How to Decorate a Furnished Rental (with Tipi )

Sharing easy tips on how to decorate a furnished rental open plan living space and make it feel like your own. This post has been sponsored by Tipi London.


Sharing easy tips on how to decorate a furnished rental  and make it feel like your own. This post has been sponsored by Tipi .

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For a lot of people, renting is the only option, especially if you happen to live and work in a city like London. And even then, there are still a wide range of challenges that you might face as a tenant. Sky high rents, hidden fees and costs, ever increasing security deposits, and strict landlords who refuse to allow the freedom to decorate how you choose.


When Tipi got in touch asking if I would be interested in restyling one of their furnished apartments, my interest was very much peaked. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after a little researching of my own, I realised that I rather liked the ethos of this brand.

Here was a property management company that for once, was actually listening to renters and what they needed. It seemed for every renting woe (big or small), they had found a solution to counteract it. Below are just a few examples:

  • Pet friendly apartments
  • 24hr support for residents
  • Stylish and very high quality furniture packages
  • NO deposits or hidden fees
  • Social spaces (like a gym, rooftop terrace and communal garden) and secure spaces for car parking
  • All inclusive bills and expenses
  • Amazing location !Situated in Wembley Park – the area has got everything you need!

And the most important of all – the ability for residents to personalise apartments to suit their own individual style. Of course this is the part I LOVED the most. I talk about this a lot, both in my new book and on my renting home tour series #howirent, but your surroundings play a huge part in your mental health.

Decorating is a form of expression. And that freedom of expression should be accessible to all, regardless of wether you own a home or not.


The space I was asked to style was the living/dining in one of their newest building Ferrum. Ferrum has a very distinctive New York loft vibe to it, with high ceilings that showcased exposed steel and copper pipework, dark rustic wooden surfaces and industrial style high quality furniture co designed by John Lewis and partners. It is without a doubt, a fantastic foundation for any renter looking to live comfortably and stylishly.

The space included a kitchen area, dining area, and living area. It was a good size, with large windows looking out on to iconic views of London. My task was to carry out a styling revamp using accessories from John Lewis and Partners, to show residents how to inject colour into an already  furnished rental apartment like this one.

Note: As mentioned above, Tipi are happy for tenants to decorate, but advise that if they are going to hang art or shelves, that they need to use one of their contractors to do so.

Below are some before and after shots of each area, and my tips on decorating an already furnished rental apartment.

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Bar area in furnished rental. View of plates on counters and stool underneath the counter

The biggest change in this area, was the addition of custom stickers to the tiles. I hand cut circles, semi circles and lines from black fablon paper and stuck them at random on the metro tiles. I wanted to demonstrate how easily plain looking tiles could be updated with a little creativity. These can be easily peeled off should you wish to remove before you move out. And of course – you can use other colours too!

Kitchen tiles in furnished rental covered with semi circles cut from fablon paper

I spray painted standard self adhesive hooks copper (to match the pipework on the ceilings) and attached them to the wall to hang small items. There are some places I feel you should always try to avoid drilling holes, and kitchen walls and tiles are one of them.

Self adhesive hooks used to hang colander and bottle opener in kitchen

Whatever I felt didn’t need to be in plain view, I placed inside the kitchen cabinets. And the things I decided to keep out, I made sure were cohesive to the kitchens current design. Having an organised and uncluttered surface can make a huge difference to the overall look of a kitchen .

Close up of wooden glass jars with onion and garlic inside on kitchen counters

I grouped together chopping boards, stored food produce in glass containers and hung cooking utensils on hooks.

coloured Utensil hang underneath rustic wall shelving in kitchen


The fridge in the kitchen was supplied by Samsung which meant it was fancy looking already. However, the addition of magnets helped to soften the look so that it wasn’t just a huge black contraption in the kitchen.

Fridge magnets on the side of a black samsung fridge

Shop the look of furnished rental kitchen graphic for pinterest

  1. John Lewis & Partners Fusion Gold Edge Patterned Plates
  2. Joseph Elevate Silicone Kitchen Utensils
  3. House by John Lewis Round Cork Placemats
  4. Croft Collection Glass Jar with Oak Wood Lid
  5. House by John Lewis Airtight Stainless Steel Lid Glass Storage Jar
  6. Croft Collection Oak Wood and Marble Chopping Board,





After image of furnished rental living space

Photo by Chris Winter

This was another small change that made a huge difference. From the before pictures, you can see that the previous rug had been rather small. The one I chose to replace it was much larger, with bolder colours and pattern.

View of living space after makeover. Gallery wall above the black radiators

A rug should fit the size of your seating area and be as large as possible within it. Ideally, all the furniture should sit on the rug, or at least the front legs.

Birds eye view of the new rug and black coffee table

Every renters guide you read will always tell you to switch out soft furnishings when you can, and it really is the best advice! When buying cushions and throws, I chose colours based around the sofa, rug and existing features in the living space like the rustic brown ceiling.

Close up of gallery wall and copper pipes surrounding it.

Every room needs one – especially if the only wall that can be a feature also happens to be the TV wall. I created an abstract circle mural on the wall using black and white contact paper (you might notice that I continued this semi circle theme on to the blinds) . I hung wire baskets as shelves too for additional storage and to distract away from the black hole that was the TV.

