Stars & Stripes Cinder Block Planters

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Submitted by: Lindsay Chapa Branum

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Member of: Grillo Designs Home Decorating and DIY group

Materials used:

3 Cinder Blocks, Acrylic Paint, Duct Tape, Paint Brush, Flowers


How to:

First I sprayed down the cinder blocks with a hose because they were pretty dirty.  Once they were dry I started to paint them. For the blocks with stripes I used duct tape, just 2 strips for the white.

12946933_10206003004770172_1502491885_o - Copy


After I painted the red stripes I let it dry and then I took the tape off to free-hand the white stripes.


It took me a few minutes to figure out how I wanted to paint the stripes and found this way was easiest for me.


Duct tape is probably the best since it’s really sticky and you don’t have to press hard to get it to stay and while you’re painting close to the edge of the tape paint carefully so paint doesn’t go under tape.

12922278_10206003005450189_2055613569_o - Copy

Once the paint was dry I placed flowers in each hole.


I found it nice that the original tray that the petunia’s were sold in fit perfectly in each hole so I didn’t need to plant the flowers.


The blocks can be placed in a row or be stacked.  I choose to stack them.


12922077_10206003006250209_1440331351_o - Copy

DIY Stars & Stripes Cinder Block Planters

Lindsay Chapa Branum:

I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and a Mother of 2 children.  During my free time I love to either decorate my house or do DIY projects.  I’ve always had passion for the arts.  Growing up I loved to color and free-hand draw and while in school I always took art classes.  I’ve also brought out the creative side in my husband who’s a Nurse.  We enjoy doing DIY wood projects which include barn doors, tables, arrows, chevrons.  When I get ideas for any of my DIY projects I usually never duplicate it I always make it look different which gives me full pride in my work. I really enjoy being in the Grillo DIY group page on facebook.  It’s really amazing to see projects done from around the world.


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