How To Turn Cabinet Door Knobs Into Wall Hooks – For Coats

Learn how to upcycle wooden door knobs into wall hooks – for that timeless modern rustic appeal!


Learn how to upcycle wooden door knobs into wall hooks – for that timeless modern yet rustic appeal!

An easy tutorial on how to turn cabinet door knobs into wall hooks / Grillo Designs
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Seeing as this my first time participating in the Thrift Store Challenge,  I’ve decided to keep things simple. Like real simple!

A few months back I thrifted in a very unconventional way. I eBay-ed (yes totally making that into a verb) a set of used wooden cabinet knobs from a local seller.

After giving them a quick clean and polish,  I turned them into wall hooks for my entrance (which is getting a mini makeover of its own this month – you can click here to see previous room makeovers)


Door knobs used as wall hooks to hang coats / Grillo Designs


If you’ve ever tried searching online for trendy coat hooks and felt put off by some of the extremely high prices , you’d appreciate just how golden this idea is. And just how much money you could be saving yourself!

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Watch the full video here!


Cabinet door knobs come in all different shapes and sizes! The main thing you need to know is that there are knobs with either standard predrilled holes or with threaded metal ring inserts.


Two ways to use hanger bolts (dowel screws) to make wall hangers / Grillo Designs


For this challenge I used  door knobs with the threaded metal inserts. However I’m gong to be super helpful today and show you how to create wall hooks with both types of knobs (as image shown above).

It all comes down to the type of screws you use (see image below)


The different kinds of screws needed to turn cabinet door knobs into wall hooks for coats / Grillo Designs



To explain further though – notice the difference in the screw ends. One type, screws into the threaded metal ring insert and the other directly into wood pre-drilled holes as shown below.  You can find these type screws here. 


Dowel screws used to turn cabinet door knobs into wall hooks / grillo designs


For my knobs, I used these sized dowel screws (hanger bolts), but you can always buy larger or smaller depending on your hole size. I screwed the threaded end into the knob (although not pictured, you can also use pliers or this part).


Screw in the hanger bolts into your cabinet door knobs to turn them into wall hooks / Grillo Designs


Measure and mark where the hooks will go on the wall using a ruler and masking tape


Next, drill a hole with your power drill that is the length of your dowel screw.


Drill a hole into the wall with a power drill for you wall hooks / Grillo Designs



A hole in the wall for the cabinet door wall hooks / Grillo Designs


Hammer in the wall plug (dry wall anchor) softly.


Hammer in the wall plug (wall anchor) into the wall for the wall hooks / Grillo Designs


Then screw in your knob into the wall plug as tight as you can


Screw the cabinet door knob into the wall anchor to make wall hooks / Grillo Designs


And that’s it! You have yourself some gorgeous looking wall hooks!


Wall hooks in the wall use as a coat rack / Grillo Designs


Now think of all the wonderful knobs out there just waiting to become coat hooks! I kept it simple in this post, but you can paint, modpodge or stain your knobs further if you want.


stylish modern wooden cabinet doors knobs used as wall hooks for coats / Grillo Designs


And actually, these wall hooks don’t just have to be for coats. You can use them to hang picture frames too – I personally love this gallery wall by Shanty-2-chic!




DIY WALL HOOKS - Learn an easy way you can turn wooden cabinet door knobs into stylish modern wall hooks for your coats and accessories! / GRILLO DESIGNS WWW.GRILLO-DESIGNS.COM




Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge and how I turned cabinet door knobs into wall hooks


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And now for more thrifty goodness!

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  1. couch with a vintage map of downtown Annapolis! I already ordered the map and I got it quite large as its a large wall to fill. It’s 68×44 inches. I was just about to order 6 foot dowels and i realized, will those be too heavy to go on the ends? Any suggestions? Maybe I should just frame it? I really love the pull down style tho !!

  2. Thank you so much for this post Medina, it’s super useful. I recently tried to make some wall hooks from knobs and it was a total fail. I am pinning this because I won’t give up!

  3. Love this idea! So much better looking than the command hooks I use, haha. Tweeted and pinned this idea. Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Link Party! We hope to see you again next week:) #HomeMattersParty

  4. I love this simple, brilliant idea. I don’t know why but I have always put the hooks onto a board or something first, then hung it on the wall. This makes such good sense and I don’t know why I haven’t done it in the past. They look great against your painted wall too.

  5. I love this project, and the idea of also using them to hang pictures. They are so versatile and perfect to change the arrangement depending on the season. In the winter, they could be used to hang coats and in the summer pictures or hats. Love it.

  6. This is a great idea! I’ve seen so many of these types of drawer pulls at my local thrift shop and I’ll be picking some up the next time I go. Thanks for the tip on the screws too.

  7. I love this. And your tutorial is super helpful. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Now hunting thrift (junk) shops for some unique handles to turn into hooks.

  8. Simple sometimes is the best and these new coat hooks look great in your entryway. I saw your IG story and wondered what you were trying to photograph. The photo struggle is real in tight spaces but you did great. And you tips about the various types of screws is perfect for someone just starting out doing their own projects.

    Lovely as always, friend!

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