It’s no secret that I love painting ‘stuff’…. Tables, fridges , shelves, chairs, you name it! I like to paint ALL THE THINGS. Seriously, I hardly throw anything away now because there is always potential to paint. I must admit that although I fancy myself to be a painting guru (cough!), there are a lot of stuff I haven’t tried painting simply because I had no idea they could be painted!
So in my quest to conquer the world one paint can at a time, I decided to do a little researching (aka browsing my life away on Pinterest). I found some pretty awesome items that people had painted that just blew me away! Here are my top 24 picks… be prepared to be enlightened! You know what they say, ‘knowledge is freedom’ or is it ‘knowledge is power’? Whatever you get the idea, no excuses now, get to painting!
24 things I didnt know you could paint

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