How To Make A Sunflower Wreath

Since you have the burlap you might as well make this as full as you can make it. Third, measure out a 7″ circle of Plastic Stiff Canvas and cut it out. You will take the additional chenille stems and cut them into small pieces and thread through the canvas on the side of the […]


Since you have the burlap you might as well make this as full as you can make it.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial
Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

Third, measure out a 7″ circle of Plastic Stiff Canvas and cut it out.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

You will take the additional chenille stems and cut them into small pieces and thread through the canvas on the side of the bottom of your circle and attach your brown poly burlap.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

You will attach to the back side of the canvas and pull it over the front and then secure it on the backside of your canvas.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

Keep repeating this process until you fill the whole canvas to achieve the desired look for your center.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

Take the 2 zip ties and thread them through the back of the canvas and attach it to the wreath frame.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

It is important to know that you can adjust your petals throughout your wreath creation. (I like to secure the leftover chenille stems on the back of the wreath to make my petals a little more secure).

You will also need to trim up your wreath because whenever this type of burlap is cut it will fray a bit.

Sunflower Wreath Tutorial

I use the Poly Burlap because it will hold up to the weather better than a regular burlap or paper mesh burlap. You can also make your own wreath frame using your own chenille stems and make the wreath larger. If you use a bigger wreath frame, just be sure you purchase more materials to make the flower bigger.


Sunflower Wreath Tutorial


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Sunflower - wreath

If you have any questions, leave me a comment below!

Julie Oxendine

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  1. Hi…I am planning on making the flower wreath that has the orange ombré deco mesh. Unfortunately, I can not find that roll anywhere. I’ve looked!!! I have all of the other colors. What would you suggest to use instead of that particular ombré?
    Thank you

  2. I followed your directions to a tee, and mine looks empty and sparse, while yours looks full! I am going to add another full roll of the 10 inch yellow leaves to fill in the bare spots! I tried to post pictures of mine but I can’t figure out how to!

  3. Would like to make larger wreath than 10”. Bought a 16” wire wreath and center opening is 13”. How do you connect center of flower to wire opening so large?

  4. So I purchased 5in burlap instead of 10in burlap so i can’t adequately fold the corners in the middle because it’s not even will it still turn out ?

  5. Julie, Thank-You so much for sharing your Sunflower wreath it is one of my favorites… Have a great weekend….. Patty* ?

  6. Love the sunflower wreath. Could you please explain where to put the yellow pipe cleaners on the metal wreath? How many to use and where to place them. This is my first time making a wreath and I have no idea how to place the pipe cleaners to attach the petals to.

    Thank you!


    1. Go to my Facebook page called Julie’s Wreath Boutique, you will find lives on my page explaining this.

      1. Was it listed as poly burlap at Michaels or poly mesh? I have had problems finding it. Thanks for your help!

  7. This is so cute! I’m wanting to make one for a Christmas gift. Can I use a 12” wire wreath frame? I’m not finding a 10”. Thank you!

  8. I am on line getting ready to order the goods to make this 🙂 SO EXCITED! I want to make 4 of them. How many can I get out of 1 – 10″ x 10 yd roll? Yellow, green & brown?

  9. I am using the dark brown for the center, but my plastic canvas is showing through. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. I do have a small request. Can you make a video or give instructions on how to make the Burlap Gerber Daisy Wreath. Very pretty.

  11. I would love to make this wreath but I cannot find an arrow so that I can click over to page two. The only arrows I found were for older and newer posts. Please help!

  12. My friend and I are both wanting to make this wreath. Will we each need out own roll of brown burlap or will one roll be enough to share?

  13. You’re tutorial is the best.
    You make it so easy to follow along and understand every step.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful project.
    I made your Etsy shop my favorite and started following you on Facebook and Pinterest.

  14. Ohhhh, this is going to be fun! Your instructions and video are very detailed, and I do appreciate that. Now the question that will prove I’ve obviously never made a wreath: how does this beautiful sunflower wreath attach to the door? TIA

    1. You will be able to hang it from the wire frame of the wreath, use either an over the door hook or a 3M hook holder for weather.

  15. I love this! Where can I find the rolls of burlap, limited shopping opportunity in my area, or could I use bolt butlap? If so how much of each color per wreath would you guestimate?

    1. I purchase all of my poly burlap online, and are two of the sites I order from. You can used natural Jute burlap on the bolt but it is messy to use, I would think 2-3 yards of the yellow would work.

    1. You can but it will make a very different looking Sunflower. If you are wanting to do the mesh I would maybe use the deco mesh flower tutorial by A Noble Touch here on Grillo Designs.

    1. It would definitely not look the same and the texture of a roll of burlap verses purchasing burlap on a bolt by the yard and cutting it 10″ x 10″ would be a better solution. If you click on this link it will show you a picture of one I did with regular burlap, you would only want to do one piece of burlap on the inside of the wreath frame because it’s more bulky fabric.

    1. Tuck them underneath the wreath frame, I like to twist them onto another wire to secure it even more.

  16. I did not see the instructions for using the stiff plastic canvas or the brown burlap, I assume to make the center. Please advise.

    1. Hi Janice,
      If you go to the next page of the tutorial it will give you the instructions. This has two pages to help you see all of the steps.

    1. I used a 10″ roll of poly burlap the same as the yellow and green. The actual length depends on how much you need to achieve the desired look.

  17. I love this thank you. I used mesh as it was locally available.. also found that zip ties were easier on hands and faster

  18. I was wanting to make a couple of these, I’m so excited. Questions, about how many centers can I make with 1 roll of 10″ brown Poly Burlap? – Thanks!

    1. Absolutely, you will just decrease your number of petals. I use 4 sets of two petals on the outer, middle and inner ring of your wreath form.

    1. Yes, you can definitely do all sorts of varieties with this flower. The only difference I would suggest is to make a grid with chenille stems and attach more petals and then add a center like ornament bulbs in the middle. If you check out my etsy shop you will see where I did this

      1. Thanks! Do you happen to know what color of green and tan you used? The link for the yellow takes me to craft outlet but the others go to Amazon and they aren’t the same size and the green is a different color. Thanks for your help!

  19. I am a little confused-do I attach the yellow on top of the green so there are three pieces of material in one chenille tie?

  20. Love this tutorial! Can you tell me how many yellow and how many beige chenille stems are used, please? Your materials list seems to indicate that the wire form comes with stems already attached, but the Amazon link does not seem to be the case.
    Thanks so much!

    1. If you don’t use a wreath form that does not have the stems on it you will need about 15-20 yellow and about 4 brown stems that you will cut in half for the center.

  21. I bought a wreath like this and now after being on my door for several months it is floppy. What can I do to stiffen it?

    1. I used spray adhesive when I made mine, so I used my hairdryer to heat up each section and straighten them back out. Hope this helps.

  22. That is beautiful! Can I ask where you buy your supplies from? I am having trouble finding the kind of burlap you use in that size and colors.

    1. Where do you purchase your wire frames from? I have not been able to locate the type that is pictured in the instructions.

      Thank You

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