Learn how to build a rustic style two seat outdoor sofa for your garden (with the help of a few Sainsbury’s Home Goods!)

Learn how to build a rustic style two seater outdoor sofa for your garden (with the help of a few Sainsbury's Home Goods!) / Grillo designs
*This outdoor sofa project was sponsored by Sainsbury’s Home. This post may also contain affiliate links – see full disclosure here

OK, so today isn’t just about building an outdoor sofa… well ok maybe it is,  a little. What I mean is, this is not your average DIY tutorial.

But maybe you had already guessed that? …. the proof is in the pudding they say – or in this case,  ‘the title’

Hear me out.

Lets talk about Sainsbury’s Home for a second. When is the last time you visited your local store? (For my non UK readers – you don’t need to answer this!)

And no, I don’t mean that quick dash you might make to grab a missing ingredient for that somewhat semi-achievable recipe you saw on Pinterest .

That kinda doesn’t count.

I’m referring to that ‘Oh i’ll just take a little peek at the home ware section’ and an hour later, you are struggling to push an overloaded trolley to your car – wondering where things went horribly wrong (also wondering if there’s a chance you’ll be able to extend the limit on your credit card?)’ kind of visit.

Not recently, you say?

Well, you need to change that my friend. Like, right now. Because clearly you are missing out (FOMO, isn’t that what the young ones call it these days?)

Sainsbury’s Home have seriously upped their home decor game this year- especially their outdoor range.  I do not exaggerate. Regardless of your style, there is pretty much something for everyone.

Yes, even for dark moody black on white style fanatics like myself (Helsinki range I’m looking at you)

So when Sainsbury’s Home approached me to style some of their outdoor home decor pieces … what do you think I said?


Ahem, I mean, I said, sure.. but can I build a sofa too?


Easy tutorial on how to build an outdoor sofa / grillo designs


Make a modern style outdoor sofa / grillo designs

Style a modern outdoor sofa seat / grillo designs


Stylish outdoor sofa seat in the garden / grillo designs



  • Heavy duty  L shaped brackets x 8
  • Sainsbury’s Home floor cushions x 3 (these need to be bought in store)
  • Sainsburys ‘Home Indoor cushions – Grey Helsinki ,  Havana Yellow
  • and Bohemian Traveller
  • Varnish (medium oak)
  • Exterior varnish/lacquer
  • 8″ scews
  • 2.4m treated Dried Timber (45 x 120mm)
  • Timber wood 18 x 144mm x 1.8m
  • Timber wood 18 x 28mm x 1.8m
  • wood glue




This outdoor sofa was inspired by a Home Made Modern video I saw on youtube. Although the general look is roughly the same- we changed up the plans, basic design and dimensions to suit our needs. 


1. Cut wood for the sides

Measure and cut the larger sized Timber (45 x 120mm) wood into 12 equally sized pieces. Once constructed, these will become the sides of the sofa.

The depth of the wood needed to be slightly deeper than  the seat cushions you plan to use – for a more custom fit.


How to build a rustic outdoor sofa / Grillo Designs


2. Cut the wood for the seating and back

Cut the Timber wood measuring 18x 144mm x 1.8m into 4 pieces (as long as the size of three Sainsburys home floor cushions).


3. Sand all of the wood.

Neaten all of the timber edges with 120 grit sandpaper.


4. Assemble the sofa side panels

All 6 pieces of wood needed to to be connected together to make one sturdy side panel.

To do this, you will first need  to drill x 2  sized 2 x 1/4″ diameter holes about 3 inches deep into the  sides of the (45mm x 120mm) wood


Drill a hole in the timber to connect side panels for diy outdoor sofa / grillo designs


Screw wood together to make a diy outdoor sofa / grillo deisgns


These holes will be used to recess the screws deep into the wood and connect each piece of wood together. Use a drill attachment to drive the screws through the bottom of the holes and into the wood below.  Reinforce with wood glue


Wood with pre-drilled holes to make this rustic outdoor sofa / grillo designs


5. Lay the sofa base

Place the two side panels flat on the floor and screw in the L-brackets (evenly spaced) along the Middle seam of the 6 panels.


Apply l shaped brackets to the diy wooden outdoor sofa / grillo designs


Apply all L shaped brackets to the outdoor sofa panel / grillo designs


Each bracket will hold one plank of 18mm x 144mm plank of wood.


Apply wooden seating to the outdoor sofa / grillo designs


Secure each plank in place using the pre-made holes in the brackets


Screw wood to the diy outdoor sofa to make seating / grillo designs


6. Screw On the Back Piece

Screw the remaining piece of 18mm x 144mm to the side panels at an angle.

The bench is now complete – however we quickly found out that we couldn’t sit on it . It bucked in the middle with the tiniest of weight – it just wasn’t stable.

Back to the drawing board


Attach the backing to the diy outdoor sofa / grillo designs


7 Add Reinforcement.

We added in extra support to the underside of the seat planks between the brackets. This was done using the 18 x 28mm wood . Below is a clear image of how this was done. Notice we also added in a thick bar to the bottom of the base too.


Add reinforcement to the diy outdoor sofa base / grillo designs


Add reinforcement to the underside of the diy outdoor sofa / grillo designs


So much better!


8 Stain and varnish

This is kind of an important step if you want the bench to last any stretch of time outdoors.

As always I used an old cloth to apply the varnish and then a paint brush for the clear top coat.


Add reinforcement to the underside of the diy outdoor sofa / grillo designs


9 Place the cushions.

The bottom cushions are specially made for outdoor use but the top ones are more for indoor use – so picture yourself bringing them in every night.

The perks of living in sunny old England ey…..


A little gif on how to place all the cushions on the outdoor sofa / grillo designs


But, hey wasn’t that a breeze? It kinda reminds me of that bench I built last year – you know – the super easy one! I;m really pleased with how this outdoor sofa turned out. Also really pleased that after 8 years of moving homes, we finally have a gorgeous space in the garden to hang out in.

I cant wait to to get stuck into more outdoor projects. Its all quite addicting – I must say!



Now let’s have a look at some of these other Sainsbury’s Home products I used to style my new outdoor sofa. I have included clickable links to everything that can be bought online!


Side view of the outdoor sofa seat / grillo designs


Can you spot them?


styled outdoor sofa seat / grillo designs


This vintage water dispenser has me dreaming of the perfect BBQ. If the weather stays this nice – that might just happen!


Styled outdoor sofa with sainsburys home / grillo designs



Lighting for the outdoor sofa / grillo designs



Helsinki range styled for the outdoor sofa / grillo designs



DIY OUTDOOR SOFA TUTORIAL / GRILLO DESIGNSCUSHIONS: Grey Helsinki   / Havana Yellow  / Bohemian Traveller

So… in other words.. don’t hang about! Make that visit to your local Sainsbury’s Home store ( or shop online if that’s more your style). I promise you will not be disapointed!

How are you getting garden ready this summer?

***This post was sponsored by Sainsbury’s Home  – you can visit their online store to browse all their home range .  I  received products and payment for my time creating this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too!  All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own 



Learn how to build a rustic style two seater outdoor sofa chair for your garden (with the help of a few Sainsbury's Home Goods!) / GRILLO DESIG S