DIY Floating Window Plant Shelf Tutorial

DiY window plant shelf – Step by step tutorial on how to create indoor floating window shelves for your home. This is perfect for displaying plants


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A variety of plants in terracota pots on the clear window shelves

I keep doing this.

I keep making plant related DIY project as if I’m some sort of plant guru.

As if I can actually keep plants in my house alive longer than 3 weeks (it used to be a week so this is an obvious improvement)

As if.

Let me think back.

There was the baking tin herb planter, the IKEA hack shelf, and the ‘others’ . . . before you ask me where they’ve all ended up, I’ll just tell you. Dead. In the bin. God rest their souls.

A side view of the window plant shelf.

But this planter idea is different.


Well because this is literally shelves – in a window. A floating window plant shelf. Which basically means that these plants will get all the sunshine they will ever need. All I have to do, is remember to add water . . .

Note to self: ‘Siri set a weekly reminder for me to water my plants please.”

A close up image of the plants on the clear floating window shelf. Cactus and succulent plant in full view.

I chose to use acrylic for my shelves because it’s lightweight, easy to clean and safer than glass. Note: These acrylic shelves do bow a bit with the weight of the plants, but you can always buy thicker acrylic or can also double up on the thickness of each shelf by gluing two sheets together with Gorilla Glue Clear.


Materials needed to Make a Window plant shelf:

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  • Gorilla Glue Clear
  • Palm sander
  • Manual saw
  • Drill – this one is my favourite brand to use
  • Screws
  • Paint (white) and paint brush
  • Sawn Kiln Dried Timber 19mm x 32mmmX 1-8m (cut to size) – I buy my wood from Wickes
  • Poly-acrylic sheet – cut to size (w: 200m x d: 6mm (1/4″)) which you can order online or buy from local hardware stores

I’m aware all windows will vary in size depending on where they are placed/where in the world you live in so feel free to adjust my material dimensions to size



My glue of choice for this project was Gorilla Glue Clear. As it says, this glue dries clear making it ideal for this type of shelving that would be composed of acrylic sheets

My hands holding up the gorilla clear glue over a box of gorilla glue products

To start, measure the width and height of the window alcove .

I decided I only wanted to use one side of the frame to create this plant shelf as the other half needed to have easy access so the window could be open and closed when required.

Next, create your own brackets for these shelves.

I cut the wood to size (200mm wide) using the manual saw to create 6 brackets (I planned to have 3 shelves , so two brackets per shelf)

Image of materals needed to make a window plant shelf. Two brackets, one sheet of acrylic and the gorilla clear glue are shown

I also sanded the edges of the ‘brackets’ to get a smooth finish.

Palm sander used to sand the wood for the brackets of the window plant shelf

I used the remaining wood to create a vertical bracket/divide in the centre of the window alcove. This piece of wood was cut exactly to the height of the window frame so I was able to slide it in without the need for it to be secured due to the tension. (excuse the mess in my garden by the way . . . it’s not summer ready yet)

Picture of me inserting the vertical frame in the middle of the window for the base structure of the plant shelves

Secure 3 of your brackets to the vertical frame

To figure out where I needed to position each bracket, I measured the full length of the window (again) and divided by 4. Then I marked with a pencil and ruler – using a level to ensure everything was straight.

I attached brackets to the vertical frame first. I pre- drilled a hole to the center (to prevent cracking of the wood) of each bracket, and then applied Gorilla glue clear around the pre-made hole.

Image of me applying the gorilla clear glue to the wood brackets

I secured the brackets in place horizontally with a screw through the middle. The screw helps to keep the bracket in place whilst the glue dries.

Showing wear to position the wooden brackets on the vertical frame in the window

I repeated these steps for the other two brackets until I had a vertical frame that looked like this.

Final image of the unpainted wooden frame in the middle of the window with three of the brackets screwed across the frame

Secure 3 brackets to the inside of the window alcove.

On the opposite side of the window frame, I attached the other 3 brackets. I pre- drilled two holes to each end of these wooden brackets.

Pre drill holes into the end of the wooden brackets

I screwed in place with wall plugs and screws at the marked positions (using a level to make sure everything was straight).

Image of me holding the bracket and level against the inside of the window

Image of two unpainted brackets screwed in place inside the window

I then painted the brackets with white paint to help it blend in better to the window frame (this could be done before fitting to the window).

Apply the clear glue to brackets and slot in your shelves.

I applied Gorilla Clear Glue to the top of the brackets to secure the acrylic shelves . (I didn’t want to have to screw through the plastic so this seemed like the best option).

Applying the gorilla clear glue to the top of the brackets

As the shelves I was using were acrylic (a non porous material ), I damped the edges of the plastic with water using kitchen towel before putting in place. This helped both the wood and plastic bond to each other.

My hand seen wiping the ends of the acrylic panel with water to help stick to the wood

My hands placing the acrylic shelf on to the brackets in the window

Leave to dry, and that’s it! You have yourself a window plant shelf.

Image of gorilla clear glue on the third shelf next to a cactus plant

A close up image of the cactus plant on the acrylic plant shelf

In case you were wondering, this window is in my dining Room!

The window in the dining space. A cork board table with white chairs against a chalkboard wall seen

Vertical view of the plant shelves in the window. Cork board table seen

***This post was sponsored by Gorilla Glue UK. I received products and payment for my time creating this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.

Diy window plant shelf - Step by step tutorial on how to create indoor floating window shelves





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  1. Great DIY idea! My daughter LOVES houseplants & is searching for the perfect in window shelving. Question, is the vertical strip attached to window frame somehow? Or is the fact that it is as tall as window enough?

  2. Hi Medina, I’ve been searching the interwebs for this solution! I have way too many indoor plants in a small house with only a few sun-facing windows. I knew someone somewhere surely had devised an attractive solution to this conundrum. Yours is one of the best I’ve seen out there. Your dining room window looks so lovely with the new shelving and your beautiful plant babies. Thank you so much for sharing your DIY project, especially with the step-by-step instructions and detailed images. So well done! I’m looking forward to this project. I’m glad I ran across your blog; I’ll be checking it out for your other DIY projects. Thanks again! ~ Sherry

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