The Easiest DIY Jute Lampshade You’ll Ever Make!

This DIY jute lampshade is a great way to add some rustic charm to your home! It requires a little patience but as far as making your own lampshades goes, this is pretty simple!


This DIY jute lampshade is a great way to add some rustic charm to your home! It requires a little patience but as far as making your own lampshades goes, this tutorial is pretty simple!  

Simple yet gorgeous tribal diy jute lampshade / Grillo designs

Let’s be honest… almost all of my DIY projects start off in pretty much the same way.

I spot something I like in a store (or online).

I casually slide in for a closer look.

I drool and gush over said item like a doting grandmother.

Then I notice the price!  Suddenly the walls feel like they are closing in on me and I  gasp inwardly.

(Melodramatic me? Bite your tongue)

‘I can’t afford that!!’ I cry out! I like to think this part is also done inwardly, but I have had the odd slip up before (in the store I mean, talking to yourself at home is totally ok)

Resulting in a few startled and ‘is she ok?’ concerned looks from shoppers around me.

Very Bridget Jones Right?

(Also ‘the ground’ never seems to hear your pleas to swallow you up whole in these kind of situations, just in case you were wondering)

Anyhow I digress.

So I reluctantly put the item back and reassure myself with the usual ‘Its ok, I’ll just make it myself’ thoughts . I then add a mental picture to the 34578 other items on my ‘stuff-to-make-myself-because-I’m-too-cheap-to-buy’ list.

The end.

‘Tis a tale as old as time really (did you just sing that? I know I did)

If we’re gonna get into specifics though … here is the exact lamp I saw from Cox and Cox that inspired this particular DIY lampshade. £85 ($112)

And here’s mine….£9 ($12) worth of materials.


pendant diy jute lampshade with tribal stamping / Grillo Designs


Some might call it a really low budget knock off…


Triangle stamped diy jute lampshade / Grillo Designs

I would say they were right.




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I bought my lamp used off . At first glances, the lamp appeared quite standard (almost pretty even) , but looks sure are deceiving!  It turned out to be quite a musty smelly old thing. The fabric had to go!


Before look at the diy jute lampshade / grillo Designs


Que the scissors.  I ripped off that fabric pronto ( I admit, I may have gone a little over board with the cutting – it all started looking a little frantic)


Before look at the diy jute lampshade without fabric / grillo Designs

I  washed my hands a few times after – maybe more than a few . I just felt all itchy after. I also cleaned the frame, you know just in case…


Jute twin and lamp needed to make diy jute lampshade


Next the wrapping of the string to the frame



I made a loop knot on one end of the frame with the string and just started wrapping it around opposite sides (making sure there was no gaps between each sting )


Wrapping jute string around frame to make a diy jute lampshade

The wrapping went on for days mind you.



With the odd coffee breaks.

And self indulgent ‘look what I’m doing now’ Insta stories.

TOP TIP: You might want to tune into Netflix at some point during the wrapping ( its a long business). Can I suggest the series A stranger things?

At times, the jute string got a little tangled so I had to cut off , tie a knot and start a new wrap.

Here’s what I ended up with..


completed diy jute lampshade


Neat huh?

Ok now for the stamping part.

I wanted a geometric tribal design so I decided on triangles for my prints. I drew this shape out on the backside of the foam sheets and cut it out. I then stuck it a piece of scrap wood.


DIY tribal stamp used to make a diy jute lamp


I used my brush  to coat the ‘triangle stamp’ with paint- I chose black matt paint.


Paint over your diy stamp to make this diy jute lamp


Then starts the stamping! It’s really as fun as it sounds.

I made sure I pressed down really hard to ensure I got a perfect print!



I alternated between columns of triangles pointing up and triangles pointing down. Do you like?


Tribal triangle stamp pattern on the diy jute lampshade / Grillo Designs


Finally the safety stuff **  (If I can barely afford a lamp, litigation fees are pretty much out of the question)

  • Spray the finished lamp with fire retarding liquid – follow manufacture instructions and test accordingly


Fire retardant spray used to make diy jute lampshade safe / Grillo Designs


  • Use an LED low wattage bulb to reduce the chances of overheating.

Then hang your super cool lampshade (ahem!) in place!


Rustic diy jute lampshade pendant / Grillo Designs



Hanging diy jute lampshade / Grillo Designs


FYI this DIY jute lampshade is one more project I can tick off my bedroom makeover list. Check out some of my other bedroom projects below!



diy jute lampshade - under bed storage boxes



Diy jute lampshade tutorial also includes other bedroom makeover ideas like this wardrobe makeover / Grillo designs



diy jute lampshade - also included a mid century dresser makeover


Have you ever seen anything in the store that you thought you could try making yourself? Let me know in the comments below!



  This DIY jute lampshade is a great way to add some rustic charm to your home! It requires a little patience but as far as making your own lampshades goes, this is pretty simple!   / grillo Designs

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  1. Hello, Thank you for this lampshade diy; I use to live in Kenya and came home to USA with so many treasures. My bedroom is now my my safari oasis! I found an awesome old table lamp with an elephant as the base, I fell in love, but not so much with the shade. So I’m going to redo the shade in jute and use red and black as my accent colors.
    Thanks again”

    Kathy Quinlan

  2. Wish I had seen this before throwing my lampshade two days ago because of the husband 🤣… But still managed to rescue 2.
    Sooo DIY 🥳
    Thank you Medina !!!!

  3. Love your lamp it looks great. Like you I look at things in shops then look and the price and think I could make that! It’s so much more satisfying when you do make it yourself.

  4. I love this, it gorgeous. You answer the question I had in my head before I needed to ask. The question would have been about preventing a fire starting from the lampshade and light. This project rocks!

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