How to Paint Tin Tiles (and create a faux tile feature wall)

DIY painted tin tiles tutorial – Lean how to paint metallic tin tiles to create a modern faux effect tile wall in collaboration with Rockett St George


*This ‘How to paint Tin Tiles Tutorial’ has been sponsored by Rockett St George.

How to update tin tiles with paint / grillo designs

I’m a huge fan of tiled feature walls – especially colourful middle eastern inspired ones that make me feel like I’m in a Morrocan Riad. Or even better, like I’m at a Turkish spa/bath, and I’m about to receive the back massage of a life time.


Can you tell I need a holiday?

OK, so I know this project isn’t exactly the real thing, but it comes pretty close I think (or am I reaching here?). I created a faux tiled feature wall in my studio entrance using tin tin panels from Rocket St George.

Here’s the before:

Before image of my studio entrance before the tin tiles are applied

And then the after. Not bad considering right?

Faux tile feature wall created using tin tiles. Tiles are painted with emmnauela.

(If you have never heard of this brand before, let me introduce you. Rockett St George is an interiors brand, started by two women, that stocks and sells really quirky, one of a kind products for the home).

I updated the tin tiles with paint from their paint collection which I think fits into my style a lot better than the original metallic shiny look. Keep scrolling for the full tutorial!

Image of paint from the rockett st george paint collection


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– Gloss or Matt paint (I used the Emanuella and Craftmans White paint from Rockett St George)
6 x Five point Star Tin tile (and there are lots more other styles here)
Foam Brush
– Paint tray
– Primer paint (white)
– Fine grit sanding block
– Nails
– Hammer
Garden gloves for safety reasons (optional)

– Clear varnish (optional)


What I love about these tin tile panels, is that they are really light and thin making them super easier to customise and install.

PLEASE NORE:  The corners of these tiles are quite sharp. It’s advisable to wear gloves when handling them (i.e cutting etc) .


1. Place the tin tile panels on a flat surface – preferably on an old sheet or dust cloth to avoid spillage.

4 x metallic tin tiles placed on plastic sheeting about to be painted

2. Lightly sand the panels with the sanding block. This will dull the shiny surface of the tin tiles and help future paint to adhere. Clean away any residue or dust with a damp rag. Give the tiles time to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Use a sanding block to sand tin tiles

3. Apply one coat of primer paint. I found using spray paint for this step much easier (not to mention quicker)  Make sure to spray in a well-ventilated area or outdoors even to avoid breathing in the fumes.

Spray primer on to the tin tiles

Image of tin tiles once one coat of white primer has been applied

4. Once the primer is dry to touch, apply a top coat of paint.

I chose to use the colours Emanuella and Craftmans White from the Rockett St George paint line for the final finish.

three selections of paint from the rocket st george paint collection , raeburn, craftmans white and emmanuella

Apply the paint with a foam roller, until the tile is completely covered.

Emmanuela paint inside the painters tray

Apply paint to the tin tiles using a foam roller

You will need to apply at least two coats to ensure a smooth and professional  finish. Don’t forget to leave the paint to dry in between each coat.

Apply paint to the entire tin tile with paint roller and tray

5. Next, add some interest . I know most people tend to go for the aged look when painting these kind of tiles, but I wanted something that looked a little more modern.

Image showing craftmans white paint being tipped into a paint tray

6. To do this, I brushed white paint to the outlines of each of the pressed ‘stars’ on the tile using Craftmans white paint.

Image of paint being applied to the outlines of the pressed stars on the tin tiles

It doesn’t need to look perfect, the key here is the imperfection of each brush stroke.

progress shot of the tin tile after the white paint has been outlined to the pressed stars

7. Once the top coat is dry , its time to install the tin tile panels to the wall. You can use either a glue adhesive (if you want something more permanent and would rather not make any holes) or a hammer and nails.

8. This step is completely optional. Seal the tin tiles with a clear non yellowing varnish.

9. Create the feature wall.I hammered in nails to the corner of each of the panels, using a level to ensure everything was straight. The tin tile is very thin and can be cut to size with a sharp pair of scissors to fit into smaller areas. However gloves are needed for this step to avoid cutting yourself.

Secure the tin tiles to the wall with a nail and hammer /

image of me Securing the tin tiles to the wall with a nail and hammer /

And here is the final wall – styled with some of the gorgeous products from Rockett St George

Faux painted tin tile wall in entrance
DIY faux tile feature wall created from tin tile panels
Close up image of faux tin tiles wall with coat hooks

diy faux tin tile wall in entrance with bench

Rockett St George have created an in-depth guide on handling and safety as well as how to create other finishes in the Metal Tin Tile Guide

Let me know what you think of this painted tin tiles project in the comment below. Have you ever worked with these style of tin panels before?

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(AD) DIY painted tin tiles tutorial - Lean how to paint mettalic tin tiles to create a modern faux effect tile wall in collaboration with Rockett St George #tintile #tintiles #paint #wallpanels #featurewalls #fauxtile #paintedtile #tile #diy

(AD) DIY painted tin tiles tutorial - Lean how to paint mettalic tin tiles to create a modern faux effect tile wall in collaboration with Rockett St George #tintile #tintiles #paint #wallpanels #featurewalls #fauxtile #paintedtile #tile #diy

***This post was sponsored by Rockett St George. I was loaned products and received payment for my time creating (and styling) this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.






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