Boho inspired spring living room tour styled with home ware from the Argos Home Summer/Spring 2019 collection. This post has been sponsored by Argos Home.

Gosh. This  living room makeover has been such a sloooooow progress. And I know I do have a tendency to over exaggerate sometimes, but I promise this isnt the case now.  My mustard sofa was delivered last year August and I’m only now getting round to sharing this all with you.

Spring living room tour with argos home products
Here’s why:

  1. Budget – makeovers are costly. ‘I don’t have a money tree’ although of course I spend a lot of time dreaming about what I would do with my life if one suddenly did pop up in my garden tomorrow. Private jet perhaps?
  2. Time – Lack of it, or maybe that’s just my procrastination talking? I often like to tell myself that I am just so incredibly  busy whilst also watching Game of Thrones on Sky and munching a bag of fiery Doritos crisps (they are life if you’ve never tried them before!). It usually takes quite the ‘catalyst’ to kick myself into some sort of productive action.

In this case, Argos Home was the catalyst

A few months ago, they approached me to style some of their home ware pieces from their new Spring/Summer 2019 Home collection.  For those who might not know, Argos Home collections are completely designed by an in-house design team and Argos also stocks home ware brands including Habitat and Sainsbury’s Home (remember the outdoor sofa I built with them?).

I love the affordability and functionality that the Argos Home ware offers. They’ve really added the perfect  finishing touches to my living room , which I’m about to show you now!

I did want to name this post something far more interesting like;

10 ways to update your living room for spring or

How to DIY your Living room for Spring

But this brain is tired. So let’s just go with Spring Living room Tour.

Sound good?




I divided my living room into 3 zones to get the most out of the space.

  • the entrance
  • the living space
  • the work space

To be honest I decorated the office and entrance space last year, so today will be more of a focus on the living space.


As soon as you walk into my living room  from the porch area, the first thing you see is the staircase. I painted these stairs a while ago and carpeted the steps with a gorgeous wool carpet. You can see all the details here – I haven’t changed much  and I’m pleased to say the wool carpet is wearing quite well.

A photo of stairs painted black and with stenciled numbers
Just before the staircase, there is a wall cabinet that has, for the past few  months become a sort of dumping ground for all sorts of useless junk that might enter the house with someone.. It previously had both doors on but I decided to take one of the doors off. The logic behind that was, that if the contents of the cabinet were on display, then I’d be more likely to keep it tidy.

Makes sense right?


I de-cluttered the cabinets and organised everything into baskets. These Rattan baskets  from Argos were super handy. I love that they are deep enough to hold a decent amount of ‘stuff’ and look stylish while doing it!



Wall cabinet in the entrance of the spring home tour with removable wallpaper Rattan baskets set of 3



As a family we spend quite a lot of time in this space.

One of the biggest changes was the re positioning of all the existing furniture. In a recent Event hosted by Argos Home, I chatted with Alex from The Frugality about how I wasn’t such a big fan of change when it comes to design. In my mind, once a room is kind of finished its very rare that I’ll go back in and tweak things.

But this was different . I think this change needed to happen!

My sofa used to be against the  wall with the bay window (see pictures here). However, it is now positioned in front of the staircase . The living room is quite an odd shape and its dimensions are very long, so this new placement has made everything feel so much more intimate and cohesive.

Spring living room tour with yellow sofa and DIY cushions

I added in new cushions to the sofa – not straying far from my signature colours though of course (I didn’t want to get too carried away). I’ll let you in on a little secret. I made some of these cushion covers from Argos Pillow cases – using iron on hemming tape! I think I’ll share the DIY in the next few weeks.

Front view of entrance area in this spring living room tout. Yellow sofa positioned in front of stairs.
These are the bedding sets I used:



Before image of the stairs pre makeover - painted brown

DIY monochrome cushions on yellow sofa with stairs in background
The curtains you see are also a quick DIY.

