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Find out what I did with my sons old train tracks here!


Over the months, my son had built up quite a collection of train tracks but then for some reason suddenly lost interest in them! For a long time, they stayed packed away in our storage bedroom.

The idea of placing train tracks on a wall was inspired by two photos I had seen on Pinterest. The first being a photo from MOMMO DESIGN. Originally I had wanted to create a tree out of MDF wood and used it as a bookshelf, but scrapped the idea when I realised it would require a lot of work and planning. This is what I ended up with!


Image of a finished wooden train track made into a tree trunk with branches, with wooden alphabet shapes used as the leaves of the tree


Materials used to make this Track Tree:


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How to:


These are the four main tracks I used to create the tree shape. As long as you have a variety of these 4 pieces, it’s all plain sailing from here.


  • Bridge tracks
  • Straight tracks
  • Connecting Point tracks
  • Curved tracks


Close up, top down image of wooden train tracks


First I attached the blu- tack to the back of the tracks. Starting from the floor skirting board, I worked my way up the wall using the ‘straight’ tracks – making sure to place three tracks close to each other to create the thickness of the tree ‘bark’.


Before image of the wooden train tracks applied to the wall, before the alphabet is placed


I kept going with the ‘straight’ looking tracks up the wall until I reached the height I wanted. When I got to the middle I then added the bridge tracks to the middle of the bark to allow the tree to branch out



I then started to use the ‘curved tracks’ to create the effect of branches. This can be designed any way you want but I stuck with the rule: one track facing inwards and the next track facing outward.


I used the tracks with two connecting points to make even more branches from one line of tracks. I had a go at this tree three times before I was happy with the end results. The first tree looked like this…


Wooden train tracks made into a tree and used to display children's art on the walls


Here are the alphabet letters that I bought as a set, off eBay (you can find similar ones here)– I decorated them with fabric, paint, and decoupage paper. I had a helping hand from my friend with this part. We used the Mod Podge glue to stick it all down and also used it as a sealant to protect the letters. It took quite a while to decorate all the letters, so I’d suggest buying ready-decorated letters if you want to save time.


Wooden letters, plain without paint


The last step involved arranging all the letters around the tree. I managed to place the whole alphabet around the tree in four rows. I needed it to have some sort of order to it so my son would be able to engage and learn from it.


Close image of the wooden letters on the tree


Again I used blu- tack here to stick the letters to the wall. I did originally plan to use nails to keep everything in place, however, the blu-tack worked really well so I decided to leave it like that.


Image of train track tree with letters and a birdhouse


What do you think? Be sure to leave me a comment below – I love hearing your thoughts! Also apologies for the crappy photos, I had just figured out how to use my cheap camera phone at the time haha!





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