17 Stylish Ways To Use Picture Ledges Around The House

Picture ledges are a creative way to store art, books, and more around your flat. The low-profile powerhouses are chic and come in a variety of colours to match any decor.



In the UK, floor space (all space, really) is hard to come by – at least on my budget – so I’ve had to come up with creative ways to store and display items in our home. Picture ledges are a wonderful way to add storage space and utilise vertical space.

I’ve used ledges in my own home many times and love how versatile they are. You’ll find them in previous home (remember  my funky kitchen reveal?) And don’t think you’re stuck with basic colors like black and white – I added a pop of yellow paint to my favorite IKEA picture ledges myself which gave them a custom look you won’t find anywhere else.

Below, I’ve gathered some of the most brilliant examples of ways to use picture ledges around the house. I hope you’ll feel inspired.

Why use picture ledges?

Picture ledges are a compact way to add a lot of storage and display space to your home. Bookshelves can often take up a lot of room and add heaviness to a small space.

Buy or DIY picture ledges?

You can either purchase picture ledges or DIY them yourself. Either is an affordable solution to adding a modern touch of small space storage to your home. I love the RIBBA  ones you can find at IKEA, but there are so many affordable solutions in stores now, you really have quite a variety to choose from.

If you do choose to make your own, there are many DIY picture ledge plans to help you figure it out. I love this tutorial from The Decor Formula. She was able to make two for about £15 ($20 USD)! A Beautiful Nest also has a wonderful tutorial with tons of photos to help you create your own.

In the kid’s bedroom


Daybed in front of picture ledges hung on the wall and lined with childrens books.

Here is another example of using picture ledges as bookshelves in a child’s room. How easy it must be to grab a book at bedtime!

Home: Charlotte Jacklin for howirent home tour.

Photographer : Kasia Fiszer


Picture ledges over a cubby shelf. They hold photographs and children's books.

I love the way Seinterior used picture ledges in this child’s space. Plenty of room for books and displaying photos and special items.

Home: Seinterior for howirent home tour.

Photographer: Rachel Cohen


In a reading nook


A closet with doors removed, painted green. A picture ledge holds books over a cushion to create a hidden reading nook.


I am blown away by this reading nook! The tiny closet is now a special space for reading and imaginative play.  And making the picture ledges the same color as the walls has given the illusion that the books are floating!

Image via The Otto House Blog 


In a Nursery


White picture ledges holding art and small toys over a pink daybed.

Nursery spaces can be modern too! These ledges add a modern touch but still add adorable character to the space.

Home: The Lovely Drawer for howirent home tour.

Photographer : Kasia Fiszer


White picture ledges with nursery artwork over a crib. A terra cotta colored canopy surrounds the bed.

I love the idea of using picture ledges above a crib (out of baby’s reach of course!). And what a creative idea to attach the baby monitor there instead of across the room. Now you have a bird’s eye view of the little one!

Home: The Lovely Drawer for howirent home tour.

Photographer: Kasia Fiszer


In the office


Artwork and creative items displayed on picture ledges over a radiator


An office space is a perfect spot for picture ledges. I love how Hannah Bullivant used this wall to display inspiring artwork in her workspace. The radiator would have prevented her from placing a bookshelf in that space.

Home: Hannah Bullivant’s home for Howirent.com

Photo credit: Dave Bullivant


Picture ledges create a living mood board in a designer's work space.


Cate created a living mood board using IKEA  picture ledges. What a beautiful way to inspire creativity and display her interior design projects.

Photo Credit: Cate St Hill


In the bedroom

A small picture ledge serves as a nightstand above a bed.


If you don’t have space for a night table, picture ledges can provide a much-needed spot to store a book you’re reading, your glasses, or any other necessities you might require at bedtime.

Home: Zeena Shah for howirent home tour.

Photographer: Kasia Fiszer


Modern art displayed next to a bed on a picture ledge.

I love how Emma Jane used her ledge to display larger-scale modern art in her bedroom.

Home: Emma Jane Palin for howirent home tour.

Photographer : Kasia Fiszer


In the kitchen


Cookbooks and kitchen items stored on picture ledges in a kitchen.


You may not consider using picture ledges in the kitchen, but this display is both form and function! Favourite cookbooks are at your fingertips and well used, but still beautiful bottles of oil and vinegar are on hand for cooking. And I love how the mortar and pestle and rolling pin have become works of art.

Photo Credit: Design By Occasion



Shannon at Home Made Lovely proves that picture ledges aren’t just for pictures or books. Here she’s used white ledges to store spices in her kitchen. The uniform glass jars on the white ledges give the space a light, airy feel while providing a lot of useable space.

Photo Credit: Home Made Lovely


In the hallway


Navy blue modern art on a gray picture ledge above two wire chairs



The Socialite family turned a hallway into a cute seating area with a bold pop of color! Neither takes up much space, but the picture ledge and art leave you wanting to stop and sit awhile.

Photo Credit: The Socialite Family



Christina turned a small wall in her first home into a gallery space with her DIY picture ledges. They lend the home a modern farmhouse feel for not much money. Her easy DIY picture ledge tutorial is one you don’t want to miss.

Photo Credit: Christina Marie Blog


In the dining room

Bright modern artwork on yellow picture ledges above a danish modern buffet in the dining room.


Perhaps I am partial to these yellow picture ledges because I’ve used a similar pop of colour in my own home, but I just love these. What a beautifully bold choice over the gorgeous Danish modern buffet.

Photo Credit: PMQfortwo


In the living room


Neutral modern art in black and light wood frames on a wooden picture ledge


This long picture ledge created a gorgeous focal point for the seating area. Large scale artwork really pops when grouped together this way.

Photo Credit: Kismet House


In the entrance


Narrow wall painted blush with matching picture ledges displaying art and pottery pieces in an entry way


This small wall was given a new life with a blush hue and matching picture ledges. Tiny walls like this can often be overlooked but now it’s both beautiful and functional. And what a gorgeous way to welcome friends and family into your home.

Photo Credit: Oh so Mint 


While we often use picture ledges for, well, pictures, I think this proves that they are both form and function. Whether you choose to use them for their usual purpose or as a slimline alternative to nightstands or bookshelves, they really are quite brilliant if you don’t have much space.


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