6 Fridge Organization Tips You Can Try Today

Can you recall that huge yellow mason jar logo that I painted on my fridge last year? If you can’t, here’s a quick peek – please avert your eyes if the colour yellow or ball mason jars just isn’t your thing. I promise I’ll understand.


Fridge organization isn’t so hard – if you know where to start. Check out all these helpful tips below!fridge organization tips and tricks / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking…. Oh Lord, she’s about to share a picture of that fridge again isn’t she?

Well no, I wasn’t planning to actually, but now that you mentioned it .. here it is in all its mason jar glory and here’s the post on how it came to be.

If you just averted your eyes, I get it. No hard feelings. Yellow this bright isn’t for everyone … and certainly not on a fridge.

tips and tricks for fridge organization / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.

I’m not really here to talk about how the fridge looks though, but rather the going on’s inside said fridge. For want of a better word, it’s a little chaotic in there. It’s not uncommon to find mouldy food tucked away in corners or out of date items buried under bags of fresh vegetables .

Which of course all then gets thrown in the rubbish bin.  Then I feel guilty, for being so wasteful. So I eat a tub of ice team (only just discovered behind a bag of opened frozen peas) to make myself feel better. Then I feel guilty again for my glutinous tendencies. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Better fridge organization is obviously the key here to saving me from poverty and a growing waistline. Here are a few organizing tips I found.. lets do this thing!


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Sorry folks, but in order to achieve an organized fridge, cleaning is kind of a necessary evil (unless of course you actually enjoy cleaning). Lindsay shares an easy way to do this here – don’t forget to check out her after.


a clean fridge is an important step in fridge organization via the crazy organized blog / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

via the Crazy Organized blog

And if you’re looking for that ultimate guide on how to tackle every nook and cranny of your fridge, this deep fridge cleaning post explains it all! Just look at how tidy this fridge looks!


Organized fridge with clean fridge shelves via living well and spending less / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

via Living Well Spending Less



Now heres the good news.  Once your fridge is sparkling clean, you can line the fridge door and inside shelves with mats for messy drips and spills, so cleaning isn’t such hard graft the next time you feel domestically inclined.


Line fridge shelves with mats for fridge organization / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

Via A Bowl Full Of Lemons


In-expensinve Contact paper works a treat too. There’s no need to scrub, simply wipe and the dirt is gone (now doesn’t that sound like every cleaning commercial you’ve ever heard?!)


fridge organization steps you can do today / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

Via The Preppy Leopard



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  1. Fridge magnet containers?! That is genius. I also like the idea of labelling stuff. Because I always do the food shop and unpack it all, the Mr comes home and always asks where things are (don’t know why he doesn’t just look). Labelling the shelves would save me the job of explaining where the apples are EVERY SINGLE TIME HE ASKS.

    I love the look of the jars, but probably won’t bother with that because what sort of guest is ever going to look in the fridge?

  2. Fabulous roundup! Lots of handy information Medina. Thanks for the tips. This is making me go and sort out my messy fridge!

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