EASY! 10 Steps to Making a Petal Burlap Pumpkin Wreath!

As far as wreaths go, we’ve had quite a few awesome tutorials on Grillo Designs from some very talented crafters. This burlap pumpkin wreath is no exception! Keep reading for Laura’s step by step how to, you are going to love this one! – Medina

Learn how to create a burlap pumpkin wreath using the petal technique. This burlap wreath is the perfect decor for fall or thanksgiving! / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com

Hello, This is Laura from OHANALEE handmade boutiqueToday I’ll be showing you step by step instructions on how to make a Burlap petal  wreath. And because it’s time for Fall, the instructions today are for a burlap pumpkin version.


The perfect burlap pumpkin wreath for fall / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com




Supplies needed to make a burlap pumpkin wreath / grillo designs


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OPTIONAL: Fall Embellishments to decorate





use orange burlap to make a burlap pumpkin wreath / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com


Unroll your burlap ribbon and fold corner over to measure out a square. You will be cutting several 5.5″X 5.5″ squares from these rolls of burlap. This is when I use a rotary tool to make the process even quicker.


Cute orange burlap with rotary tool to make burlap pumpkin wreath / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com


Tip: when cutting burlap, try to cut in between the squares of the burlap weave to prevent fraying! Here is a great post on this.




Fold your cut squares corner to corner


Make burlap triangles to make this burlap pumpkin wreath / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com



Then take one outside corner and fold it down to the bottom corner


Fold orange burlap squares to make this burlap pumpkin wreath/ Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com



Next take the other outside corner of the burlap and fold it down to the bottom corner again, meeting all corners together in the center.


diy tutorial on how to make a burlap pumpkin wreath / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com



Take your floral greening pin and pin the petal to the wreath form. Starting on the inner part of your form.


attach greening pins to wreath to make this burlap pumpkin wreath / Grillo Designs www.grillo-designs.com


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  1. Kendal

    This is beautiful n perfect way to use the burlap. I love this so much. Thanks much

  2. Beautiful Wreath! I never thought to do it like that! Thank you for the idea!

  3. Shirley Freeman

    Love the wreaths and the instructions.

  4. Kim

    approximately how many 5.5 squares are needed per wreath?

  5. Anonymous

    Just beautiful, will definitely put this high on my want to do list. Thank you for sharing the step by step how to!

    Happy crafting

  6. Mary Ann Garvey

    How do you maked the stem with mossy chicken wire?

    1. Jennifer

      Yes! I would love a step-by-step on the making of the wire stem. Love this wreath!

  7. Tricia

    Do you think that you could make this pumpkin wreath using inch burplap ribbon? Just curious because that is what I have found in the stores.

  8. Diego Lopes

    Doesn’t look that hard indeed, maybe with a little patient it could work me. Never tried one of these before though, gonna have to borrow some tools ;p

  9. Michelle

    SIMPLY STUNNING!! Just finished My first Halloween Wreath so will make this one for November, thanks for the amazing pic.`s
    and step by step tutorial……………

    1. Thanks! This wreath will make a perfect November project. Good luck!

  10. Your burlap pumpkin wreath is fabulous! I love it. We’ll be featuring this at tomorrow’s Snickerdoodle Party. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. That sounds great and Thanks so much. I love sharing about fun new projects. So glad you enjoy it.

  11. Your wreath is absolutely beautiful, Medina!

    1. Thank you very much, it’s definitely a fun project

  12. My fall wreath is literally falling apart. I need a new one. I am pinning this because it is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Hope I can put it together and get the same results you did. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I appreciate that. It does involve a bit of time cutting and pinning, but I think the time is definitely worth it. I love the texture this technique makes. Good luck with yours!!

  13. Very beautiful and very well explained ☻

    1. Thanks! I hope you get a chance to try it out. It’s a fun process

    1. I hope you do, I’d love to see some end results. I’m so happy to share in this fun project