11 Clever Ways To Declutter Kitchen Counters

So in honour of a new year and a resolution to get my life into some sort of organized order, I’ve decided to tackle said clutter head on. Thats right. I’ve found some easy solutions and ideas for ways to declutter kitchen counters. You’re gonna love them, I can feel it in my bones!



9. APPLIANCES: Do you really need to store every kitchen appliance on your kitchen counters? Pack them away in your cupboards – but only the ones you aren’t using regularly. A kettle is no good in a cupboard if like me, you happen to be a coffee addict!


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10. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: I love how this this door is used to organize  kitchen items that clutter your countertops.


door organizer to declutter kitchen counters via c.r.a.f.t / grillo designs wwww.grillo-designs.com

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And just so you know, pegboards in the kitchen work great for this concept  too!


11. CLEANING SUPPLIES: Clear up the space around your sink  by packing away cleaning products under your cupboard sink (this area in my kitchen is a disaster too, but that’s a post for another day!) or try this clever cake stand hack!


sink organizer to declutter kitchen counters via natalme / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

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Just an idea, but have have you ever considered having a dish rack that hangs over your sink rather than one that just sits there?


hanging dish rack to declutter kitchen counters via amazon / grillo designs www.grillo-designs.com

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Even this dish rack is pretty cool too. It goes completely over the sink, saving you so much more counter space. Seriously.. the options are endless!



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So what do you think? Will you be trying any of these ideas in the near future?




11 genius ways to declutter kitchen counters for pinterest / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs

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  1. I do enjoy receiving your posts – like the milk bottle ideas, very handy. But Im posting just this time on our seasonal change here in New Zealand. We have had very high temps resulting in drought conditions – its hard to go outside for too long as NZ has one of the highest
    incidences of skin cancer in the world. I smiled at you wanting to garden now that spring and a little sun has arrived (and I read that your weather has been atrocious), whilst I cannot spend time in my garden because of the heat – where I live we have had no rain for almost four months – we seem to be polar opposites – too hot here – too cold over there! But do keep your posts coming – I enjoy them for the sheer difference and variety. Kate, NZ PS No, Im not a professional weather girl!

    1. Haha loved this kate, it really made me smile so thank you for that. You could have fooled me about being a professional weather girl – you sound like a natural!

  2. I am NOT a fan of having utensil hanging off the bottom cabinet sides. Gross!!! Imagine how much dirt and stuff gets on them especially when sweeping or just walking past. Yuck!!!

    1. Place it inside a cabinet door— use free wooden paint stirrers for the extra thickness so you don’t drill thru your door thickness!

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