking I spelt the word ‘tyre’ wrong, but I didn’t. Whilst you guys spell it with an ‘i'(tire) we add in the ‘y’ over here in the UK. Ha! No idea why!


DIY- Kids -Seating


Its funny, because the actual inspiration for these tyres seats came from my very own DIY Facebook group (you need to join!) . Someone had shared a google image of a tyre that had been wrapped with string with a seat screwed to the top (edit: This image was from Style Me Pretty I later found out).

Not only that, but I was also in the process of creating my sons reading nook for his playroom (see full playroom post for full reveal) and I wanted something outrageously different and fun!

These two things combined got my mind racing with endless possibilities. It didn’t take me long to put together the materials for this project (and luckily at the time my husband had just changed his car tyres so I had two just laying around) Score.


Here is how my reading nook looked:


DIY- Kids -Seating


Haha yes I know its all very IKEA inspired (did I mention that I am a serial IKEA Hacker? You can check out all my hacks here)  with the RIBBA ledges, EXPEDIT cube and Canopy, but don’t you think the tyres just make the whole set up look way more inviting??

My son seemed to think so.. and sometimes I’d find him curled up on one of the seats reading one of his books (edit: he now has a new reading nook in his bedroom).This post contains Affiliate Links for your crafting convenience. See full disclosure here






1. As the tyres I used had previously been on my husbands car, I had to give them a really really thorough clean, inside and out. I scrubbed them down with detergents and bleach in my back garden then rinsed them off with the garden hose.

2. I let them dry out for about 2-3 hours.

3. Once I was satisfied they were dry enough, I spray painted each tyre. I sprayed on a total of 3 light coats with an hour drying time in between (it was a hot day!). NOTE: Spray painting should be done outside due to paint fumes, as per spray paint can instructions.

4. To seal and prevent paint from scratching off, I  painted two layers of varnish on to each tyre with 1-2 hours drying time in between.


DIY- Kids -Seating




5. I covered the MDF circle wood piece  with lots of stuffing (you can glue it in place with your glue gun if you want), and then placed the stuffing  on top to hide the bumps and lumps.

6. I then covered it all with the fabric and flipped the whole thing over.


DIY- Kids -Seating


7. I flipped it all around and stapled the fabric in place (folding the edges) around the whole circle with my staple gun. See this Youtube Video if you are uncertain about how to carry out this step. I found it quite helpful!


DIY- Kids -Seating



And thats it folks! I plan to make some more for the garden – so watch this space! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on any of my DIY adventures!



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  1. Wow! So glad I stumbled across your blog! And even happier to see someone that looks like me!!! Fascinating to see such great ideas. I plan on doing these for my two year old’s room AND 4th grade classroom. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Hi Loubna. Did you use a sealeant to cover the spray paint? The first time I tried this , I didn’t and the paint did scratch off. The second time I used a primer paint, then spray paint and then finally a clear vanish to seal it all in. Hope that helps

      1. Thank you Medina. No I did not use a sealer.

        With the primer and sealer, are you happy with the result? No more peeling off?

        I am also curious to know about your first time if you used a primer or not as I am trying to find out what exactly solved the problem for you. Thanks again

  2. Hi, I tried this but I faced issues with the paint cracking then peeling off on the top surface (not the side walls). I contacted Rust-Oleum for an advice and they answered saying that they do not recommend using their paints on rubber. Any advice from your experience? Thanks

  3. Hi Medina,
    These look great! I’m getting my tyres changed tomorrow so I know what to do with the old ones now ? Where did you buy the pre cut MDF circles from?


  4. Oh you got some awesome projects here on your blog! Glad I found it! Thanks so much for leaving me a sweet comment on my Pulley chandelier, and yes Bunny Broody is a word…!!!!

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