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The kitchen is probably the smallest room in our house. I think this fact alone, had deterred many other tenants from renting it. Not me, I fell in love with it immediately. Yes, it needed work, and I mean a lot of work, but it still had so much potential!


Kitchen Tour - Funky & Retro Title Image


Well, the above picture is how it looked AFTER the makeover. I hope you’ll keep reading and follow me on my kitchen tour!


Yellow and turqouise kitchen makeover


Be prepared to be spammed with loads of bright pictures. If you hadn’t already guessed, this was one very colourful makeover!


Cabinets turned to open shelving and painted white and yellow


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I decided to paint the inside of the open cupboard yellow. I used the WICKES brand ‘Sapphire’.


Open shelving, white with yellow on the back


I added racing stripes to each cupboard using contact paper.


Kitchen cabinets painted white with gray contact paper stripes


The little hanging basket for the vegetables is from IKEA- the GRUNDTAL range. It was originally silver and I spray painted it a teal colour.


Wire shelf added to the wall for storage




Black tiles painted gray and a magnetic knife rack added


See that lampshade there? It’s actually a colander that I upcycled. I hope to have a tutorial for that soon!


Yellow collander turned into a light fixture on the ceiling


I painted the IKEA RIBBA ledges just to add more bursts of colour to the room. I attached little hooks to the underside of the shelves for the teacups.


Ikea Ribba ledges used to store coffee and mugs


I also covered my washing machine with contact paper (vinyl plastic) to give it a new look. To see my tutorial for this, please see the washing machine makeover post.


Washer upgrade with vinyl covering


These retro curtains were made by a lovely seamstress from Just Sewn For you. I hung them over the door leading to the garden to maintain some privacy.


Kitchen door with yellow and gray curtains


On one of the smaller walls between the back door and living room entrance, I created a chalkboard and cork board wall. This was quite handy for jotting down the week’s menu or pinning up food


Short wall of kitchen turned into a menu board


Image of a small kitchen corner turned into a memo board with cork


I’m guessing you might have noticed the floor by now. A lot of people have asked if it is painted, but it isn’t. It’s actually just chevron wallpaper! I explain how I did it in my Wallpaper Your Floor post.


Close up, top down view of a kitchen floor covered with wallpaper
Image of a kitchen floor covered with wallpaper


I even upcycled my silver rubbish bin/trash can to fit in with the decor. You can view the full tutorial here.




There was an area to the corner of the kitchen under the stairs that I used as a sort of pantry and also put my fridge there. We built in the small mini shelves and painted them yellow.


Corner area of kitchen turned into a small pantry


The kitchen really looks so different from what it looked like before. Here’s a before pic, but please don’t judge me. I’ll admit it prob wasn’t the best day to take a picture!


Before image of a black and white kitchen


Painting the tiles grey was probably the biggest change of all!


Angled view of a retro kitchen makeover




kitchen tour of a retro, funky kitchen makeover


Adding in the finishing decor was fun too. As usual, I went to eBay to source it all.


Top down view of an over the door basket holding foil and plastic wrap


Close up view of three yellow and stainless steel canisters for coffee, sugar and tea


I used a similar fabric as the door curtains to make a very slimline window pelmet here.


Close up view of a slimline window pelmet


Well, I hope you have enjoyed this kitchen tour. I would really appreciate a pin to Pinterest if you like what you see! Please feel free to leave a comment if you want to know anything in further detail.


UPDATE: My family and I have just moved from this property – into another rented accommodation. So new adventures and a new kitchen to decorate!




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