The IKEA TROFAST collection is a brilliant and functional storage range for kids bedrooms . Check out these creative TROFAST HACKS


The IKEA TROFAST collection is a brilliant and functional storage range for kids . Check out these creative TROFAST HACKS that you can try for your kids bedrooms!


A few months ago  participated in a campaign with IKEA on Instagram that involved toy storage, decluttering, and re-gifting of preloved toys to local charities. IKEA sent me the TROFAST ( for those that dont know, below is how the range looks, and it comes in various different colours )

To create a trofast hack you first need to shop the trofast collection online
. . . and for the next few days, it was mission ‘rid the house of the toys’ ( to clarify that Instagram post was sponsored but this post is not?)

Of course there were a few tears, not from me (although I did at points find the process fairly tear inducing) . . . from my son. It would seem he finds it hard to let go of toys he doesn’t play with. Toys he didn’t even know existed until I dug them up from various neglected places of his room.

Bizarre really, but I’m told a lot of children his age exhibit similar confusing traits.

Anyway, by the end of it all, we were left with a pretty decent looking toy corner, all thanks to the TROFAST!


IKEA TOFAST HACKS - A Pine trofast unit against a grey wall surrounded by kids toys

Which then got me thinking, I wonder how other parents are using this handy piece of furniture in their kids bedrooms?

So I took to Pinterest , google . . . blogging central, and did a little surfing .. and here’s what I found!!



1. Milfcafe Blog used the TROFAST to create a ‘step ladder’ for their sons playhouse loft bed. You’ll be surprised at just how sturdy these furniture range is! Perfect for little feet.
ikea trofast hacks - trofast used as stepping ladder to a loft bed in a kids bedroom

Photo via Milfcafe Blog

2.The Crazy Craft Lady created a train activity table from the TROFAST. I love that it also has tons of storage for toys underneath too.
Ikea trofast hacks - a train table made from trofast units on tip of a black and white striped table in a kids bedroom

Photo via The Crazy Craft Lady

3. Following on from the idea above, the TROFAST can also be hacked into a rolling LEGO inspired table just like this from The Handymans Daughter. All the LEGOs can be stored in one place , which essentially means happy parents. If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO before you’ll understand why!
ikea trofast hacks - a lego inspired table using 2 trofast units - painted blue and red

Photo viaThe Handymans Daughter.

4. I’m seriously in love with this boys bedroom makeover by Put up Your Dukes, in particular this cute little bench seat area. It looks like they connected two TROFAST units together and then topped with a comfy set foam.
ikea trofast hacks - a corner bench seating in a boys bedroom using ikea trofast units. trofast units topped with a foam seat cushion

Photo via Put up Your Dukes

5. One of the great things about the TROFAST is they come with a selection of large tubs that can be easily customised (think labels , form stickers etc) . Little York House has has placed circle decals on her tubs to match her daughters room decor. They remind me a little of dominos!
IKEA TROFAST HACKS - trofast unit placed in a childs room against a feature blue scandi painted wall.

,Photo via Little York House

6. The TROFAST is just the right height to make a mini children’s desk/ table as House Home Love has done in her shed. Just add a sturdy piece of wood across the top and slip in a chair for this look!
IKEA TROFAST HACKS - trofast units used to create a childrens desk area in a shed.

Photo via House Home Love

And here’s another cute desk idea via Hemilikheter
trofast units wall mounted and used to create a desk space in a kids bedroom. Pine trofast painted a pale green to match the wall

7. This bedroom is giving me all the thrills. Home Style Mother has placed the slimmer TROFAST units together to create a very functional storage wall . I like that it gives you extra space to display your kids favourite items.
 trofast units placed together to g=create a trofast wall. tofast units are pine and a large gallery wall is above the trofast units

Photo Via Home Style Mother

8. I’m a little mind blown away by this TROFAST hack via IKEA Hackers. The frame of a pine TROFAST was used to create a min girls toy kitchen! See all the details here
 mini play kitchen using the frame of the trofast unit. the kitchen is painted red and has a min curtain and a small sink

Photo via IKEA Hackers

9. If you’re looking for a kids bed with storage, this might be just what you need. Hey There Home created a twin platform bed for her son using the smaller TROFAST units as a base! Amazing huh and so much storage, gah!
diy platform bed using trofast units to elevate mattress in a boys bedroom. The trofast unit contains green and orange bins.

photo via Hey There Home

What do you think of all these IKEA TROFAST HACKS? Have you tried any yourself? You can shop the TROFAST range here or pop to you local IKEA store!

9 ways to use the IKEA TROFAST UNIT pinterest image



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  1. Great options. We have a playroom/classroom in our home since we homeschool our kids so they have all of their school supplies and toys in the same room. It can get chaotic and i do have bins and organizers but these are very good storage options

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