How to create Faux Rust without using Rust Paint!

I am so excited to introduce you to a long time Insta chum Pati Robins from the Style Squeeze Blog! Pati is a DIY enthusiast with the most amazing decorated rental home – if you don’t already follow her on Instagram, you NEED to (like now!). Today she is sharing a quick tutorial on how to create an industrial  faux rust effect that will work on literally anything! 


I am so excited to introduce you to a long time Insta chum Pati Robins from the Style Squeeze Blog! Pati is a DIY enthusiast with the most amazing decorated rental home – if you dont already follow her on Instagram, you NEED to (like now!). Today she is sharing a 5 min tutorial on how to create a faux rust effect for any of your home decor items!
Learn how to use cinnamon to create faux rust for industrial metal letters / Grillo Designs


Hi guys! Pati here. So today I  thought I’d show you a very quick and easy way to create faux rust – using cinnamon! I simply love rust patina and with just two supplies  you can create and add “rust” to just about anything



  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Wall paint (i.e Latex or Emulsion). I used a random tester pot in a dark grey colour.
  • Paint brush or kitchen sponge. I tried with both and both work well as you will be dabbing paint anyway. Use whatever you have.
  • Spay on Matt Lacquer (clear Polyutherane)



Just to note for a metal effect like my paper letters in my kitchen (pictured above) , first spray the item with silver spray paint – then allow it to dry.

Then dab a bit of dark grey wall paint here and there using  a cloth to wipe it off gently. This will dull off silver paint in places and your item will look move vintage- then follow the rest of this tutorial.


Create faux rust for your winter star decorations using only two materials / Grillo Designs


Today however, I will be showing you how to create a faux rust effect using a paper barn star (Tutorial on how to make this will be on my blog soon).


1- Depending on your preferences , dab paint to the areas where you want your faux rust to show.  If you paint too much, dont worry  just wipe it off with a cloth. Work on small areas at a time to ensure paint is wet when the cinnamon powder is applied.


Applying wet paint is the first step in creating faux rust / Grillo Designs


2- Sprinkle cinnamon onto the desired areas. Handy tip: use some kind of paper underneath to catch any extra cinnamon that falls off (you re-use this again!). I however forgot to do this because i am an idiot 😉


Sprinkle cinnamon powder over paint to create faux rust / Grillo Designs


3 -In places you can gently dab or  press cinnamon into the paint so that some areas will be a more greyish dark rust. Don’t worry if the paint comes off here and there – that is the beauty of it!


Dab cinnamon into paint for a more authentic faux rust finish / Grillo Designs


4- Allow everything to dry and you are all done! Easy huh?



If you are concerned that the the cinnamon might come of – spray it with a bit of Matt lacquer (clear Polyutherane) – although I never bothered and mine is holding up well


Completed Rustic paper barn star using the faux rust method / Grillo Designs


If you have any questions about this faux rust tutorial – leave me a comment below, You can also visit my blog to see more of my DIY Tutorials, including this budget kitchen makeover 


Full industrial kitchen with completed faux rust star and metallic letters / Grillo Designs


or this DIY headboard for my daughters room




Pati Robins!



5 Min easy tutorial on how to create faux rust without using rust paint for a stylish industrial look. This method can be used for any household materials / Grillo Designs



If you’re reading this tutorial, chances are you might be an ‘all things industrial fan’. Here are just a few other tutorials that you might like – including my very own take on creating faux rust metal letters!


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  1. Medina:

    What is on your kitchen floor? I love these floors and would like to do them in my kitchen and bathrooms.

    1. HI Courtney, its not my kitchen. Its Pati Robins kitchen – if you follow the link to your blog she shares all her sources for her kitchen. I do believe her flooring is from Tile Mountain.

  2. Medina this is positively brilliant! Eco-friendly and makes my olfactory system dance. 🙂
    FYI you are human… sharing a tutorial… not what you said. 🙂

  3. Really love how the star turned out! It really does look like rust. I’ve used paint to create a rusty look but this technique would be easier, and really does look more like rust. Even has that rough texture like rust, not smooth like paint would be. Pinning! Thanks!

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