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Submitted by:Tammy DuRivage


French Provincial Desk and Chair


Member of: Grillo Designs Home Decorating and Upcycling Group


Materials used:

Ralph Lauren BLUE ZIRCON

PEARL metallic paints


How I made it






I was commissioned to paint this nice but safe desk. It was in wonderful shape .  It just didn’t have any pizazz. The before picture is above.



First I filled the 2-screw holes in each of the drawers with wood filler because I was replacing the pulls with single-screw ones. I then sanded this area and the top of the desk.The top was actually a laminate but I wanted to scratch the surface for better paint adherence.


Before pictures


I then primed everything with a white primer so the paint would adhere better.

I always use Kilz primer with stain blocker. Here’s a tip with a laminate top – after spraying the paint, always go over the top with a dry sponge roller to take out all air bubbles. This step will again help the paint to adhere.


Provincial desk and chair


I then spray painted a couple of coats of Ralph Lauren BLUE ZIRCON metallic paint. The trim was always meant to be painted with the RL PEARL metallic paint but I realized it wouldn’t be strong enough to cover the blue. Instead, I painted it with white semi-gloss paint I used for my door frames in the house.


French Provincial desk and chair


After that I applied the RL Pearl paint over it. The trim process took a lot of time and patience. I used a wide and thin metal barrier over the blue area to ensure my lines were straight and I didn’t paint the blue areas.


the desk


Wipe that blade clean often. (My problem is I am a perfectionist. Lol! Finally, apply 3-4 coats of a poly.




I then paired the desk with this adorable 90 year-old chair. I painted it to match the desk. Pretty much the same process.


The chair


For the wood crevices on the chair, I tried the Pearl paint, trim paint, and white wax. Nothing stood out in the crevices to make them pop against the blue.


French Provincial desk and chair


I finally took my white sharpie and positioned it to let the white ink drip deep into the crevices. I kept a paper towel handy to catch drips before it went into the blue areas.



I polycryllic end everything.


French Provincial desk and chair


I just happened to have a silver chevron drawer liner that matched the upholstery fabric chosen by the client! Lol


Chevron inside desk


I drilled 2 single holes in the drawers and then screwed in these beautiful blingy knobs.


French Provincial Desk and Chair


It all turned out so beautiful!


Tammy DuRivage

Owner of Tamara’s Timeless Treasures. My other creations can be seen at TAMARA’S TIMELESS TREASURES  on both Facebook and Pinterest. I love to reinvigorate old or boring furniture into something stunning with new personality. I experiment with upholstery nail heads, stencils and painting designs by hand, using cowhide, copper and the oxidizing process, etc. I make and sell my own creations as we as perform commissioned work. My creations are also for sale and on display at Chesterfields Antiques and Consignment in Fresno, CA and at Wit’s End in Clovis, CA.


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