Wire baskets hung on the wall at different angles on the wall

I included a5 sized clip boards to give this gallery wall a little more depth. The largest print is actually a  LEON tea cloth. This print, brings the colours of the space together well.

Chris Winter / Wembley Park

Gallery wall above radiator with LEON tea cloth insert


I dotted indoor plants (you can buy gorgeous real life plants from John Lewis via their partners The Little Botanical) around the living space, on tables, and on the shelves – including a rather large cactus that I knew wouldn’t requite too much maintenance

Image of plants on black side table next to the window

Photo by Chris Winter

Forget #seflies, it’s all about #shelfies now.

Styling a shelf in a rental home is the best way to display and showcase items that are important to you. As seen below, I rearranged the shelving, by grouping together books, and other small items for a minimal clean look. I spy my book – you kind of cant miss it ha!

Industrial style rustic shelving styled with home sweet rented home books, bottles and plants

View of arm chair in front of the wire industrial shelving next to a large cactus

Shop the living room graphic for pinterest

  1. John Lewis & Partners Icon Ikat Rug, Paprika
  2. House by JohnJ Lewis Stackable Wire Basket
  3. John Lewis & Partners Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug, Grey Tip
  4. A5 sized clipboards
  5. LEON Tea Towels, Orange, Set of 2
  6. John Lewis & Partners Cat Nap Framed Print,
  7. strong>House by John Lewis Pathways Cushion, Dusty Green
  8. John Lewis & Partners Linen Cushion, Auburn
  9. Design Project by John Lewis No.196 Cushion
  10. John Lewis & Partners Jute Pouffe




Side view of dining space with brown chairs and clip board gallery wall above radiator


Just because furniture has been placed in a certain way when you begin a tenancy, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way . I re-arranged the dining table from its previous slanted position to face the wall with the black radiator. I switched around chairs and slipped the a rug underneath it all.

This was quite quick to put up as I used the pre-existing holes that were already there (however these can be hing with self adhesive strips if needed). Creating a clip board gallery wall like this gives you the freedom to change art -depending on the mood.
Straight on view of colourful clip board gallery wall above radiator

You can display anything from recipes you want to try, kid’s drawings, tickets to an upcoming event, family photos… etc.Close up view of industrial style clip board gallery wall

side view of clip board gallery wall above the radiator


Bike rack hooks are great for hanging heavy items like chairs. I added two hooks in the dining space for folding chairs , should there ever be a need for more seating options.

Folding chairs hung vertically on the wall

Folding chairs hung vertically on the wall

Shop the look graphic for dining room

  1. Louis De Poortere Heriz Gold Dust Rug
  2. House by John Lewis Buiani Folding Chair,
  3. A4 sized clipboards
  4. Bike hooks
  5. Broste Copenhagen Almas Medium Hanging Pot,
  6. Ana Zaja Petrak – Pickles Unframed
  7. John Lewis & Partners Ribbed Table Runner,
  8. Fabienne Chapot Cheetah Side Plate
  9. House by John Lewis Metal Hooks,

So what do you think of this makeover of a furnished rental space? Have you found this useful? Leave me a comment below! You can also see more details about by clicking here.

***This post has been sponsored by Tipi . I received payment for my time styling, and creating this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own (unless otherwise stated).

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  1. Love the idea of it all. It’s a shame that throughout you use a lot of products from John Lewis. Whether this was based on advertising affiliations or purely on the design, I think looking at shops that offer cheaper products would be beneficial to the reader.

  2. Such inventive ideas. I love your taste especially the black and white plates. Will have to look for an equivalent here in the States. So glad I found your blog and Youtube channel.

  3. i love the placement of things and the idea of using the clipboards….definitely looks a lot less cluttered than my place….probably it might be just a model apartment. lol in the article you stated, “Tipi are happy for tenants to decorate, but advise that if they are going to hang art or shelves, that they need to use one of their contractors to do so.” does this mean hanging anything on the wall, just a picture or even a small shelf? usually use the pushpins or holes already there, i’ve never had to use a professional to hang small shelves or anything. what would this mean for changing up the space, as i see te tall shelf looks like it’s screwed to the wall? love it anyway…the rugs are best, sure could use those~

    don’t know if it went through said problem…oy!

    1. Yes, they advise you to use their contractors for things like that – to be on safe side so any damage can then be assessed/noted at the end of tenancy. However, you dont need nails to hang pictures, you can easily use self adhesive strips. And all the larger furniture like the wall shelves you mentioned are already there as a package when you move in 🙂

  4. I love it. The framed tea towel is genius! Smart, beautiful job. Your pattern mixing and layering inspire me to think outside the box more. ❤️

  5. I usually never comment. But this is an inspiration over load. You might wanna clean up the space cause I’m drooling all over it!! Loved it

  6. It looks amazing Medina! I love the gallery walls and those gorgeous oversized rugs 😍 One question though, when I clicked on the link for the clipboards it takes me to American Amazon and obviously charges delivery accordingly. Did you buy yours from the UK?! If so do you have the link for those please, as a search on Amazon UK brings up a ton of results and I don’t know which are any good? I’d love to incorporate this idea in my kitchen. Thanks 🙂

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