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Submitted by:Wanda Buchner

Cup snowman

Member of: Grillo Designs Home Decorating and Upcycling Group

Materials used:

2 pkgs 9 ounce cups

2 pkgs 5 ounce cups

Stapler and staples

Wiggly eyes

Orange pipe cleaners

Black foam hat

Red scarf’

Super glue

Large Styofoam ball

How I did it

Start by laying two cups together. Lay them on the table you are working on. Keep stapling cups around till they have met and have made a circle.

Wandas cup snowman

Once you have the two halves, staple them together, make sure you don’t miss any. You want to make it sturdy. Both the body and head are made in the same way only you will set the head on the body before you get one side completely done to make sure it will sit on the body properly.

Once the head is sitting on the body, take the scarf and lay it around neck. Staple the scarf to both the head and body making sure the head doesn’t wobble. Glue yours eyes on. for nose take the pipe cleaners and twirl then around your finger.

Snowman using cups

Turn the tips down inside for tip of nose. Glue onto face. Glue your hat on with super glue. If using Santa hat, take a half of a Styrofoam ball that will fit inside of hat. Place the hat and glue to to head and finish by spraying with fake snow. NOTE: To keep it from blowing away, make a few holes in the back of head and body and anchor it so it won’t move

Wanda Buchner

I am a 62 year old female that loves to do all kinds of crafts. I try to make Christmas presents for my family every year, whether it is a craft or cooking or both.

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  1. Kathy W

    I love this & would really like to make it, I see you used 9 & 5 oz. cups, 2 pkgs of each. How many were in each package? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lea

    Brilliant. Great creation x