This project was submitted by Charity Williams from Charity’s Pallet Palace – a member of our Home and DIY Facebook group. She created  this beautiful indoor herb garden from pallets and Mason jars for one of her friends. I am a huge mason jar fan (do you remember my Ball Mason Jar Fridge?) so this project is right up my street!

Indoor herb garden using mason jars:

boomnetting (1)

Charity shares her tutorial below. If you have any questions about anything please leave her a comment below. You can also browse our other members DIY projects here 

Materials used:

  • Pallet
  • crowbar
  • sawzall
  • orbital sander
  • screws
  • impact drill
  • hose clamps
  • mason jars
  • chalkboard paint
  • antique white paint
  • mini wax providential stain
  • Matt finish polyurethane
  • wall hanging mounts

How to:

I was given a picture of a space in my friend’s home where she wanted an indoor herb garden. She also provided me with measurement’s of the space and current color scheme of her home. First I dissembled a pallet using a crowbar, hammer, and sawzall.


I cleaned and sanded each board until it was home worthy quality.

I drew up some plans to send to my friend for her approval of my vision (see below)


I attached 4 pallet boards with running 3 boards across the back screwing in from back to front to avoid visible screw holes. Then was the beginning stages of doing the distressed look on the boards. (I tend to do it different then most suggestion tutorials).


I used providential stain with a small brush and stained along all edges and creases I applied  a little extra around prominent wood grains and other knots. Once dry, I painted it all with antique white matte interior paint. I then cut 5 6″ 1″x2″ boards and painted them with chalkboard paint – these were to be used as label plates for each herb.
Once the white antique paint had completely dried,  I lightly sanded the entire wooden plank with fine sanding pads on my orbital sander. Next, my favorite part. I soaked a t-shirt rag in water, added a touch of stain and mixed it all together. Then I light rubbed the moist rag all over the boards to show all the grains and previous stained edges and lines and knots.


After this I applied a light coat of matte poly.

I then  attached the backing wall hanging mounts.

Now it was time to use my hose clamps to place the jars to the boards. It helps to place the clamps around the jars and mark the clamp where you need so you know where to place them before drilling holes  I  took the clamps back off then screwed them in with 1 inch screws. Make sure to tighten the clamps enough to hold the jars sturdy but not too tight so that the glass breaks.


The chalk board name plates were placed above each jar for labelling with 1″ screws. Voila! All that left is planning your herbs and mounting the piece on the wall! So fun to have fresh herbs in your home


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About Charity

“First thing to know is that I am a cancer survivor going on 13 years cancer free. I have been trying to earn and save the $17,000 needed for my portion of reconstruction surgeries. I have much moral support in my small community. Our small Oklahoma town does not have a large wealthy population but we have a huge heart and I often have materials and lumber, mainly pallets, donated to me so I can create pieces to sell and earn the money I desperately need.”



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