DIY Magnet Planters (for mini succulents)

Learn how to create wooden magnet planters for your mini succulents   – perfect for a little green growing nook on your kitchen fridge!
Learn how to create mini wooden magnet planters   -perfect for a little green growing nook on your kitchen fridge! /grillo designs

Hi! It’s Amaryllis here from Ohoh bog.

It’s alway nice to add some plants into your home. They are pretty and add a touch of mother nature into your decor. The usual spots to display plants are the window sills, the side tables or even on plant stands.

EASY diy magnet planters for succulents / grillo designs

If you like greens, or like me, are a little plant mad (like me), you will adore these cute little magnet planters. You can put them on your fridge or on any other magnetic surface in your kitchen. 



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Step 1

Take the wood timber and measure sections of 2 inches.

Trace the lines and cut with handsaw to make wooden cubes. Repeat several times to make as many planters as you wish.

Sand all the faces of the cubes to give them a smooth finish. You can start with a 60 grid paper and finish with a 120.


First step - cut your wood to make these mini magnet planters / grillo designs


Step 2

You need to make a hole in the cube to convert it into a  planter. The hole must be big enough for the plastic cap to fit in. To drill into the wood you need to use a spade bit the same size as the plastic cap.

Trace a point in the center of one of the cube face. and place the spade bit on it. Next place the drill vertical and drill a hole into the cube – stop drilling at ⅔ of the hight.

Drill a hole to make these diy magnet planters/ grillo designs

Do not pierce the cube completely. Sand the inside of the hole to remove splinters.

IMPORTANT: Hold the wood cube with a trigger clamp, not with your hand!!! If the drill slips you can hurt yourself very badly. If you have a workbench you can also hold the wood cube in it.

Step 3

You can stain or paint the planters any color you like.

Once the paint or the stain is dry, apply two coats of varnish to protect the wood from water dripping.

Paint or stain the wooden magnet planters / grillo designs

Step 4

Fix the magnet on one side of the planter using a all purpose glue.

Fix magent on to diy magnet planters / grillo designs

Step 5

While the glue dries, place the plants into the plastic caps. Add a little water if necessary and place the cap into the planter. No need to glue the cap into the planter, that way it very easy to take the plant out for watering.

PLace succulents into cap to make magnet planters / grillo designs

Tutorial on how to make diy magnet planters / grillo designs

How to make diy magnet planters / Grillo Designs

And done! you can display your mini planters on the fridge.

Magnet planters on the fridge / grillo designs

If you dont have green thumbs, know that succulents and cacti are better suited for small planters.


Amaryllis is a DIY addict and the creative mind behind Ohoh Blog. She likes to make home decor, lighting, and furniture projects. It could be painting, sewing, drilling…no matter the technique! Whatever she has on hand is inspiration to create—feeding her serious addiction to upcycling.




Learn how to create wooden magnet planters for your mini succulents   - perfect for a little green growing nook on your kitchen fridge! / grillo designs


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