DIY Minimalist Succulent Wreath Tutorial

Learn how to make a super quick succulent wreath for your door or wall using an embroidery hoop! 


Learn how to make a super quick succulent wreath for your door or wall using an embroidery hoop!

Succulent wreath hanging on the wall pinterest graphic

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Hey, so this is a first!

The first time, that I’ve made a wreath I mean (all of the wreath tutorials on this blog so far have been by other contributors). In truth, I’m not entirely sure what’s come over . . why I suddenly felt like I could and needed to make a wreath. Maybe its the fancy new glue gun that has come into my possession or maybe it’s simply the change in season?

Nothing says Autumn quite like a wreath hanging on your door, right?

Side view of succulent wreath hanging on the door with a command hook

Granted, I had envisioned using REAL succulents for this wreath- but turns out faux ones are just as good. And I may have cheated a little by using an embroidery hoop to create the base for this wreath. I wanted to keep it simple.

Sometimes simple is good,

As for the tutorial ? Well it really is self explanatory once you see the pictures.


Materials needed to make a succulent wreath


1 . Separate the embroidery ring. You will need to use the outer ring to make this wreath

separating the embroidery hoop

2. Clip the ends of the plastic succulent flowers and leaves

Using the cutters to cut the succulent ends

3. Using your glue gun, start sticking the succulent leaves to one – making sure to follow the curve of the ring.

Use glue gun to stick the succulent leaves to the wreath

Position them together so that there are no visible gaps.

Succulent leaves stuck to one side of the embroidery hoop

4. Next glue the leaves in the reverse direction , leaving a small gap for the larger succulent flowers.

Succulent leaves stuck to both sides of the ring

5 . Glue the biggest succulent flower in the gap you have created.

Use glue gun to stick a large succulent flower

And then the smaller green succulent flower adjacent to it

completed succulent wreath birds eye view

6. Wrap the jute string around the top of the wreath to create a loop to hang the wreath.

Looping the jute string to the top of the succulent wreath

Picture showing the jute string in place on the succulent wreath

Close up view of succulent wreath

And that my friend, is how you make a simple Succulent wreath .

Hang it on your door using self adhesive hook!

Succulent wreath hanging from glass panel doors from a hook

Succulent wreath pinterest graphic



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