How To Make Coasters From Tart Tins – In 10 minutes!

For this months 10 min DIY challenge, myself and 6 other bloggers had to upcycle something. I chose to upcycle these vintage tart tins pictured below (You might want to get a heads up on my baking tin collecting habit here….. and turn them into funky table coasters . Please tell me you approve?


Learn how to make coasters from vintage tart tins/pans. These make for great gifts too – just saying

Easy tutorial on how to make coasters from old vintage tart tins/pans / grillo designs


See this mark here?

How to make coasters to avoid ugly ring marks / grillo designs

Yes the one with huge arrow pointing at it…. Today I’m calling it the ‘ring of death’.


Because when I find out who is responsible for it, there will be pre-mediated thoughts of killing. And other equally gruesome things ending in possible harm for said culprit (too much?)

Not that I’m trying to be the next ‘Dexter’ or anything (I don’t own a chainsaw)… I just really hate seeing these ring marks on my furniture. They look gross and are a nightmare to get rid of sometimes. Also, its not like we are a coaster-less home, quite the opposite actually. There are plenty around, just waiting to be used!

Deep breath Medina.

OK so heres my theory. Maybe, if there were even more coasters around.. like lots more, stacked up real high, people (let’s not pretend here. I mean my husband) will take the hint and actually use them?

Worth a try right?


I promise there is a point to the above rant and I’m getting to it.

For this months 10 min DIY challenge, myself and 6 other bloggers had to upcycle something.  I chose to upcycle these vintage tart tins pictured below (you might want to get a heads up on my baking tin collecting habit here)


vintage tart tins before how to make coasters / grillo designs www.grillo-designs


….. and turn them into funky table coasters (that I’m hoping my husband will start to use) . Please tell me you approve?


how to make coaster using fabric / grillo designs

how to make coasters for your coffee or dining table / grillo designs


You can see what my other blogging friends made for this quick DIY challenge by scrolling right to the bottom of this post.



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1: Remove the base from your tart tin.

How to make coaster step one - remove the base / grillo designs

2.Choose your fabric, flip it over and trace around the tart tin base with a pen or marker.

how to make coasters that are fabric/ grillo designs

3. Cut around the shape you have just drawn with your scissors

 how to make coasters covered in fabric / grillo designs

4. Coat the tart tin base in a thin layer of modpodge glue.

how to make coasters using modpodge glue/ grillo designs

5. Smooth the fabric over this and then another layer of glue on top to seal. It will look pasty white at the start but once dry it will turn clear . Ideally you should follow the modpodge glue instructions which states to wait 2 hours before sealing, but I was a little short on time so I cut a few corners

You however are probably not, so try to do it by the book 😉

how to make coasters easily / grillo designs

6. Once the glue starts to dry it hardens making it super easy to cut. Use your scissors and tidy up the edges!

how to make coasters for your home / grillo designs
7. Place the  base back into the tart tin and you are done – with the first coaster!  You’ve got 3 more to make now!


OPTIONAL: You can use your glue gun  to stick the bases down more permanently (I chose not to as I like the idea of being able to change it up!). You can also add felt dots to the bottom of your new coasters if your worry about them scratching your furniture.
how to make coasters that can be used for your cups and mugs / grillo designs

What I love about this idea is that you can use just about anything to transform tart tins into coasters i.e paint, contact paper, wall paper, washi tape, you name it!. The sky or in our case, Amazon prime is the limit!


easy how to make coasters using fabric tutorial / grillo designs

Now where is that husband of mine? I need to start dropping some very not so subtle hints about my new DIY coasters.


how to make coasters that are industrial and rustic / grillo designs


DIY coasters - learn how to make coasters for your cups by upcycling vintage style tart tins/pans. If you're a fan of modpodge crafts, you'll love this!


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  1. These are so cute! When I made coasters I found the mod podge went funny when it got wet, did you find that at all? I ended up giving mine a few coats of plasticote and it worked a treat

  2. These are really fun. I don’t think I would have had the imagination to use a tart tin as a coaster but it is brilliant! I love the black and white fabrics mixed with the vintage tin too. Very nice!

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