DIY Under Stairs Homework Station (with IKEA)

Today I’m sharing inspiration on how to utilise the awkward space under the stairs to create a modern under stairs homework station for your kids – using IKEA furniture!


Today I’m sharing inspiration on how to utilise the awkward space under the stairs to create a modern under stairs homework station for your kids – with the help of a small space brand we all know and love. IKEA!

Create an under stairs homework station for your kids / grillo designs
**This post was sponsored by IKEA UK.

The first day of school is just under two weeks away – and although I’m looking forward to the prospect of a little more stability and schedule to my life, I’m going to miss spending time with my 6 year old and all the spontaneity that comes with it (except the trips to the indoor playhouses of course …. can’t say I’ll ever miss those god-awful places)

When I look at my son, I still can’t quite get over how quickly he is growing up!

Gosh, is it really going to be his last year at infant school already?? I know he’s more than ready for the big transition, but I for one, am not!

Somebody stop the train please … this mama wants to jump off!

Anyway, to get us all into the (fast approaching) new school year spirit, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a little homework station for my son.

Here it is – all tucked away under the stairs!

use the akward space under the stairs to create an under stairs homework station for your kids / Grillo Designs

Diy under stairs homework station with ikea for back to school week / grillo designs


Now my son doesn’t spend much time in his bedroom (I don’t think many boys his age do to be fair) so I already knew that putting a designated workspace in his bedroom would be a wasted effort. It would gather dust and mostly likely never be used.

Also, I’m a little wary of internet acess for kids in the bedrooms. I kind of like to know whats going on at all times.

So I considered a few other places,

– The spare room : This tiny room functioned as my husbands man cave with some very large ugly looking computer gadgets – there was no space for another desk.

-The Dining room: My sons desk used to live here but has since moved to the garage to make room for an extra large fridge

But quickly realised both of these rooms were a no-go

And then it came to me one day, like a sort of epiphany!

Under the stairs in the living room – that’s where I would put it!

A before look at the space under the stairs / grillo designs

As far as under stairs spaces went, it was quite small, but big enough for a desk and other bits (I thought). I estimated that there was enough leg room if you were to sit down and also enough head room (so you didn’t bang your head if you were to stand up suddenly).

All the space needed was some very careful planning and the right sort of furniture to make it happen!

But hey, that wasn’t going to be a problem!

I collaborated with IKEA for this project (dream brand alert) and when it comes to small space living, they have it down to a T.



When choosing furniture for this space, I really had to take into account the general look and feel of my current living room (which is still a work in progress, but you can see a snippet of the entrance here).

Modern rustic under stairs home work station for the kids / grillo designs

At the same time, I still had to create a functional home work area that my son would find conducive to work!

A few of the IKEA pieces I decided on included:

The ALEX drawer, which as you can imagine is quite handy for storage – especially for the tons of paper worksheets my son often comes home from school with!

Creating a DIY work conducive under stairs homework station for the kids / grillo designs

The LINNMON table top fit quite snugly on to the drawer (although I did have to saw off a 45 degree angle to fit the slope of the stairs). I love that this table top retails at only 15 pounds and can be customised in so many ways to create any style desk you want!

I placed an EKBY shelf (also cut to fit the space) with a clip on basket just above the desk areas.  And because I knew this space would get really dark in colder weathers, I also added in this cute HECTAR light!

Ikea under stairs home work station for the kids / grillo designs

This childrens swivel chair worked perfectly at this desk. The height can be adjusted and according to my son, its very comfortable to sit on!

Make a diy under stairs homework station with ikea furniture / grillo designs

Under stairs homework station inspiration using ikea products / grillo designs
SOURCES: Mustard cushion / Rug


As soon as you walk into my entrance there is an IKEA IVAR cabinet perched on the wall just before you climb the stairs.

Under stairs homework station in the living room / grillo designs


Playing off the raw wooden texture from the IVAR cabinet, I decided to add in a similar looking wooden slatted wall to the under stairs homework station and surrounding wall.

Creating a wooden plank wall for the under stairs homework station / grillo designs

DIY wooden plank wall for the under stairs homework station / grillo designs
SOURCES : Belly basket

The wood was secured in place with narrow but long nails (so not too difficult to remove and fill in holes if needed) A laser level helped to make sure everything was straight!

You know me, I cant help throwing in a little DIY! Maybe I’ll even do a tutorial on it, If you’re interested?


Easy DIY under stairs homework station for the children / grillo designs
SOURCES: Checked boxes

My son just loves this space – although he’s not over the moon about the prospect of homework again (I dont blame him because neither am I! Is it just me or does homework get extremely harder each year?)

What do you think of this under stairs homework station ? Have you ever used the space under your stars for something like this?

Let me know!

***This post was sponsored by IKEA UK I received products and payment for my time creating this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.




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  1. I absolutely loooove this! The wood slats look amazing! The parallels to the wallpaper and the picture frame give me liiife! Brilliant! Keep up the good work! ♥️

  2. I’ve always wanted one of these! Right now it’s not really possible to have one (cause I don’t really have the under the stairs space), but someday I’ll have a work station like this!

  3. I love the wallpaper that was used on the feature wall! 😀 By any chance do you know where I can find it? I’ve looked everywhere for something similar.

  4. A very inspiring space design wise, great DIY as well. The place looks so good and will be better used than anything else. The wood on the wall adds so much interest visually and I really like how you continue with the same colour way across the house. Is the landlord over the moon to have you as tenants? :)))

  5. Great little space under the stairs. I really like the effect and natural colour of the wood slates, so please yes to a DIY on it! I find it so satisfying to be able to use empty space that is otherwise wasted gathering dust or random items and to give it a useful activity such as studying is so good!! Good luck with the new school year

  6. I love this little space you have created and it’s probably the best place for it. What else would you use this little nook for? And like you say you can easily keep an eye on him here. Your projects are always so inspiring. I would never have thought of nailing wood to the wall like that but it looks amazing. And I guess you could add lots of hooks and hanging pots for storage too. Such a great space!

  7. It looks amazing, what a brilliant homework nook you’ve created! We used IKEA furniture in our home office too, it’s ideal. Love your wooden slat idea too, so stylish x

  8. It’s just fantastic! Simple but effective and you’re so right about kids internet in the bedroom! My little girl doesnt start school until next year but can already work Youtube – it’s scary. They rea;lly do grow up so fast! x

  9. Wow! This is one hell of a way to utilize the space… you styled it perfectly.. great job on this.. I love how the wood slats give character to the space.. ..the wall design.. did you paint that yourself? I love it

  10. Love this. I want to do a table top desk and Alex drawer combo in my office because I cant find a traditional desk I like. Also, I would love a tutorial on the wall itself. I’ve wanted to do a wood slat wall in my sons room right behind his desk. This space stepdads my decor love language for sure ?

    1. Thank you – so glad you like this! Yes the ALEX is perfect for creating a custom space and they do different kinds, even ones that can hold a CPU if needed, Ok, I’ll def do a tutorial for the wall in the future!

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