Indoor Bottle Herb Garden – From Recycled Milk Bottles

This plastic bottle herb garden project was submitted by Sylvie Leost . Sylvie is a recycling guru who loves to upcycle discarded waste into useful and resourceful  items. Make sure you pay her a visit on her Facebook page Not Just Trash to see more of her creative recycling ideas .


plastic-milk-jug-planter-herb-garden / Grillo Designs www-grillo-designs-com

This hanging herb garden is also a great way to declutter the kitchen counters, dont you think? Now, empty milk bottles on the ready? Yes?  Over to Sylvia for the tutorial- Medina Grillo



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Materials used

  • 2 Pint sized plastic milk bottles,
  • 3cm wide wooden baton long enough to fit your window  ( I used the slat of an old wooden blind)
  • scissors,
  • craft knife,
  • hole puncher,
  • metal ruler
  • permanent black marker pen.



How to make this plastic bottle herb garden:

First give your milk bottle a thorough clean with water and remove labels.

Using the scissors, remove the top and handle of the plastic bottle. You can either do this by following the marking on your bottle as I did or by drawing out  where you will cut before hand with a marker.




You should end up with a higher and lower side that looks likes this


bottle-herb-garden-that-can-sit-on-your-window-sill / Grillo-Designs


Using the craft knife and ruler, cut at 2cm from the longer side of the bottle top edge then make two vertical cuts parallel from the center of the bottle. The cuts need to be approximately 4cm long and at 1.5cm from either side of the bottle center (but this depends on your baton size).

Finish the slits by punching holes on the top end of the vertical cuts (this gives the bottles enough space to slide on). Next use the black permanent marker pen to decorate and label each bottle.

To finish, slide the bottles thorough the  wooden baton using your pre-cut slits and suspend it from the window sill with your choice fixing.


different variety herbs inside your plastic bottle herb garden / grillo designs www/


Place your various herbs inside and watch your bottle herb garden flourish!


hanging milk jugs used as a bottle herb garden/ grillo designs /


I love the idea of making planters out of the most unlikely items for your herbs and planters. Here are 23 planter ideas that will give your home and garden that unique touch this summer!

I’ve also made some other creations from empty plastic bottles,  like these GORGEOUS DOVES and these DIY TOILET BRUSH HOLDERS


plastic bottle doves make from milk jugs by not just trash / grillo designs


If you have any questions about anything at all – please leave a comment below!


Sylvie Leost at Not Just Trash


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diy herb garden made from recycled cans / grillo designs




DIY Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden / grillo designs





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  1. Awesome, now time to use my all wastes bottle for my lovely belcony garden.
    Many many thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. This is a great way to recycle and reuse the plastic bottles that could’ve ended up somewhere else where it shouldn’t be. And the herbs you get from planting on these bottle are such a bonus! Great job!

  3. Wonderful creative collection. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Teresa Feria Ynostroza

    I put small pebbles or small rocks at the bottom. That way the water is retained without rotting the roots.

  5. karen rivers

    I love any recycle, reduce & reuse ideas.

  6. Bonnie

    In your post, Recycled Milk Bottles, Indoor Bottle Herb Garden, you picture a different -size bottle from what instructions tell us to use; twice the size in fact.
    How does this one slat actually hold the weight of: bottles+soil+plants+water?

  7. Laura Asher

    You don’t mention drain holes in the bottom. Won’t your plants need to drain when watered?

  8. Can you use gallon cartons as well? Are you planting in potting soil or just water? I also want to put it out on my back covered patio. Excited to try this.

  9. Ashly Wright

    What would you do in winter for your garden?

  10. Rosz

    I think it’s a really great idea but I do have a question. Do you put holes in the bottom of the jugs? Does that mean your have to take it down every time you need to water?

    1. No the herbs pots have holes and drain into the jugs directly 🙂

      1. Santos

        What do you mean by herb pots ?
        Did you mean herbs in pots purchased from store?
        This is just a hanger or place to keep the herb pots ? Or can I add soil to these jugs and grow plants directly

  11. It makes me inspired. It is time to grab my bottles from garbage. I have to keep my herbs for this summer. Loved your step-by-step paths.

  12. Anne

    You need to revise your list of supplies or your picture . Your supply list calls for 2 pint containers . Do you mean a 1 quart container (2 pints = 1 quart) ? The picture shows a 1/2 gallon container (approx 2 liters, and says on container it contains 4 pintss4). Your other directions use metric, so I assume you are more familiar with the metric as opposed to American measurement system. (Frankly, I wish we would go all metric– so much easier!)

    1. yes me too it can get really confusing sometimes! I’ll have to update the post! Thanks!

      1. Lynette YOUNG

        Please call it a half gallon size.

  13. Lyn Hillman

    I love this idea. Question though, why not leave the handle on?

    1. You could leave it on if you’d like 🙂

  14. Claudia Friend

    Can you take the bottle birds off this thread please – sylvie leost did not design these – i did – and at least there should be a credit. I don’t know why you would remove my comment

    1. Hi Claudia. I didn’t remove your comment – they just need to wait to be be approved my myself. I’m a little confused… You are saying that the bottle birds are your picture? If this is this the case I will need to talk to Sylvia to confirm this. My email is [email protected] if you would like to take further.

  15. Marilyn

    What a great idea…I am going to save my milk jugs. Cilantro is the one that has to be constantly replanted and this is the way to go. Thanks.

  16. Great job! It’s fun to be creative.