5 Etsy Must Haves Every Renter Needs in their life!

Etsy is a great source for finding one of a kind items for your home – but sometimes the amount of  products on there can be overwhelming. In this post, I’ve narrowed down a few of my favourite sellers and included 5 Etsy must haves for renters- in partnership with Etsy UK**


Etsy is a great source for finding one of a kind items for your home – but sometimes the sheer amount of products on there can be overwhelming. In this post, I’ve narrowed down a few of my favourite sellers and included 5 Etsy must haves for renters- in partnership with Etsy UK**

Gallery wall in bedroom using etsy prints


I ‘stumbled’ upon Etsy a few years ago on one of those Facebook groups dedicated to creatives and hand makers. The word Etsy kept popping up in the various conversations, and rather than ask, I hit the google search bar to find out more instead (like any sensible adult of the 21st century would have done)

What’s Etsy? I remember thinking aloud as I waited for the browser to load (it took a while, Fibre Optic Broadband didn’t exist back then you see)

The Etsy then wasn’t as big as it was now. However the potential of what appeared to be quite a unique concept was evident to see from the very beginning. I remember browsing the platform and feeling quite impressed by the creativity from its independent sellers and artisan designers.

It was all very exciting . There was nothing out there like it, at the time

Picture of etsy app on my phone

It was a few years after that first initial scroll, that I started shopping (rather sporadically) on Etsy as a consumer. Originally I had used it to buy family and friends handmade gifts (and at one point, to design a logo for my current blog). Gradually that changed to shopping for prodcuts to decorate my own home.

Let’s be honest, when you buy from a small business, it is just so much more personal. Sometimes I get sweet messages from the seller or a lovely DM thanking me for the purchase . You don’t get that when you buy from large corporations which always make me want to support local sellers even more.

Sweet message from a seller on etsy


If you’re new to Etsy, the following tips might help you to navigate this platform better!

  • Download the Etsy App on your phone
  • Create an account. If you have a Facebook account, this can be done in just a few clicks.
  • Favourite items or shop you like (like a virtual wish list)
  • Follow the users of favourite shops and items to customise your personal feed.
  • Be specific with your search terms. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, try searching for specific styles or eras
  • Filter your searches to the area you live in (to find locals sellers)
  • Message sellers privately if you have any queries about a service or product.
  • Browse edits – there’s a great one for interior design trends

Screenshot of my favourite board on etsy


Now, I talk a lot about the importance of accessorising a rented home (in fact I’ve written a whole book about it). Having an item or piece of furniture that is unique to YOU, that doesn’t effect the permeability of the property, can make ALL the difference.

And shopping on a worldwide virtual market like Etsy means you are far more likely to come across items that fit that description .Here are my favourite Etsy must haves if you’re looking to personalise your rented home.


Who wants to live surrounded by bare walls?

Please don’t think that you HAVE to just because you rent. There are plenty of ways to work around the no nails rule. Buy non adhesive strips to hang frames or simply try leaning  larger art pieces against the wall.

View of the gallery wall in my bedroom using etsy must have prints

There is a huge selection of art to choose from on Etsy. So huge in fact, that it CAN sometimes feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.

View of cork board with print from etsy seller
Scandi print by Scandi Print Studio

SEARCHING FOR ART: What styles do you like (i.e abstract, lines, scandi, typography)? If its for a particular room, do you have a colour in mind? What size? Do you want framed or not framed? Hard copy or just a downloadable copy?

I personally like to shop for abstract art on Etsy. One of my favourite sellers is Galya S. Here are just a few examples of her work.

Screenshot of prints available by seller on etsy who sells abstract art

I prefer to buy my prints as downloadable copies and the gallery wall in my bedroom (which is a work in progress -) is a great example of this. Most of the art you see here was printed out on to either A4 or A3 sized paper and framed. Buying this way meant that I didn’t have to pay for postage and/or wait for it to arrive.

Sometimes you just need things NOW – know what I mean?

I’m sure you do, we aren’t a generation known for our patience. It’s all about convenience these days now.

Abstract Print

Tip: I printed art using a standard HP home printer – but for the larger posters, I used the print service at my Husbands office. You can also go to local print shops if you want to up the quality of your prints.


Oh yesss!

That magical paper that transforms walls without causing any damage.

I first came across this type of wallpaper on Etsy (or maybe it was via one of those targeted ads that have an uncanny way of knowing what you want before you do). I saw the words peel able and removable all in the same sentence and I could not contain my excitement.

