Video Tour of a Multi-functional Living Room

A video home tour of a multi-functional living room space in a terraced house in the UK. Ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of every inch of your room.   


A video home tour of a multi-functional living room space in a terraced house in the UK. Ideas and inspiration on how to make the most of every inch of your room.

A multi-functional living room tour pinterest graphic

Photography credit : Kasia Fiszer Photography

Oh hey.

Just me . . . back again with another ‘check out my living room reveal’ type post. I hope you’re not getting sick of them (or me) just yet, but if you are I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve changed the layout of my living room sooooo many times in the past few years! Why? I guess as much as I convinced myself to believe that I was happy with the end results, I actually really wasn’t.

Here are just a few of those changes . . .



Velvet mustard sofa in front of a large bay window
Sofa in front of the window
View of a gallery hat wall next to a tv
Wall painted white and sofa facing the wall
Picture gallery wall on a latte painted wall. Rattan chair in front of wall with fur seating
Complete room painted a latte colour

Its a lot right ? And yet still after every change, a nagging feeling. You know, that really annoying feeling you get when something just doesn’t feel right? The ultimate ‘I just cant put my finger on it’ scenario. Yeah, that’s kind of how I felt about my living room.



Thankfully after quite a few restless months of racking my brains, I realised that it wasn’t the contents of the room that was throwing my senses off, but in fact the actual layout of everything. And all it took to come to this realisation was one day deciding to swing my sofa around to face the window as opposed to the wall. . . see below



Mustard yellow sofa against a wooden panel wall

Full landscape view of a bookcase wall unit styled with plants, books, and homeware items

Wall to wall bookcase styled with books, images and plants

And . . . I literally had one of those ‘ahaaa’ light bulb moments because it just worked!

Velvet mustard sofa against the wall to wall bookcase. Monochrome cushions styled on sofa

Be the reason someone smiles today on wooden paneling

Of course, changing the position of the sofa did mean I had to make minor

adjustments like moving the TV to another corner, and adding in more shelves to the bookcase wall to account for the empty space where the TV had once been – see here, but it was so worth it!

Dog tooth wing back chair in front of a wall to ceiling bookcase wall styled with books and images

Close up of styled bookcase. Hanging plants atop the shelving

We now have a multi-functional room that we all REALLY love and for once, actually feels finished.

Yes, its taken me a while to get to this point, but it’s important to remember that decorating a home isn’t a race! Sometimes you really do have to physically live in a space for a while before you know what you really want.



IKEA IVAR cabinet suspended on a wall with removable wallpaper.

View of the black staircase in the living room. Ivar cabinet suspended on the wall next to the stairs

Stair case with carpeted treads and painted risers with industrial numbers

Anyways that’s enough of my waffling, here is the complete video tour of my multi-functional living room! I hope you like it (please don’t forget to leave a thumbs up if you do). I know I usually do lots more of a written run through with room reveals like this, but to be honest, everything I could or need to say , is in the video!



Also, my previous posts about the living room already cover the how’s and why’s of some of the decorating decisions in this space. Check them out below



under stairs work space station with wooden paneling

I’ve also included a full source links along for most items seen in these pictures. Leave me a comment down below if there is something you’ve seen that I’ve forgotten to mention!

View of the painted black stairs in this multi-functional living room



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Black and white 50 x 50cm cushions : H&M Home





That’s everything! Do you like this room layout? Let me know what you think of this multi-functional living room tour in the comments below!


Video tour of a multi-functional living room pinterest graphic



Modern bedroom makeover / Grillo Designs


DIY porch makeover / Grillo Designs


Stairs Makeover | Grillo Designs




  1. I love it. I really like your color combinations and whimsical touches, makes you want to “hunt” your pictures for these little gems. I do think you’ve nailed it. So open and inviting. Thank you for sharing. Definitely following.

  2. I would never have thought to put the sofa facing the window, but I love it! Such a different way of looking at the space. I’ll have to see if I can do something similar. I also noticed how the desk is supported by your decorative wall boards/slats. Genius.

  3. Beautiful – you are a style apart from much of contemporary interior design. Love your colour combinations and use of black. Also how each space flows to the next. The sofa change – looks fantastic and unexpected. You deserve a prize – wish I had one to give! But I feel I lucked out by subscribing to your very original design post.

  4. I really like the area under the stairs, but I don’t like where you put the sofa. If I were to be sitting there, it would be quite difficult to read with the light coming in my face. The light should be coming in over my shoulder, as it was before moving the sofa. I would tile the risers on the stairs to give the room some color. Maybe use Moroccan tiles? Your hanging plants are wonderful. Overall, the room looks very friendly and inviting.

  5. I love it! You are amazing! Really creative and I especially love that you are a renter and it means that your ideas are renter friendly.

  6. What are the size of horizontal wood pieces on the wall and where did you get them? I love them so very much.

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