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Submitted by:Natasha Banks

Member of: Grillo Designs Home Decorating and Upcycling Group

$2 fridge makeover by natasha banks

Materials used

Black Contact/ Self adhesive book covering


marker pen

How I did it

First unroll the book covering to the width of the fridge and then add a bit extra just in case.

Marker pen

Then, using the grid as a guide on the back of the black covering I cut 2 squares across, all the way down.

Cutting the backing

I then aligned this with the bottom of the fridge to make my first stripe! I then cut the second stripe and using the backing of the last stripe as a guide to measure in between the stripes I then made the second stripe.

(See Washing Machine and Kitchen Makeover posts for similar method of upcycling  furniture using sticky back vinyl).

Fridge Makeover

Mine are a little bit wonky here and there as the fridge has a curve and isn’t flat, however when I finished the fridge definitely made an impact! You could also cut out shapes like dots, triangles, squares – you’re only limited by your own imagination!

Fridge Makeover

Here is how the fridge looks in my kitchen!


Here is another view.

Kitchen from another angle

Natasha Banks

Hi! I’m Natasha, I live in Australia and I’m a primary school teacher normally. Earlier this year I suffered a minor injury of tearing a disc in my neck which then triggered an unusual response in my brain and I was found to have an autoimmune disease where my brain is telling my white blood cells to attack my nerves. I had to stop working and I’m at home all the time, with barely any outings! Some days I can’t move my arms at all, and other days I can move a little bit! On those days I try to do something in my house to make it beautiful because that’s where I am all the time! I have a wonderful husband who is a policeman and two gorgeous children – Naomie who is 9 but acts like she’s about 30 (she could run the house single handedly!) and Trent who is 8 and is an absolute little terror! I have traveled the world and have gained a lot of inspiration from European and Scandinavian decorating in particular. I’m still learning, still experimenting, but it’s bringing joy to me each day as I have a go!

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