Get creative with your gardening and browse these unusual but very awesome planter ideas!

Creative planter ideas from repurposed items in your home / grillo designs

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I am no gardener. I have thumbs (thankfully) but neither of them are remotely green.


do love quirky decorating ideas however, so I can definitely appreciate the ‘repurpose-all-things-imaginable-to-create-a-super-cool-planter’ craze concept that has been circulating Pinterest for quite some time now.


I’ve put together a roundup of 23 planter ideas made from repurposed items in, around or on your house!  I can’t guarantee that said plants will thrive in these wonderfully creative containers but they will definitely add that unique touch to your home or garden.




1.An old Tonka car via The Magic Brush Inc

diy planter ideas from the magic brush inc / grillo designs


2. Egg shell planters by Kanani Higbee via Grillo Designs Gardening group 

planter ideas for seeds in the garden / grillo designs


3. Tire planter via Diy Show Off


4. A picnic basket planter via Confessions Of A Plate Addict

planter ideas using a picnic basket via confessions of a plate addict / grillo designs


5. Hanging Lampshade planter via Sadies Seasoned Goods

hanging planter ideas from sadies seasoned goods / grillo designs



6. Cinder Block Planters via Grillo Designs blog


7. Rotted tree stump planters via My Repurposed Life

tree trunk planter ideas from my repurposed life / grillo designs


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