Three tiered stands are all the rage right now – especially metal industrial style trays that rotate . .. like this one! Learn how I made it over on Remodelaholic!

Learn how to make a DIY three tiered stand from upcycled baking tins / Grillo designs


You all know about my love affair with vintages baking tins right?

I mean, our year long whirlwind romance is no secret.

At least, not to me.


Easy tutorial on how to make a three tiered stand./ Grillo Designs


When I turned a baking tin into a planter, people said ‘ it ‘ wouldn’t last… that the love triangle between the herbs, baking tin and I, just would not work…


And when the baking tins and I took our ‘relationship’ to the next stage, and I decided to turn old tart tins into coasters, we were faced with even more dubious responses like, hot cups on fabric, really? That’s bizarre etc…

Wrong again

‘What in gods name is going on with you and the baking tins?’ many have asked.

A lot as it happens, but its hard to explain. 

Regardless, I  powered through all the ‘negativity’, because you just dont  second guess true love.

Of course you don’t.

This new project I’m sharing on Remodelaholic today is part three of the Medina and her Baking Tin(s) love saga.


Industrial farmhouse style three tiered stand tutorial / Grillo Designs


It’s a DIY three tiered stand made from yours truly. I learnt a few new skills in the making process including

  • I don’t have patience for a rivet gun
  • Lazy Susan mechanisms can be bought off amazon
  • I love baking tins (duh)



Head over to Remodelaholic now and check out the full tutorial for this three tiered stand.

There will be a part four, I can assure you.



Learn how to make a diy three tiered stand from vintage baking tins.Great for organising craft supplies and decorating / Grillo Designs

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