Again I used tape and the Monochrome Jacquard Bedding Set  Double to make a pocket for the curtain rail. This hemming tape could be removed at a future date and this could then be used again as a duvet cover – which I LOVE.

spring living room tour with faux leather arm chair and gallery hat wall in the background
Monochrome Jacquard Bedding Set – Double  |   Curtain Rail   |  Faux leather Armchair


Basically this book case!

I’ve wanted some sort of shelving in this corner for the longest time but could never find anything I REALLY liked. This white bookcase was the perfect choice. The bookcase came flat packed and wasn’t too difficult to put together.

Side view of brown sofa and yellow sofa with argos home deep Maine bookcase.
I painted the backing of the bookcase a bohemian green (the same colour as my coffee table) before nailing in place. I love the pop of colour it adds to the room (you could also apply removable paper to the backing if you didn’t want to paint)

View of deep maine bookcase with green painted backing

Monochrome Jacquard Bedding Set – Double   |   Maine 5 Shelf Bookcase

Moving around the furniture also gave me  the opportunity to  add in  another piece  of furniture – an armchair!  This is a faux leather chair from Argos Home. It’s compact so it doesn’t take up much floor space at all.

Brown sofa with cactus and gallery hat wall in the background
Nomad cushion  |  Faux leather Armchair



I love the brown tones of the chairs fabric against the gallery hat wall and DIY TV cabinet .The gallery wall is a work in progress. I’ll be adding more hats to it when I find ones that really fit. For now, this will do.

Faux leather sofa with gallery hat wall in the background

I realise that I might have overdone it a little with all the baskets in this room. . .

Ok, well maybe a lot, but baskets work for everything! My son likes to play with his toys  in the living room, and baskets are great for hiding colourful Lego or action figures that really don’t match the decor ( tip for you, if you ever wonder how to have a tidy home with kids. Shove it all in the baskets) . I’ve used a  variety of trendy storage systems from Argos that have made organising in this space a whole lot easier.

For example, these square woven baskets slot perfectly inside a deep bookcase

Spring living room tour with renter friendly wallpaper in entrance
Cubed Storage Basket – Small Weave   |   Rattan baskets set of 3

Faux leather sofa next to a green coffee table. Argos wooden crate under the coffee table
 Set of 3 rope basket   |   Wooden crate   |  Global set of 4 mugs

I slotted a wooden crate under the coffee table for items like magazines and the tv remote (which always likes to go missing when you need it)

And Fred – the cactus is now housed in a cute basket! He kinda deserves it. I mean hes made it past his third month without dying  – a record in this house!

Large franke floor lamp positioned at the side of the yellow sofa
Can we also take a moment to appreciate this lamp? It’s probably my favourite piece form the new  collection. Although its quite tall, it does has a really sturdy base so you don’t have to worry about it falling over.

View of yellow sofa next to franke floor lamp in spring living room tour

Franke Black Floor lamp
Black forke floor lamp close up

Floor cushion from Argos home collection next to green coffee table





Before image of the space under the stairs
This space under the stairs was initially meant to be my sons homework station and it still sort of it is,  except I have now moved my computer down there. You know to use when my sons  actually at school! So yeah, you hear it here first. This is unofficially MY office now – sorry son!

Yellow sofa with DIY cushions with office space in the background
The biggest change here is that I  added in a bigger chair that we can both now use  (the previous chair was kiddie sized!) and also a comfy throw!

Updated office space in spring living room TOUR. Grey chair under a desk with white drawers
Knitted throw   |   Shell chair   | Set of 3 rope basket 

This little space already has lots of storage space, however I added in a wire basket to keep the desk space looking tidier.

Argos metal basket on desk
Wire basket

And that’s a wrap! Let me know what you think? Is there anything from this Spring living Room tour that you really liked? Let me know in the comments below

***This post was sponsored by  Argos homeI received products and payment for my time creating this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.

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