29 Ways To Decorate Your Rental With Contact Paper

Although contact paper might be called different things in different countries i.e. Vinyl, Stick back plastic, Wall decals, Fablon (thats a UK one, but as most of my readers are from US, I’ll stick with calling it contact paper), it’s creative potential  remains the same.  It is inexpensive, comes in various colours and patterns, can be cut into whatever shape you choose, and most importantly, its not permanent!

This is a huge bonus for those renters who might want to add a touch of style to their homes. Contact paper = Renter friendly decor = happy landlord and an even happier tenant when they are given that full deposit back at the end of their lease.


29 ways to decorate your rental with contact paper

Being a serial renter myself, contact paper has always been my first go to method when trying to update the look of a rented property – especially when painting might not be an option . I used it consistently  through out my  previous kitchen budget revamp and was able to remove everything before I had to move with no problems.

And there are so many more ways contact paper can be used to decorate, as you’ll soon see from these ideas below! Click on the links highlighted in the text to see the  detailed tutorial in full for each of the images


29 ways to decorate your rental with contact paper


1. Be organised and make a  Wipe off weekly menu planner for your kitchen via Little Birdie Secrets



2. Design a chalkboard table runner for your dining table using chalkboard contact paper via Jackie Fo

Chalkboard runner2


3. Brighten up your entrance by covering an entry way table top with pretty contact paper via A beautiful Mess



4. If you hate your kitchen counter tops, use contact paper to create a faux effect marble counter top via Make Do and DIY.

backsplash header 3


5. A feature  DIY contact paper stripe wall doesnt have to be painted Via City Farmhouse




6. You can also cut out some circular dots to make a Polka Dot wall via Inside ways



7. Transform worn stairs with chevron contact paper by Jenifer Knollin via Grillo Designs DIY Facebook Group



8. If pets are allowed in your rental, you can cover cardboard with contact paper to make pet bowl place mats via Pet Coupons



9. Give your windows some privacy with this cling film contact paper via Bigger Than The Three of Us

DIY-window-Cling-for-privacy (1)


10. Indoor plants add so much character to a rental and you can even personalize the pots with contact paper via Mountain Modern Life




11. Design image labels for your childrens toy boxes via The Homes Ive Made



12. Or create unique labels for your spices in your kitchen via Knit chic (flikr)



13. Cover an old baking pan with contact paper to make a magnetic board via Pinning 2 Fun 5905



14. Rather than paint, Line the inside of your cupboards or pantry walls with contact paper via The House of  Smiths

Pantry Finished, RS picnic, Chocolate Cake 069


15. Update the look of a white door by creating a funky design  via Likainen Parketti




16. Add a creative touch to your kitchen cabinets by adding racing stripes via Grillo Designs

kitchen feature


17. Or if they are too ugly to salvage, completely cover them with customized contact paper panals via Panyl



18. Keep shelves clean and classy by lining pantry or cupboard shelves with pretty contact paper via I Heart Organizing



19. Cover ugly flooring with contact paper via The Plumbed Nest



20 Or cut out triangles to  re-design existing floor tiles for a checkerboard floor via Cukoo 4 Design

black_bathroom_Cuckoo4Design-AlisonConklin (1)


21. Make cool looking contact paper Bunting to hang in your rooms via The Sweetest Occasion



22. Make a complete chalk board wall with chalk board contact paper via Under The Snowball Tree



23. Line your fridge shelves via The Preppy Leopard

photo (11)


24. Cover the blades of an unattractive fan via Pretty Real

DSC_0754-1 text


Follow Grillo Designs’s board Grillo-designs.com on Pinterest.

25. Update the look of a lamp by cutting out pretty designs via The Modern Mountain Life




26. Decorate the front of a dresser and add a splash of  style to your room Via My Sweet Savannah



27. Use contact paper to breathe new life into a washing machine (especially if it lives in your kitchen) via Grillo Designs

photo (4)


28. Cut out squares from contact paper and create  a tiled effect kitchen backsplash via My Goal Is Simple



29. Or create a stripe effect on your fridge via Grillo Designs

Fridge makeover



I want to know how YOU have used contact paper in your homes guys! Share in comments below. You can also join Grillo Designs on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with my latest posts and ideas. If you’re on Facebook, why not join my Home decorating, Upcycling and DIY group too – inspiration is guaranteed!





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  1. Laura

    Any advice on how to use contact paper on cabinets that aren’t flat? My rental kitchen has the standard honey oak cabinets that have a raised frame around the edges and I’m not sure how to effectively cover them up. Thanks!!

  2. Emily

    Hi I’m currently about to move into my gorgeous new 3 bedroom house that I am renting and was curious …if I use this contact paper when I move out will it remove without damaging walls or leaving a gross film??! Thanks for your time I love your ideas!!’n thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes the contact paper these days is quite good and doesn’t leave any damage – especially removable wallpaper. You can also apply heat to tough areas to help remove the paper easier. Congrats on your new home!

  3. Oh my gosh these are awesome and genius, I wish I’d had these for inspiration when I was renting!