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BEFORE AND AFTER photo of a washing machine upgrade using vinyl


I love sticky vinyl (or Fablon as they call it here in the UK). It’s amazing the various things you can do with it, to change the look and feel of your home. Vinyl played a huge part in my recent kitchen makeover. I used it to get the racing stripe effect on my kitchen cabinets (see here for kitchen makeover pictures) and also to give my boring old washing machine a new lease of life.


See, I had heard about people painting their kitchen appliances to try and break away from the traditional white goods look, however panting just seemed too long term and definite to me. What if in the future I got bored of the colour and wanted a change? I would either have to buy a new washing machine or strip the paint off (effort!). I know nothing about paint stripping so I really would only have the first option to consider (not sure my hubby would be too impressed though). At least with vinyl, I could rest assured in the knowledge that if I ended up hating it one morning, all I had to do was apply heat and peel, and would be as if never happened!




Close up image of the washer panel


Turquoise vinyl paper (matt)






1. I gave the washing machine a good clean to ensure it was free of dust or dirt.


Top down view of the washer covered in turqouise vinyl


2. I rolled out the vinyl paper the whole length of my washing machine.


3. I then used a ruler to ensure the piece I cut from the roll was straight.



4. I placed the vinyl over the whole washing machine, taping the corners so it didn’t move. I ran the credit card firmly around the washing machine door to get an outline and then I cut the outline out to get a large circle (which I hoped would fit around the washing machine door once stuck in place).


Straight ahead view of the washer covered in turqouise vinyl as part of a washer upgrade


5. To apply the vinyl I positioned it in place under the washing machine control panel, peeled back a small section of the vinyl, and folded the backing paper under. I stuck the leading edge down, then whilst pulling the backing paper off I pressed the vinyl down with smooth actions of the card.


6. I pulled back the backing further and used the credit card to smooth out any bubbles. A few times I had to prick the bubbles with a needle and press the air out through the hole.


AND voila!


View of a retro kitchen makeover with pops of yellow and turqouise where the turqouise washer is kept

Funky, Retro Kitchen Makeover
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