View of wallpaper from coloray decor on etsy

Up until this point I had always thought wallpaper to be something I would never be able to have in my home because I rent. Also traditional wallpaper I had seen on the high streets had always seemed a little dated  – and not worth the risk  of losing my deposit at all!

I immediately messaged the seller Coloray ( who I was also pleased to find was based in Europe so delivery was quick and affordable) and the rest is history!

Living room with yellow sofa and monochrome removable wallpaper

SEARCHING FOR REMOVABLE WALLPAPER: Filter by style ( bohemian, rustic, country) ,colour, pattern (abstract, floral) and location.

What size are you after? Do you need custom measurements (if so message the seller)? What is the cost of delivery if ordering from abroad? This is most likely going to be a big purchase so are there any reviews? Where will you be putting this paper? Can you use it in humid environments i.e bathroom, kitchen?

Screen shot of removable wallpaper sellers in the uk on etsy


Who isn’t obsessed with cushions in general? (Don’t answer that. If you said no, I do’nt think I could I bear it! ).

Floor cushions, in particular are a great way to inject a little colour and texture into a room. Think about it for a second. Not only have you found a way to disguise an ugly stain on the floor, but you’ve also added in extra movable seating for guests! I think the phrase you are looking for is killing two birds with one stone!

Gallery wall in bedroom featuring a yellow scandi floor cushion

I met a seller called Simply Skandi on Etsy a few years ago who sells floor scandi style cushions – I later found that she didn’t live too far from me! We connect now and again via email and our looking to collaborate in the future. I doubt I would have made that connection without Etsy!

Image of etsy must have floor cushion in sons bedroom

SEARCHING FOR FLOOR CUSHIONS: Filter by size, material, shape, pattern and or colour. Remember that cushions is also known as pillows in different parts of the world. What shape cushion do you want (round, square, box)?  Cushion covers or the full thing? What size? Do you want knitted or cotton? Vintage or handmade?


Candles are a must have for everyone, not just renters. Why?


  • are great at masking dodgy smells
  • are very soothing and relaxing,
  • offer a cozy glow to a room,
  • (and this is the most important one) can be used as decorative accessories – if you chose the right looking one!

And Etsy is hands down the best base place to buy them!

I have bought a few in the past as gifts, and for my own home. I love soy based candles like the ones Octolondon sell. They match my style – and also have lids to contain all the yummy smells when they aren’t burning.

Brown candle on the shelf of a bookcase


You’re probably wondering why this is even in my must haves list right? Of all the things to buy from Etsy – and I’m choosing place mats!

Hear me out.

You wouldn’t think twice about dressing your bed, your sofas, or your walls even. But when it comes to tables in the dining room, sometimes we forget they need a little love too!!

Dining room with chalkboard wall and etsy must have placemats

Especially if said table happens to be a flat packed landlord bought contraption  lacking in character. Just saying. I mean of course placements are useful for  obvious practical reasons too. But who says, practical can’t also be fun pretty??

Etsy has all the handmade place mats and coaster sets a girl (or guy) could ever want. One of my favourite sellers of place mats on Etsy at the minute is  Nihal Shah Designs. The pattern on his sets are gorgeous and look great on my cork board table!

Image of me holding the etsy placemats in my hand

SEARCHING PLACE MATS ON ETSY: Filter by shape, material, and/or colour. Do you want a set or individual placemats? If so how many? Which base material do you prefer – rustic wood, fabric, slate, clay, cork etc? Do you have a custom shape idea in mind – i.e plant leaf placemat?


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And there you have it, my top Etsy must haves for renters (or interior obsessives like myself.  Is there anything else you would add to this list?


Etsy are running a fun campaign at the minute on Instagram and are encouraging sellers to use the #discoveretsy hashtag to get involved! Find out more here

***This post has been sponsored by Etsy UK. I received payment for this collaboration. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.

5 etsy must haves for decorating a rented home. Including tips and tricks on how to shop specific homeware on etsy


  1. You are amazing. I just found you and I like your style. I can’t wait to do the DIY projects. What a God Send you are. All the things I have been wanting for months. Thank you!!!!

  2. I get what you’re saying about placemats. 🙂 I have about ten different kinds. My buffet drawers are stuffed. Same for cloth napkins.

    Don’t get me started on pillows. I keep telling myself, No more pillows. But then I see one I can’t resist….

    I like how your home reflects your style throughout.


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