11 Clever Ways To Declutter Kitchen Counters


9. APPLIANCES: Do you really need to store every kitchen appliance on your kitchen counters? Pack them away in your cupboards – but only the ones you aren’t using regularly. A kettle is no good in a cupboard if like me, you happen to be a coffee addict!


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10. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: I love how this this door is used to organize  kitchen items that clutter your countertops.


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And just so you know, pegboards in the kitchen work great for this concept  too!


11. CLEANING SUPPLIES: Clear up the space around your sink  by packing away cleaning products under your cupboard sink (this area in my kitchen is a disaster too, but that’s a post for another day!) or try this clever cake stand hack!


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Just an idea, but have have you ever considered having a dish rack that hangs over your sink rather than one that just sits there?


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Even this dish rack is pretty cool too. It goes completely over the sink, saving you so much more counter space. Seriously.. the options are endless!



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So what do you think? Will you be trying any of these ideas in the near future?




11 genius ways to declutter kitchen counters for pinterest / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs

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  1. I love the idea to get the electronics off the counter. The hanging basket is brilliant for the hand-helds that need a recharge!

  2. Christine S

    I am NOT a fan of having utensil hanging off the bottom cabinet sides. Gross!!! Imagine how much dirt and stuff gets on them especially when sweeping or just walking past. Yuck!!!

    1. I can relate to that . I guess it depends on how high you plan to hang the rail and what type of utensils you put on it 🙂

    2. Gina

      Place it inside a cabinet door— use free wooden paint stirrers for the extra thickness so you don’t drill thru your door thickness!