How To Make A Burlap Horse Head Wreath

This tutorial on how to make a burlap horse head wreath was submitted by Michelle Noble who is a member of our Home Decorating, Upcycling and DIY Facebook group. All posts by Michelle  can be found HERE

Hi everyone! Its Michelle again from A Noble Touch.


diy horse head wreath instructions / Grillo Designs


A few months back I shared instructions on how to make a deco mesh flower wreath which you all seemed to love! Today I will be showing you how to make the perfect horse head wreath for your door this season using burlap (with a video tutorial for the more visual learners at the end of the post).  All wreaths demonstrated by myself on this blog can be bought from my Etsy store A Noble Touch.





Materials used:

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Burlap horse head wreath instructions:


materials used to make a horse head wreath/ Grillo Designs


Step 1: Use wire cutters to remove all the garland ties from the frame. Save the garland as that is what is used for the halter.


Step 2: Place the frame on the canvas grids and trace on the inside of the frame all the way around, excluding the ear. Cut out and attach the canvas grid to the frame with zip ties.


template for horse head wreath tutorial / Grillo Designs


Step 3: Take the burlap and attach to the two top sections of the grid with zip ties. Bunching it and then moving to the next spot, starting on the side opposite of the nose and working your way towards the nose.


attaching burlap to horse head wreath / Grillo Designs


Wrap the burlap around the nose and sew the nose with the yarn.


sewing the nose for horse head wreath / Grillo Designs


Cut a small piece of burlap 6-8″ in length for the ear. Wrap around the ear and then sew around the ear as well.


using burlap to make a horse head wreath / Grillo Designs



Step 4: Take the garland ties that were cut off the frame and combine two pieces together by twisting them, then combine two more together and then twist the two strips together.


horse head wreath tutorial with garland ties/ Grillo Designs


Place this around the band of the nose.


halter for horse head wreath/ Grillo Designs


Then combine four pieces of the garland together, and another four pieces together, so you have two long pieces of garland, twist together and then attach to the nose band and hook behind the ear.


diy halter for horse head wreath / Grillo Designs


Using four more pieces of garland, twist two together twice.. then twist those together and hook it to the longer piece of the halter and hook in front of the ear.


Step 5: Using the snowflake ornaments, cut the flakes off, leaving the center circle on one.


instructions for a horse head wreath decoration/ Grillo Designs


This will be used for the nose. Hot glue the piece to the top portion of the nose.



Taking the other snowflake, cut off the flakes, leaving five of them. This will be used for the eye. Take the wire and run through the button attaching it to the snowflake. Then insert into the burlap where the eye would go. Attach the wire to the back by hooking it through one of the zip ties from the burlap.


snowflake eyes for horse head wreath / Grillo Designs


Take the two pine cones and glue them to the top of the halter where the garland attaches from the ear to the main halter, as well as where it attaches to the nose band.


burlap horse head wreath instructions / Grillo Designs


Step 6: Cutting the Mesh


Cut the  21″ mesh at 10″ and then cut again at 10.5″ You will need about 50 pieces of mesh total.


deco mesh horse head wreath / Grillo Designs


(If you are using 10″ rolls, just cut every 10″)


poly mesh horse head wreath tutorial /Grillo Designs


Fold in the mesh on both corners, pinch, and then twist so it folds over itself, attach to the frame in front of the ear for the forelock.


using mesh to make the horse head wreath /Grillo Designs
(Use three pieces of mesh for this, you can alternate your plain cream mesh with your cream and gold foil mesh).
the mesh becomes the mane for horse head wreath / Grillo Designs



Do the same fold for the rest of the mane, attach down the back(mane portion) of the frame.


diy tutorial for horse head wreath/ Grillo Designs


When the back of the mane is completed, insert the next row of mesh so that they turn towards the nose and keep doing that all the way out to the front of the frame, on the lower two sections of the wreath frame, alternating the colors of mesh as you go.


decorative horse head wreath / Grillo Designs


This will give a sweeping mane look to your horse head wreath.


step by step tutorial for a horse hg/ Grillo Designs


You can create a hanger on the back by taking a full pipe cleaner and connecting it from the back of the ear to where the forelock is. You can also cover the back with a covering if you want.


horse head wreath winter decor / Grillo Designs


And there you have it… a gorgeous horse head wreath!




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By Michelle Noble (A Noble Touch)


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easy diy video tutorial for a horse head wreath / Grillo Designs




deco mesh snowman wreath /Grillo Designs




poly mesh sunflower wreath tutorial /Grillo Designs




deco mesh flower wreath by a noble touch /Grillo Designs



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  1. There you go again creating something so fabulous. Thanks, and happy holidays!

  2. Jennifer White

    If you change the colours, could you make it a seahorse? What changes would one need to make?

    1. You can change it to whatever colors you want.. I have done several different colors and I’m sure you could do a seahorse with one.