Travel Themed Boy’s Bedroom Reveal

It was time to makeover my son’s bedroom. We went with a travel-themed boy’s bedroom, it’s a room that will grow with him and he loves it!


It was time to makeover my son’s bedroom. We went with a travel-themed boy’s bedroom this time because we wanted it to be a room that grows with him over the years. 

view of travel themed boy's bedroom with text overlay "Travel Themed Boy's Bedroom

This will most likely be the last time I  share my son’s room on this blog, and I’m feeling pretty emotional about it if I’m honest. I started this blog when he was a toddler and now it feels like he’s all grown up . . .

People aren’t lying when they tell you time flies…. In particular the early parenting years. It truly does. One minute you’re  rocking them in your arms willing them to go to sleep, and the next minute they’re pushing you away when you go in for a hug because they’re ‘too big’ for those sort of things.

But I mean yeah, the older he gets the more I realise how important it is to keep certain aspects of his life private because of how public mine is. It gets tricky sometimes knowing what to share and what not to. Definitely, something I want to delve into deeper at a later date.

Now we’ve  decorated my son’s bedroom  in every rented property we’ve lived in, but this time felt a little more different because he was a lot more involved with the decorating process (His boy’s room design before). And that was interesting to say the least… I’m so used to do having complete free reign when it comes to decorating his house!

His bedroom makeover started in April , around the same time I tackled the kitchen. It was another really slow project because I  didn’t want to rush things and have to change or redo things. The budget was also an issue, I was really keen not to spend too much on this boy’s bedroom makeover and work with the furniture we already had.

I actually did a really basic mood board for his room … something I rarely do, but might do more of in the future as it really helped to streamline the design. It also gave me a chance to get my son’s opinion on things before I started the actual decorating

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All photographs credit: Kasia Fiszer

mood board for boy's bedroom makeover



Boys’ bedroom colours can be tricky to decide on, especially when you’re trying to please a nine year old and wanting the colour to grow with them. In the end I went with steamed milk by Rustoleum (it’s the same brand of paint we used for my husband’s man cave office) . It’s like a really warm white or hinter grey depending on how the light shines on it. I also painted a green chalkboard (like I did for our chalkboard menu) on the wide side of the wall, but honestly, it doesn’t look that green at all! More like black… maybe it’ll change colour over time?

This is the chalkboard paint I used 

Can of wall paint for boy's bedroom chalkboard wall painting in progress in boy's bedroom




The mural is the focal point of the room, and the colours from it helped to tie together things nicely…  lots of greens, browns, whites and beige. The mural is removable wallpaper from Etsy (Great Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Designs), and my husband and I both put it up together. We’ve done this a few times now together so we knew what to expect. Which thankfully meant we were less inclined to get irritated and snap at each other. You know what they say about couples who DIY together …



Map wall mural on wall above bed in travel themed boy's bedroom


Ok, I don’t know what they say but all I know is, DIYing with your other half can truly test a marriage.

Anyway, once the mural was up I added a basket hall hoop that I got from here (but removed the backing).



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The bed and locker were gifted by Next Home for a previous collaboration. It’s a great little bed because it has two really deep drawers for storage. It doesn’t come with a headboard so I installed one using a cushion and a kitchen rail. Just above it is a magazine rack from Etsy.


Bed with DIY headboard, floating side table and lamp with book rack above bed in boy's bedroom



A floor bedside table  would have been out of the question as it would block the drawers under the bed from being opened so we went with a flotating one from La Redoute.

The light is from B&Q and the hot air balloons MK interiors.


closeup of hot air ballon hanging from ceiling in travel themed boy's bedroom



We’ve had this desk for a while and my son absolutely loves it. It has one really large  drawer for storage and a good size surface for drawing/writing etc.


desk area in travel themed boy's bedroom with wooden desk, green chair, shelving on the wall.


Most of the stuff in this space was eBay / charity finds like the paper drawer on his desk and the vintage Pepsi crate.


pepsi crate hanging on the wall above desk next to cork board


I got lucky with the String shelf system next to the desk. They are quite expensive if bought new, but I managed to find the brackets second-hand. I then bought the shelves using a £100 gift card from John Lewis! Its a timeless piece that I hope will be in our family for years to come!

And lastly the green metal tubs … I always get asked about them whenever I share them. They are from Staqbox.



At the moment he keeps most of his clothes under his bed and the rest in this locker (another gifted item from Next Home) which seems to be working well for now. The bedroom is quite narrow so I don’t want to make it feel even smaller with bulky furniture.


locker used for clothes storage in boy's bedroom


closeup of map wall with airplane and basket and teddy bear

Desk area in boy's bedroom with cork board and desk top storage for pens and markers with a stack of books and green chair


My son loves how his travel boy’s bedroom theme turned out and so do I.  Sometimes when he’s at school I chill in there and pretend it’s my bedroom 😂.  Let me know what you think in the comments!


three image collage of travel themed boy's bedroom with text overlay "travel themed boy's bedroom"


  1. It is “beautiful”, in a manly sort of way, of course. Your choice of colours (and the mural) is stunning; and the choice and arrangement of furniture and objects is also awe-inspiring. Loving your work!

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this post since you shared a peak of his desk area in your stories on Instagram. What an awesome room! I am now on the hunt for a vintage basketball for my son’s room!

  3. It’s beautiful. Really wonderful textures and colours, a brilliant base that will age well with him. Love all the vintage pieces, and his desk area! Some brilliant small space storage options, both my boys have smaller rooms with built in wardrobes, but I’ve stuck their dresser drawers in there as a wardrobe for a 4 year old or baby isn’t necessary, floor space for Lego is prime real estate! 😅

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